Johny Hendricks Reflects on His Loss to Robbie Lawler (UFC 181 Video)

December 7, 2014
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Johny Hendricks topped Robbie Lawler in their first bout, but “Ruthless” got his revenge in the rematch with a split decision at UFC 181.

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If Lawler is open to a rubber match, Hendricks said he’s all game. Check out this video of Hendricks reflecting on the loss and the possibility of yet another rematch.

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  • Nick Diaz

    Last week Johnny stated, when speaking on the topic of GSP – “in my mind he was more of a name than hype”. GSP defended the title, with the best at the time, 9 times. Johnny couldn’t defend it even once. Just saying……..

    • ..

      That’s because Johny Hendricks is the most delusional human being that ever stepped foot in the octagon. He was also talking about a super fight with Chris Weidman. This guy is an idiot. He is limited in his technique and he is clearly abusing peds badly. When the blood testing policy comes up within the next year, this guy will wind up dropping way out of title contention.

      • GrasshopperMMA

        What is funny about your comment is that Hendricks had KO power before testing became so stringent. It makes you wonder right?? I think he was on some heavy stuff before that.

        • Eddioe

          Roids wont give you more punching power.

          • Guest

            Overeem … Cyborg … steroids can give you all kinds of boosts depending on which ones you take; you have to work at it some, but it’s an easier path to success

          • GrasshopperMMA

            Yes yes it will.

    • Phil Capone

      Uh… is this really Nick?

      • asdfggg

        Yes, Nick Diaz frequents this forum. He’s talked about it on Twitter and interviews before.

    • uncle

      Lawler will destroy Diaz

      • GrasshopperMMA

        Dude never count out Nick Diaz! You can hate the dude but don’t hate the talent that he has.

        • wtf

          Chad are you being serious? Do you know how f***n long ago that was? A guy named Jeremy Jackson knocked Nick stupid and then a year later he came back and destroyed him twice. That was in just a year but by your logic it was only luck right? I like both of them but to go back that far and say he knocked him out already is jsut f***n stupid.Get off his nuts. They are both different fighters since then and itd be an awesome ifght

        • TheCerealKiller

          “Dude never count out Nick Diaz” or anybody, because anybody could land a lucky blow. If we are going to talk real MMA, then Nick is not a contender. Once Silva destroys him, what’s next? Extreme Pot Growing? Him and his brother duck all guys that can wrestle.

          • GrasshopperMMA

            Yea Nick ducked GSP for sure.

      • chad

        check the record diaz koed lawler i saw that fight dropped him right on his face

        • Eddioe


          That was 11 years ago when both were green and it was a fluke thing. That’s the only time in his career Robbie has been KO’d and over the last decade he’s been hit by guys that punch three times as hard as Diaz. Now, I wouldn’t count Nick out, in fact I might even favor him, but I doubt very much he’d get another KO against Robbie. Robbie has a granite chin.

        • uncle

          11 years back Lawler got better while Diaz got worse
          Robbie earn his 1st title shot and loss He didn’t cry like
          a b*tch like Nick did, he destroyed every1 in his way
          the 2nd time. He achieve more then Nick by capturing a UFC
          belt so who’s really the man ? don’t care about the past
          right now 2014 Robbie will put Nick’s corpse in a blender.

        • TheCerealKiller

          What belt does nick hold???

      • The Joker

        pffft Diaz will KTFO lawler again

        • uncle

          When is the last time Diaz KOed anybody? Robbie is a

          • Phil Capone

            Nicks finest KO prob was Robbie Lawler bro. Go back to school, boy

          • TheCerealKiller

            … 10 years ago…

          • uncle

            Put it on his tombstone!

  • dru down

    the u s is nothing but a scam that allows its people to be scammed by these rich thieves.they control rigged fights and rigged online poker. at least they
    stopped there online poker scam where they pay no one. willing to bet there casinos are rigged also.fuck u dana someone needs to get to you and your scamming brothers partners

    • krooked

      Did ya lose some money whiner?

    • actually rich thieves don’t control the UFC, they control the entire planet. that’s why we’re on the brink of destruction…

  • lee

    Hendricks fought well for the first 3 rds. Then he completely stunk it up in the remaining rds. Lawler didn’t fight too well. I expected him to perform like he did in the first fight but I think part of that had to do with what Hendricks was doing early in the fight. Overall I’m a bit disappointed in both guys. Oh, and on a side note – not that it’s anything bad but Hendricks is totally a redneck (loves to hunt, chews tobacco, loves to wrestle).

    • Eddioe

      The first round was all Robbie.

      • puffing420247 .

        Eddioe he won the first minute of the 1st round, Robbie didn’t do anything after that

        • first off, I like both guys so i don’t care.

          first time around i was surprised lawler won, then watched it again-
          1st-either way really
          2nd, 3rd, johnnys
          4th – lawler landed couple heavy head kicks, then nasty elbows against fence at the end. johnnys strikes did no damge and his one take down didnt keep lawler down for long.
          5th lawler.

          obviously the judge who gave lawler 4 rounds is a tit but really if u score it round for round it could easily go either way, i have lawler barely but when hendricks dominated 2,3 he really outclassed lawler.

