Johny Hendricks Knows He’s Going to Have to Beat Georges St-Pierre Twice… and He’s Ready

June 2, 2013
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Johny HendricksJohny Hendricks has been lobbying for a shot at UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre for the better part of the last two years.

Having defeated contender after contender – including knocking out Jon Fitch and Martin Kampmann – the two-time national wrestling champion finally got everyone to declare him the No. 1 contender… including St-Pierre and UFC president Dana White.

The one question mark was: What if Anderson Silva defeats Chris Weidman at UFC 162 in July? Would GSP finally take a superfight with the Spider?

But the superfight talk has died down. St-Pierre, amidst movie roles, said that he needs to fight Hendricks.

“I need to do stuff in my division before I take (a superfight) because (my division) has moved now,” said St-Pierre in a recent Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

The details of a St-Pierre vs. Hendricks fight are still very much up in the air, although White recently put a moving target on it.

He said the fight would “probably be in the fall.”

That’s fine by Hendricks. He’s keeping his calendar cleared through the end of the year.

“Pretty much wherever he wants, whenever he wants, that’s what I’m gonna do,” Hendricks said recently. “I just want it by December. Before January 1, I wanna fight him.”

Hendricks is confident that he has the answer to the Georges St-Pierre riddle. He’s got the wrestling to counter St-Pierre’s, and he has the power punch to finish the job.

But he knows that even if he does finish the job, he’ll likely be called back for a repeat performance.

“I’m gonna have to beat him twice. Unless I knock him out. If I manhandle him for two round and I knock him out, then there won’t be a rematch,” Hendricks explained. “But if it’s a close fight or I go out and knock him out in the first minute, yeah, there’ll be a rematch.”

That’s okay. He is so ready to face St-Pierre that the prospect of a twofer doesn’t detract from his excitement.

“I’m so excited to finally get to the Octagon and look across and there’s Georges. That’s all I can think about. That’s all I dream about every day. Words can’t explain how excited I am.”

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  • solo

    Man, Hendricks is a f****** beast!!!
    St Pierre has a real test in front of him.
    I really believe Johny has the skill to pull this off, or at least take some rounds from Georges.
    So interested to see how this fight plays out.
    Cant wait!

  • Joe

    Personally I hope he wins, but don’t start thinking about a rematch until you take th
    e title. Georges has beat everyone in the division for years, please take one fight at a time.

    • Ian Price

      So has Johny. He lost 1 fight, but he didn’t have much experience. Since then, it’s been stunning victories mostly.

      • Baller31

        Let’s not forget the split decisions again Pierce and Kos that could have gone either way, and also the Condit fight that many believe he lost. I’m really not a fan of GSP’s fighting style since he got KO’d, but I just don’t see Hendrick’s being able to defeat it.

      • Sir_Roy

        No. He’s KO’d Fitch and Kampmann in the first minute of their fights highlighting that he’s got dynamite in his fists. His KO power is impressive. But that is all. In short, they got caught before the fights even got underway. His other fights have been far, far less impressive and far less dominant.

  • Greg

    Everyone who has fought George has been good or great so don’t count your chickens. BUT, in this game, on any given day &#it can happen. This will be fun to watch.

    • Chase Brian Beebe

      he wont beat gsp once let alone twice

      • Ian Price

        He’ll beat GSP twice in a row. If they fight 100 times, I think Johny will beat Georges at least 80 times.

        • Chase Brian Beebe

          he couldn’t even stuff koschecks takedown

  • bong bong

    it looks like Hendricks is trying to motivate himself with this. I don’t think his wrestling is better than Georges’, Condit did much better standing back up against Hendricks. Here’s a list of so called great punchers/strikers that Georges has defeated who advertised to KO Georges: Koscheck, Hardy, Alves, Diaz.

    List of great wrestlers: Shields, Fitch.

    They are now at the bottom of the Top 10 with their great skills

    • silent_nick

      GSP used his superior wrestling to defeat everyone on your great punchers list (except for Koscheck 2). He used his superior striking to defeat your great wrestlers (and Koscheck 2).

      I believe his path to victory over Hendricks is the same as in the 2nd Koscheck fight. Jab jab jab jab jab jab jab jab jab jab. He’ll have a 7 inch reach advantage over Hendricks. I see GSP jabbing Hendricks for 5 rounds and then Hendricks dropping to 155.

      That said, I’m rooting for Hendricks.

      • gnodeb

        Yes, and Hendricks has even better plan. Stand still so I can punch you in the face with hey maker. Even better, let’s do it twice, just for fans.

