Johny Hendricks: “I Am the Champion” (UFC 167 Post-Press Conference Video)

November 17, 2013
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Johny Hendricks UFC 167 Post_9465He thought he did enough to win the belt, but two out of three judges didn’t agree.

Johny Hendricks gave UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre the toughest fight the French-Canadian fighter has ever seen, but ended up being on the losing end after UFC 167. In “Bigg Rigg’s” eyes, however, he sees himself as the champion because he felt he won the fight.

Watch here as Hendricks reacts to the decision handed down in the UFC 167 main event.

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  • matt

    He lost against koschek and conduit..payback bitch!

    • Josh Miller

      What fights were you watching because he clearly won those. Go sit with the judges and can all learn how to score correctly.

    • Charles

      what fights did you watch? god you are such a bad losers, Hendricks lost the fight after a bad decision from the judges, like dana say, every single guy who really saw the fight knows Hendricks won.

      • #1mmafan.

        He’s not a “bad” loser, he’s a LOSER!!!

    • Big Tuna

      You must be drunk

    • Lucas Freire

      Haha that’s quite funny. I agree with you completely on both fights, and also think he won against GSP. Must be payback in the end. xP

    • Maddawgmar

      I feel he edged out Koscheck, but Condit was a different story. Condit won the fight, but Hendricks won the match. Condit did way more damage but Hendricks controlled more. Judges just thought the controlling outweighed the damage.

  • Kris-tyahn

    Bahahahaha ” I wasnt trying to knock him out, I wa only putting about 70%” LMFAO, sure Hendricks you didn’t try to KO your opponent for a title fight that saw you gas significantly after the 3rd round! “It was enough”. Actually it wasnt bc he took every one of ur punches and then some and he still had better cardio than you. The only reason Hendricks did as well as he did, was those savage elbows in the 1st round, which hurt GSP and apparently caused him memory loss. Those elbows would have finished 90% of the WWs. GSP doesn’t get hurt from those elbows, that if get is a completely diff story. Not sure why they’re acting like Hendricks got robbed all 3 judges scored every round the right, except for one judge or two judges, which was the first round. Just bc you cut someone or hurt someone for two rounds, doesn’t win you the fight! Like it’s funny how these fighters know that bein busted up doesn’t mean shit, winning 3 or more rounds do. I have to watch the first round again to see if GSP won or if Hendricks won. Which is funny bc after the first round, only damage GSP had, was a tiny cut, from those insane elbows. We all know why Dana’s so mad, bc GSP is walking away, so that’s why Dana’s crying bc he didn’t think GSP was going to retire, not even close. So now he’s all butt hurt bc his cash cow is walking away for a while and possibly for good. It’s funny how Dana has never been this upset when Rua was robbed vs Lyoto, and that fight was win by Rua no question, this fight was very close, but bc Hendricks won his two rounds by doing damage, they think that gives Hendricks more “credit”, which it doesn’t, just means he won his rounds more convincingly bc he has more power and bc GSP bruises like a peach!!! Funny Dana hasn’t said what he usually says, after a close decision…. “That’s why I say never leave it in the hands of the judges”. Hendricks keep telling yourself you won the fight, whatever helps you sleep at night! Bahahahaha

    • teekay

      make fair comments..u r GSP’s fan, who gives a shit…he got destroyed…

    • Big Tuna

      GSP LOST THE FIGHT! I had money on GSP and he lost I still won but Hendricks was robbed

      • Michael

        GSP won! That’s a fact. Weather or not you think Hendricks was robbed is different, but Hendricks now has 2 losses next to his name, one because of this fight.

    • Lucas Freire

      What to expect of someone with GSP balls on the profile picture? lol
      Most of the time you make sense on your comments but you just went full retard now.
      Whatever helps GSP sleep at night knowing the whole world saw him get ass whooped and he still has the belt for some reason.

  • Poo

    Is he chewing tobacco in this video?

    • Okie

      Pretty common in Oklahoma where he is from

  • Shred Man

    Wow! Matt and Kris-tyahn, you two are a couple of retards! Get your head out of GSP’s ass!!! GSP and his own corner knows he lost!!! Did you see their faces at the press conference??? GSP looks like he was run over by a truck, (named Big Rig) and Hendrix’s face is untouched!!!

    • Microman

      Yeah! judge should stop judging round and make their decision only by looking at the face of the fighter at the end. You are a genius!

  • Jay Mcgarrity

    Although I 100% agree that Hendricks won the fight, like GSP said in the post fight presser, he was in a war. On the other hand, Hendricks was not really in a war, it was a one sided war. I feel like GSP gave every single ounce that he had in that fight and to take that kind of beating and push forward like he did took a lot of heart. GSP looked like he was fighting for his life and putting so much effort into those takedown attempts while Hendricks seemed to be man handling GSP effortlessly. Hendricks probably could’ve done a little more to solidify the decision, he still had an amazing performance out there and in my opinion clearly won the fight.