  • krooked

    A champion doesn’t hold his opponent to win, plain and simple his 5 of 17 takedowns resulted in ZERO damage to lawler… the judges got this one right.

    • Jenkins1155 .

      You should tell that to GSP. He holds people on the ground all the time and deals very little damage.

      • krooked

        gsp did a lot of holding I agree, but he was much more entertaining than hendrix… if the “big dumb” doesn’t land a haymaker hes just lame and boring.

      • Silverback

        Stupid comparison. George works on the ground while Johny does absolutely nothing…

  • Eddioe

    I stopped watching after the 3rd round because Hendricks was starting to tee-off and Robbie’s was fading fast. Now I wish I watched the rest of the fight to see if the win was legit.

    • puffing420247 .

      Lawler clearly hurt Hendricks in the 5th , but in my opinion Hendricks won the fight .

  • J.R.

    This fight could have went either way for a lot of people and some even thought that Hendricks won it?? Well, I don’t know what fight anyone else was watching, but Robbie Lawler definitely won that fight!! Hell, he won the first one. I guess there is just a lot of Big Rigg lovers out there who need to turn on their windshield wipers, because they can’t seem to see the road in front of them or don’t want to?

    Round One: Lawler was the aggressor and was scoring the most points until the last thirty seconds, when Hendricks barely took him down and did absolutely nothing. It was not significant. The round was a split with Lawler getting 2/3 majority. Lawler won that round clearly.

    Rounds Two and Three: Hendricks mixed it up pretty well and scored leg kicks and more takedowns and some head shots, but nothing ever seem to hurt Lawler and he didn’t do anything when he got him down. Hendricks won those rounds.

    Rounds Four and Five: Hendricks did what he did the entire fight — pushed Lawler up against the fence and put his head between Lawler’s legs and ‘rested’ there!! Even had to be broken up for not ‘working’ enough. Lawler was again the aggressor in both rounds and in round Five came close to finishing Hendricks …..if it had gone further, he probably would have. Lawler won those rounds.

    * Lawler wasn’t as good as I’ve seen him in past fights, but was definitely more into the fight than Hendricks was. Hendricks face showed no emotion, which is just fine as long as the conviction is there, but it didn’t appear to be to and his body looked tired. This was a f****** championship on the line and he spent the majority of it with his head between Lawler’s legs doing nothing!! Even when Lawler was pressed up against the fence or taken to the to the ground, he was doing more than Hendricks. Those f****** takedowns sometimes are just overrated and this time was one of those times. Wresting, without damage done, should not win significant points, but it usually does, I’m just glad it didn’t this time. Hendricks didn’t do enough to win this fight …..period. Lawler wanted more, scored more points and he edged him out in the end. Congratulations!!

    • puffing420247 .

      Gee I suprised you even gave rounds 2 to 3 to Lawler since you said Lawler definitely won the fight. I watched it had round 1 close giving it to Hendricks. Agree with rounds 2 and 3, and Henricks controlled the 4th. Punch stats into the 4th round had Hendricks thrown and landed significant more number of shots.

  • TheCerealKiller

    You know what I mean

  • TheCerealKiller

    Do you really think thats Nick Diaz? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

  • It was close and I’m glad the decision went to Robbie. You can’t hold the belt stalling and grabbing.
    And Johny bloats up too much between training camps, and he’s now disclosed that his weight cut was harsh.
    DUH! .

  • UknowWhatHeMeans

    You know what I mean jelly bean lol such a Hispanic red neck that boy Hendricks

  • me

    hopr they dont fight again dont wanna watch hendricks hug his leg all day

  • Angel Blake

    Without a doubt Robbie won the first minute of the first round and the last minute of 5th round. Hendricks landed more punches, combos and takedowns (considering the emphasis on scoring with takedowns that they like to talk about, I thought all things combined would be more than enough for the win) during the rest of the fight, all 23 minutes of it. Sure he did a lot of GSP lay and pray and since he is not a well liked character in the UFC there were immediate boos, but to say he lost? Wow. It’s obvious the year long away recovering from his injury played a role in his stamina, but to think that Lawler deserved the win because he was “exciting” for 2 minutes and Hendricks was boring for maybe 8… smh. It’s no wonder the people with the biggest mouth get more attention and better fights, it is about popularity. Hendricks is not a popular fighter; this exact same fight went to GSP and the exact same argument doesn’t seem to work this time. Amazing… Connor Mcgregor is the most popular fighter around and given that, every fight that he is in, that goes to decision, will be his.

  • Bulli$hPride

    I watched 4 round last week and turned it off thinking Hendrick’s won. I just finished watching the 5th round after hearing Robbie won. Imo Hendrick’s won but I’m glad he lost. I can’t watch but so many failed td’s and he said GSP was boring sheesh !