        • Sir_Roy

          Yeah … that “stand still” part of his almighty plan will prove more than a little problematic. In short, his plan sucks.

      • henry

        Hendricks walks around at 208, going to 155 is a huge cut for him, not likely

        • Sir_Roy

          He has 15 to 20 lbs of fat he doesn’t need. He’s actually more than a little loose around the cage.

    • Truth

      it’s not that GSP has better pure wrestling… if it wasn’t an MMA match, than GSP would get pwned by guys like Hendricks, but it’s GSP’s MMA wrestling that makes a huge difference. The biggest difference is that he’s so good as masking when he’s moving in for strikes or for takedowns, and before the opponent knows what’s going on, he’s already in on a leg.

      • Sir_Roy

        I agree with the MMA wrestling bit. GSP has said that his explosiveness in that regard comes from his karate background more than it does wrestling training, which I find interesting.

    • BobLemons

      Well many people think Condit beat Hendricks (myself included) so I see the same fight, only Hendricks won’t we able to score points with takedowns and GSP will jab and move his way to a UD.

      • fsunoles10

        haha wtf fight were you watching buddy?

        • BobLemons

          If judges didn’t have such high regard for takedowns, it would have been Condits fight. It was a close fight and don’t think there’s any argument otherwise, so your certainty in Hendricks make me wonder what you were watching. Hendricks got takedowns and they score for sure, but when you avoid damage on the bottom and successfully stand up, that should score equally. In 2 and 3 I remember Condit picking Hendicks apart on the feet to the extent that his takedowns we’re more defensive than offenive.

          • Lucas Freire

            Exactly. Also, Condit has one of the most active guards on MMA. He dished out more damage from the bottom than Hendricks on top.

          • Hugh Shakeshaft

            Condit did more damage to GSP too. GSP looked worse than Condit after the fight. Both Henricks and GSP take advantage of takedowns as scoring opportunities, while not actually doing much damage. UFC needs to adjust how it scores takedowns where no G&P actually takes place.

          • Steve Newell

            Please – does anyone remember when BJ Penn kicked St Pierre’s Ass but was given the decision because he could take BJ down …

        • Cptmats

          I though Condit won too!

        • Sir_Roy

          What fight were YOU watching? Hendricks might have won the first round (maybe), but clearly lost the latter two. The only thing he did was score take downs – which led to absolutely nothing. Condit was outworking him in every aspect of the ground game thereafter. Panicking, Hendricks let Condit back up, and Condit started getting the better of the striking as well… Hendricks panics, takes him down again, and once again starts losing the ground game – rinse and repeat. The only thing Hendricks had going for him were take downs. He couldn’t do anything with them though.

          Condit won that fight.

      • stev

        Condit won.

      • Cptmats

        This is one fight i can actually see George finishing ! Hendricks was running on fumes in the third against Condit, I could see a third or four round TKO !

    • julian moran

      Hendricks does have better wrestling then the other people you mentioned.

      • Ian Price

        He is a division 1 national champ. That means he is the best in this country

        • Baller31

          It means he was the best in his weight class in college in this country for two years. He wrestled at 165, and his last year in college he finished second. Koscheck was also an NCAA champ, and Hendricks did not outwrestle him. The most accomplished NCAA wrestler now competing in MMA at 170 is Ben Askren.

    • mma

      Let’s make something clear. Johnny is not trying to convince himself. He knows and believes in his mind he will. You can tell by his tone, words and mannerisms. Chris weidman on the other hand is trying psychological tactics to push and convince himself he can beat Anderson.

      • Baller31

        completely disagree…Hendricks is merely imitating Weidman. Weidman is undefeated, has complete confidence, and clearly believes he is the best fighter. Hendricks scraped by last fight ( i think Condit should have gotten the decision), lost to Story, and I also think Koscheck should have been declared winner of their match that he lost by a very close split decision. ,

        • Sir_Roy

          Agreed. Hendricks’ only chance is a knockout in the first round. And while his KO power makes it possible, it’s not likely. GSP is too smart a fighter.

          I think Hendricks will gas in the latter part of round 2 because he’s too gun ho and will burn through too much energy going for a KO or forcing a few take downs that weren’t really there.

          GSP fighting a gassed Hendricks in championship rounds could mean the champ finally finishes one.