    These diehard GSP fans/trolls need to realize that in reality, Hendricks should’ve gotten the decision. Everyone, including the Hendricks fans and anti GSP guys should still respect both guys after that fight, especially GSP after showing that kind of heart. I think it’s pretty safe to say that the GSP era is coming to an end though.

    • John Bunch

      If I hadn’t seen the Jones/Gus decision go the way it did, I would agree 100%. I do find it suspect that after the Jones decision, when asked about the outcome, Dana said he had no way of knowing because the fight was just too good for him to be objective about it. But after the GSP fight, and GSP’s announcement which will leave the UFC in a position of creating a new champ instead of Hendricks leaving as the legit champ, White suddenly has an opinion about who won this great title fight. Oh well, I’m just a fan and my opinion means jackola. Hendricks should have done more that last 2 minutes. I had it 2-2 going into the 5th and GSP won it on points. Having said that, in the 2 rounds he lost, he got smashed and those two rounds should mean more imo.

    • Oliver Jesso

      You are right, GSP did what he could, as a true champ, but its the judges fault, all of the pressure could have been lifted off of the poor guy is shoulders, it was the end for GSP, but the judges wouldn’t leave it happen. I have seen this so many times in boxing, the judges can rip your heart out, that why George foreman quit boxing, its so hard on a fighter. You work so hard, and a judge takes it away.

    • GSPStillRules

      Yep GSP’s era may be coming to an end, but there won’t definitely be a Johnny Hendricks era for too long as he hasn’t been so impressive with other fighters and has shown a lot of wholes in his game.

      I think the WW division will be flip flopping champs when GSP leaves or retires. He’s a once in a life time type of athlete. Plus, he did what he could, but you could really tell that his personal problems were really taking his focus from the fight. I believe a truly focused GSP would not have allowed Johnny to get away with that much; but oh well, all great things come to an end. First Silva, sometime soon GSP and sometime soon Jone Jones. The only ones that will probably make it a little bit longer are Aldo and Barao.

  • Felix Manuel

    (UFC 167 Post-Press Conference)

  • Big Tuna

    Big Rig won that one no debate

  • Guest

    He’s a clown! I have zero respect for this clown now. He has a giant imagination, the fight was close and he thought he was cool to coast out the last two rounds. To become champ you got to beat the champ.

    • Austin, TX

      Something about him is unappealing to me now as a human and a fighter. I don’t know. I mean, I know he could have gotten the decision 3 rounds to 2. But GSP also could have gotten the nod 3 rounds to two. A fight isn’t judged on how a fighter “looks.” Looks are deceiving. Some people show damage, some don’t . He’s sitting there chewing tobacco and spitting in his cup. He comes off like someone who probably threw tantrums as a child when he doesn’t get his way. He said he was going to “touch” him and knock him out. He touched him many times and it didn’t happen. He’s bs’ing about the 70 percent. Thats ludicrous. Of course he was trying to ko him. I don’t know. He seems like someone who has zero appeal as a human and as a champion besides his raw power. He should watch old Matt Hughes fights. Matt Hughes was an appealing human, and an appealing warrior. GSP too. I don’t know. I’m just saying.

  • thenewwelterweightchampion of

    i hope hendricks buys a ufc belt on line in packs in to the ring in changes his nick name from big rig too the welter weight champion of the world johny hendricks. in if he ever gets beats give the real tittle to who ever beats him cause he is the champ he won that fight come one johny u r the champ everyone knows it pack the belt

  • Hugh Kares

    Fights are scored by each round. Clearly rounds 2 and 4 went to Hindricks while 3 and 5 went to GSP. Round 1 was close, too close to complain either way. If you paid close attention at the start of the fight in round 1 you will see that Hendricks clearly taps 3 times in quick succession while being choked after GSP’s first take down. Hendricks knows he got away with it, so he shouldn’t be complaining and declare he won the fight. Re watch it if you missed it and you will see for yourselves. That being said, Hendricks looked good.

    • sarcasticball

      Agreed except I’m not really sure that Hendricks Tap 3 times but anyways he tap at least one time and I saw the video multiple time. For the rest of the fight it was too close to bash anyone. Like you said round 2 and 4 was clearly won by Handricks no doubt. But for the rest of the fight… And judge are very reluctant to score 10-8 for a round… mabe that’s a problement.

    • JohnnyTappedLikeaBitch

      Wow, I forgot about that. That bitch tapped and now he’s complaining. He’s doing all the complaining to throw a smoke curtain and not have people analyze the fight and find out that he actually tapped!!! OMG, yes HE DID TAPPED! LOL What a sore loser he is! And yes indeed, PAYBACK BITCH!

    • archaictext

      No, he didn’t tap. You’re delusional. Hendricks had butterfly guard the whole time, GSP didn’t have control of the body to make the choke effective, and there wasn’t enough time to make Hendricks tap. He was rolling and moving his arms but he never tapped. This is nonsense.

