Johny Hendricks is a Win Over Carlos Condit Away From UFC Title Shot

March 15, 2013
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Carlos Condit vs Johnny Hendricks UFC 158 PrePresserUFC president Dana White said during Thursday’s UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz pre-fight press conference that if Johny Hendricks defeats Carlos Condit this weekend, he’ll have earned the No. 1 contender slot in the welterweight division.

“The guy who comes out of this fight (Hendricks vs. Condit) the winner is definitely the No. 1 contender,” said White.

Condit was defeated by Georges St-Pierre in his last outing at UFC 154 in November, but had his moments in the fight.  He defeated Nick Diaz at UFC 143 in February 2012 to earn the shot at St-Pierre.

If Condit defeats Hendricks, it will not gain him a rematch with the titleholder, unless of course Nick Diaz wins the main event on Saturday.  In that case, he may very well face Diaz next.  A rematch between the two was scheduled before Diaz was suspended for a year following their first meeting for testing positive to marijuana.

“Obviously, if (Hendricks) beats Carlos Condit, I just think that Carlos Condit is the right fight for him to make him the No. 1 contender.  Condit just fought him (Georges St-Pierre), you know what I mean,” said White following the press conference when explaining why Hendricks would get a shot at GSP, but not necessarily Condit.

Hendricks is on a five-fight winning streak with first-round knockouts over contenders Jon Fitch and Martin Kampmann.  He’s the top ranked UFC welterweight following Georges St-Pierre.

Hendricks, whom most feel is the true No. 1 contender at 170 pounds, reacted to the news.

“That’s what I was hoping for, one more fight to get better and also face another top opponent.  If I get a win over him, that’s awesome,” he said.

Hendricks feels he matches up well with the champion, and anticipates that St-Pierre will retain his title on Saturday.

“I’m pretty sure Georges St-Pierre’s going to win; so I want to face Georges St-Pierre,” said Hendricks during Wednesday’s UFC 158 open workouts.

“The only way to beat Georges St-Pierre, there’s two ways: knock him out, or do the same thing he does to everyone else, and guess what, my wrestling is good enough to make sure I can do what he does to everyone else. I promise you that.”

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  • Gillberg

    Hendricks is dreaming.

    • Mancruz

      I agree I doubt he’ll KO GSP and he has to realize that MMA wrestling is a whole different beast. GSPs wrestling is the best and considering we’ve never evenseen JH wrestle in the octagon. He’s overestimating himself

      • huntingmark

        Please explain MMA wrestling? You mean ability to use some elements of wrestling in executing an MMA game plan?

  • Hendricks is a tough fighter. Great wrestling and KO power. He has a chance just like every other fighter had a chance at beating GSP. But if Georges out wrestles him like he did with everyone else we’ll have to see what king of submission defense he can put up. He has the chance to KO Georges of course, but if anyone beats GSP I hope it’s a guy who fights just like GSP with that incredible footwork with their kickboxing and the ability to be smooth in translation with striking into takedowns and controlling a guy on top. Nothing against Hendricks I am a fan of his but I’d hate to see GSP just by a KO and not somebody who gets the best of him in every aspect of the fight.

  • Steinistebb

    He´s not going to KO GSP because he´s not going to fight GSP. He won´t get past Condit.

    • MuayThaiFood

      I’m leaning towards Condit on this one too.

      • Sir_Roy


    • Agreed, this should be an easy fight to game plan for if you’re Carlos Condit, avoid the big punch and work angles and capitalize on the reach advantage.

  • Timothy Malone

    Here is the ultimate hypothetical question though: If Diaz and Condit both win, are you going to pay to see their inevitable rematch?

    • Sir_Roy

      I would … pending on how they win their respective fights. Diaz would be mad as hell … he would not let their rematch go to decision.

      Moot point anyway. I don’t see Diaz winning. Georges starts getting peppered too much by the pillow punches, and down goes Diaz, to get opened up by vicious elbows while being dominated by Georges’ ground game – collecting even more scar tissue on his already messed up face. Gotta give those that work photo-shop in the UFC some work after all in his next promotion … that is, if the UFC doesn’t cut him.

      • I disagree, Condit frustrated Nick in that fight and Nick got even sloppier, I don’t see a rematch going any differently except Condit would have a frustrated Nick from the start of the fight as opposed to a couple of rounds in.If anything, Carlos would probably damage Nick even more in this hypothetical second fight.

  • Sir_Roy

    I agree with other posters. MMA wrestling is not the same at all. Wrestlers can’t set-up explosive take-downs via effective striking. Which is what GSP does so well. He’s so damn explosive, and his transitions are seamless.

    Hendricks can certainly KO GSP. He has a punchers chance … and guess what? He’s good at monopolizing on said chance. Kampmann is no noob on his feet and he got caught clean. That said, Georges is smart enough standing and picks his shots well.

    Hendricks is dangerous … but he will not neutralize Georges’ wrestling, let alone dominate GSP with it. That’s wishful thinking.