    • Sir_Roy

      Yeah I agree with Hendricks working to motivate himself. So Hendricks, go ahead, take GSP down … then what? You’ll get dominated that’s what. You’ll panic, let him back up, and try and repeat the process? Hendricks couldn’t adequately hold Condit down. How will he do it to Georges? GSP isn’t as easy to take down as Condit, and Georges is every bit as good as Condit in the stand up … if not better. Guarantee GSP will be working his guard expecting to have to work submissions off his back, or work back to his feet from the bottom.

      GSP just has to weather the initial storm. I don’t think Georges has Condit’s chin so there is a danger there … but if he gets past the first minute or two, he will impose his will.

  • Darin

    GSP is clearly on the downslope of his career. Condit nearly finished him and Diaz started stuffing takedowns after round 2. GSP hasn’t been a finisher in years and his recent fights have shown his decline. This will be a very close fight, or Hendricks gets a finish. GSP will not dominate Hendricks and definitely won’t finish him.

    • marcus miles

      On a downslide of his career??? you say this because condit landed a good head kick that rocked him and almost finished him. Almost only counts in horse shoes my friend. Serra actually did finish GSP and he came back even better. THat Condit fight was a showcase of one of gsp’s best performances. He didnt finish Condit, but put a beating on condit with a lay off longer than a year. He looked good against diaz as well.

      • Sebastian Sassi

        A beating? After that fight, it was clear Condit had one cut from an elbow, and GSP’s face was mangled.

        I like GSP too, but let’s can the fanboy nonsense.

        • Marcus Miles

          GSPs face did look bad, Condit did a lot of damage when he landed that kick and then landed a lot of ground and pound. But that was all done at one moment in the fight, Condit was getting owned before that moment and there after, It was a lopsided fight without a doubt.And Condit had more damage on his face than just a single cut. Im not a GSP fan boy man, i just don’t agree with people saying he is on the downside when he hasn’t even lost since he got the title. I would rather watch a Hendricks fight over a GSP fight any day, but ill still give credit where it is due.

          • Sebastian Sassi

            He was getting the pace and location of the fight dictated to him by a wrestler who probably walked in the ring outweighing him by 20lbs, and while I agree that GSP’s hardly on his way out, that fight was hardly a “beating”. It was a tactical battle where GSP’s infamous dump and hump strategy carried the day.

            It’s certainly the only real danger Georges has been in since Matt Serra.

          • Sir_Roy

            I’ll also correct you on another point … Condit is a bigger welterweight than GSP. Georges outweighing Condit by 20lbs … gimme a break. Pure horseshite.

            And get off the bandwagon, GSP out fought Carlos everywhere – his take downs were icing on an already well garnished cake. I know it’s en vogue to bash GSP for his decision riding ways and all, but damn dude, pick your battles. The Condit fight is not one to complain about. And as all others have pointed out, all the damage to Georges was done when he got caught. Re-watch the fight with glasses on before commenting cuz you have it dead wrong. That, and GSP is notorious for bruising easily. Different skin types bruise far more easily than others. A lot of the damage was merely cosmetic.

          • Sebastian Sassi

            You’re out of your mind. And whose complaining? I like both fighters and never said there was anything wrong with GSP getting the win there.

            Picking your battles would include not reading things into my comment that aren’t there, sweetie.

          • Sebastian Sassi

            (Condit bigger than GSP? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA). Taller? Sure. Bigger?

            Gimme a break.)

          • Sir_Roy

            Oh? So GSP is 20lbs bigger than Condit then … care to back up your claim? Again, you’re full of it and dead wrong. Condit is, in fact, a bigger welterweight than GSP. Fact.

          • Sir_Roy

            Got your panties in a bunch did I? What comment has you stating I’m “out of my mind” pray tell? The fact where I call you on your “dump and hump” crap with regards their fight? I am completely justified in calling you on that garbage because it’s, well, garbage.

            You stated GSP won because he’s 20lbs bigger than Condit and because all he did was dump and hump him. Both comments are crap. I called you on it. Now deal with it … “sweetie”.

          • Sebastian Sassi

            Oh, I dealt with it, by posting a comment that hasn’t cleared moderation yet wherein Condit said his walking around weight was 190–the weight GSP walks into the octagon at, let alone walks around before a full camp. In other words, I showed that as a matter of fact, you’re without facts and in the wrong.

            Deal with it, sweetheart. Muah.

          • Sir_Roy

            Lol. You make no sense. You’re telling folks that GSP is 20lbs heavier than Condit. Now you’re posting claims that Condit walks around at 190lbs. The exact weight GSP walks around at. So, um, how does that make GSP bigger than Condit, and how does that prove your point? They both walk around at relatively the same weight, though Carlos towers above GSP at 6′-2″ – giving the illusion GSP is bigger when he is not.

            Don’t bother with the link. I’ve seen Condit’s “Twitter Page”.

          • Sebastian Sassi

            One more thing:


            Condit walks around at the weight GSP walks into the ring at.

            I know this is an MMA forum which means it’s going to be overrun with stupidity and s*** talk, but really Roy…at least try a little.

            You know, pick your battles and the like.

    • Baller31

      I don’t recall Diaz stuffing any takedowns…it was almost as if GSP just snapped his fingers and Diaz was on his back….GSP also dominated Condit, on the feet and on the ground, something Hendricks was unable to do.

  • greg

    The fans are as excited as Johnny. I think he has a good chance of keeping the fight on his feet and taking Georges down. He can also knock out Georges. Mind you that doesn’t mean he will, because Georges has the tools to do the same and that makes for an exciting fight.

    • George Sperry

      “I think he has a good chance of keeping the fight on his feet and taking Georges down.”

      That makes no sense at all. Did you read it before you hit the post button?

      • Sir_Roy

        Depends how you want to read it. Not the most eloquently written sentence, but to me it’s obvious he meant to say Hendricks can dictate where he wants the fight to go – he can keep it standing and he can take GSP down. Imposing his will, a thing which GSP usually has as his sole advantage.

        Personally, I think Hendricks will be unpleasantly surprised after the first round. I don’t think he will be able to impose his will. I don’t think Georges will get caught and KO’d either from Hendrick’s initial barrage (which he will obviously employ), but one never knows. I think GSP will continue to be the one who imposes his will, and further, I think Hendricks will gas in championship rounds – granting GSP that finish he so desperately needs.

  • Moses

    I definitely don’t see the guy who reminds me of the singer for Capital Cities taking out Georges. He barely won a decision against Condit. You could see as the fight waned on that he was frustrated because Condit wasn’t falling for his one-trick pony moves. Georges has the unicorn of one-trick ponies and will decisively decision Hendricks and he’ll be all butt-hurt and we’ll be bored to death for yet another 5 rounds.

    • Sir_Roy

      That’s kind of a tired blanket comment IMHO.

      I mean, were you bored to death for the five round war between GSP and Condit? Really??

      Interesting how the human brain, interpretation and perception work. I bet had GSP finished Diaz in the 4th or 5th, then even the lackluster Diaz fight up to that point would have been “spectacular” all of a sudden.

      Folks are so hung up on finishes, that they call all of GSP’s fights “boring” because they go to decision. Some of those fights were technical clinics and highly entertaining for those who know what they’re watching.

      But to each his own.

  • Tom Cupl

    Yeah I have to agree with Marcus, the only part of GSP that has been proven to be on the downside of his career are the fan comments, which is expected after a couple years of injury delays and boring fights. But as far as the actual fights go there’s been very little to justify saying he’s on the downside. Imo nobody with that win record and dominance is on the downside of anything till they actually lose and fail to regain the belt and even then maybe not. GSP is 32 years old without having taken too many hard shots over the years so the only way he’s going downside is if all the new blood starts surpassing his skills, as of now I don’t see anyone that dominant in his weight class to compare GSP to and say he’s on the downside.

  • drkdisciple

    “I’m gonna have to beat him twice……”, you should start by beating him once! GSP proved over and over that he can last 5 rounds. On the other hand Hendricks gassed out by the 3rd round against Condit, doubt he can win against GSP.

  • Baller31

    I don’t see Hendricks beating GSP once, let alone twice. I personally think Condit should have gotten the decision victory over Hendricks…better striking, many attempted submissions…all Hendricks did was take him down and then ward of Condit’s submission attempts until Condit was able to stand back up.

    • Ian Price

      GSP can’t take a punch like the one Condit did. Almost nobody can take a punch like that. I mean, Condit is not human. But GSP is. Hendricks will win by TKO or KO. Maybe round 2 or 3.

      • Baller31

        GSP has faced all the hardest hitters in the division, and he is still champ. Hendrick’s power punches will not be a match for GSP’s speed and technical striking, IMO. I think GSP will land his jabs at will, and then take Hendrick’s down whenever he feels like it….similar to when he fought Koscheck (who lost a very close split decision against Hendricks)

      • Sir_Roy

        Sure. Hendricks can KO GSP. He’ll have to catch him first.

        I think Hendricks will be an eager race horse right out of the gate – much as we was with Condit. Problem is, the Condit fight revealed his hand. GSP will anticipate the bull rush and the hay makers that are sure to fly at the get go. Georges does not need Condit’s granite chin, as he will not have to weather the storm as Condit did – GSP can duck, shoot and take Hendricks down at will if he pulls that crap. Condit could not. And Georges can hold him down with a dose of ground and pound till he calms the ‘f’ down. Heck, GSP can also douse his eagerness in a barrage of jabs utilizing his huge reach advantage coupled with his far superior kicks / footwork. Hendricks has two effective striking tools … GSP utilizes all four far more effectively (as did Condit which is why Condit won the stand-up hands down).

        In short, Georges has plenty of tools Condit did not (namely top tier MMA wrestling). He doesn’t need to “suck it up” and take a few on the chin when Hendricks goes great guns (which he will). He’ll just throw him on his arse.

  • cjsabennett

    Talk about putting the cart before the horse! Quite frankly, I can’t see him beating GSP.

  • FedorTheGreat!

    Why do people still talk about GSP vs. Silva a “Super Fight”. Most people I know have almost zero interest in that fight. Silva would destroy GSP inside of two rounds. Jon Jones vs. Silva, now that is an actual Super Fight that would shatter any revenue the UFC has made in the past.

    • Maven

      Can’t agree more.
      It’s pretty well know that GSP walks around at 190, Silva at least 220. It’s a mismatch.

  • dnice

    Hendricks is very good but he’s lost this fight already because he’s talking about beating GSP twice as if it’s a foregone conclusion that he’ll even beat him once. This is GSP were talking about here and Hendricks should believe in himself yes sure, but to talk with no humility will hurt him, I see GSP winning this fight in a unanimous decision as always.

  • TonyToniTone

    Everybody knows that Carlos Condit has superior striking than GSP. That title fight was won based on takedowns alone. Same thing happened to condit when he fought big rig. Carlos Condit truly needs stronger takedown defense…with that . . . The WEC champ will become the UFC champ!!

    • Baller31

      GSP has far superior striking than Condit…which is why he landed twice as many significant strikes during their match. Kampmann and Condit are on similar levels when it comes to striking.

  • Matt Cook

    he seems very motivated to lose a unanimous decision to g.s.p


    Taking someone down, I believe, is scored correctly… but what they should start to do is score defended takedown attempts the same way. So if you try to take someone down three times, and only get them down once, and it stands up fairly quickly without major damage etc. then it should be the defender who has the advantage in that area.

    Takedowns are tricky, and you put yourself in a bad position most the time to try them… but if you’re going to score takedowns so highly, as the Condit/Hendricks fight showed they do, then really, defending them should be worth the same. In my opinion, anyway.

    Also, good luck GSP! I like Hendricks, a lot actually. But I want GSP to win because I like the current set of highly dominant champions UFC has right now… just stirs the pot for superfights, and I’m very interested in those.

  • thebamboo

    Two Men Enter…One Man Leaves.
    Break A Deal…Face The Wheel.

  • NumberOneSoulBrother

    There is only one way Johny beats GPS…that is if GSP decides to stand and bang with him and that will never happen. GSP has become a fighter that never fights to win…just not to lose. GSP will win on points and that will be that.

  • Martin Smith

    ANYONE LIKE GSP. Georges will
    crush him against the cage or
    submit him!!

  • luk3theduk3

    Gsp is better on every level only chance Hendricks has is a punchers chance at best

  • bado

    this dude needs to shut the f*** up already, every one thinks that georges is cake, but once they stepp in with him, they know s*** just got real, cody mckenzie style;0

  • Jtan

    Aside from Kos, all of these guys either have wretling or striking, not both. I dont think hendricks has enough of either to beat GSP, with that being said

  • Ashley Rodriguez

    GSP will win unanimous decision unless Johnny can catch him, which he has a penchant for doing. Too bad we will have to wait until Christmas for this fight.


    ALL GSP fights are same, round 1, min 1 feel around, min 2 jabs, min 3 take down, min 4 kicks, min 5 take down finish on top

  • Sebastian Sassi

    Disqus is all messed up, so I can’t reply below, but two things: 1) Roy comments on literally every other subthread in this thread…he really needs a hobby or his mom to make him get a job, and 2) dude, if you’re confused about the difference between “walking around weight” and “the weight you are when you rehydrate and walk into the cage”, you’re way too damned misinformed to be talking as much crap as you do here.

    Now bugger off.