      • Hugh Kares

        Re watched it with 4 other people in slow motion over and over again and he clearly tapped 3 times in quick succession with his neck being chocked. There is no doubt about it. Everyone that saw the replays was in %100 agreement. I guess mass delusion.

        Sent from Windows Mail

        • archaictext

          I did the same thing. Break it down to the second. Which hand does he tap with? Most of the time you can’t see his left hand (and there isn’t much time he is in this position) and his right hand he puts on GSPs thigh to pish him off. Really though, why would he tap anyway? GSP doesn’t even have body control. I believe you think you saw him tap, but I think you are mistaking a tap for something else.

          • Austin, TX

            He taps dude with his right hand 3 or 4 times in quick succession, It is a tap out, pure an simple. You evidently did not do the “same thing” and watch it again in slow motion. It is obvious even at regular speed if you look at his right hand. He taps clearly and unmistakeably 3 times if not 4 times. Usually when a fighter taps once and the ref sees it he calls the fights. If the ref would have noticed that he would have called the fight and we could easily be talking about a 1st rounds tap out. Even still Henricks would still be griping and denying that he tapped.

  • Eye Opener

    Sorry Jay Mcgarrity…..although I’m a Hendricks fan, he was a big disappointment. I thought he would dominate and he did not. But 100% obviously don’t agree that Hendricks won the fight. Including 2 judges…..If they fight again, I think GSP will have an even bigger advantage because Hendricks couldn’t dominate, couldn’t finish, couldn’t even knock him out. Hendrick’s over confidence will be his undoing as we have seen with many other fighters.

  • Eye Opener

    Stick to the facts people, not who your favorite is because you will always be biased!!

    Hendricks landed 142 of 252 total strikes, while GSP connected on
    125of 245 strike attempts. However, GSP beat Hendricks 101 to 85 in
    significant strikes and landed three takedowns to Hendricks’s two.

    the judges’ scorecards Round 1 was the only one they were split on.
    Most armchair critics felt Hendricks won the first, but two judges gave
    it to GSP.
    The first frame saw Hendricks out-land GSP 27-26
    in total strikes but GSP had the edge in significant strikes 19-18 and
    the two were even in takedowns at one a piece.

    The judges made a tough but good call in the decision and everyone else is a cry baby with nothing better to do but complain….GSP WON it….that is the fact. Get over it.

    • Sarcasticball

      Agreed… I don’t know if it was the good call but saying that Hendricks was rob is rediculous. I tought Hendricks won but I knew it was close.

  • candelario

    you have to beat the champ to be the champ…. should have fought harder the 5th round… next

  • GSP stayed in this whole fight. He was throwing kicks and staying active the whole time. Of course his face is busted up he was getting hit by Johny Hendricks. GSP probably knew he couldn’t KO Hendricks and he didn’t waste his energy going for non stop takedowns. Johny did a great job and I would love to see him and Robbie Lawler fight next but it was a close fight and the edge went the champion.

    • Sarcasticball

      thanks for the comments… But people sould stop assuming that GSP is going to rtire… First he never said claerly that he is going to retire. Second, even if it was the case he spoke after a war just like Silva when he said that he dosen’t want a rematch after his fight versus Weidmann. Let’s see what’s he is going to decide in couple of week. And I’m sure Dana will do everything he can to confinve GSP to accept a rematch. And if GSP really retire I would love to see another Condit vs Hendricks that was an amazing close fight (in my opinion).

      • I wouldn’t mind if GSP retires but a rematch should be done unless he thinks he won it. I need to watch it again but the toughest fight for GSP in a long time.

  • Ramon S

    If you’re going to take the Belt from one of the greatest fighters of all time you either knock him out, submit him or win every single round if not you have no right to be bitching about it later.

  • BobGyro

    But your not the champion douchbag you left the loser lmfao

  • Ron Bidelman Jr.

    Now the dumb bitch knows how Condit and Kos feels. Plus for whatever reason the girl is bieng way more cocky now. And probably why one of the judges swayed a certain way. Leave your disrespecting antics out of the ring sfbs

  • diazfan209

    Gilbert Melendez was robbed of a title, so was Alexander Gustafsson. The message from judges is clear: you need to finish the fight to win the belt.

    • Ray d.

      How do you explain Frankie getting the belt from BJ?

  • Dustin Spears

    he lost he didnt out strike him didnt out wrestle him and deffinetly didnt control fight hes a s*** talking cry baby finish the fight if u think u are the winner

  • GSP wins !

    70% is not enough johny !

    • JBalboa

      And what an arrogance ! Claiming “I am the winner bla bla, I just fought 70% of my power blabla” and whining about his fate… You can see the difference between him and a true classy champion as Gustafson who accepted the decision and did not complain at all whereas it was as controversial as this fight.

      • jeremy

        Big diff is that fight was close and this one was one sided. Its stupid to even compare the two.

  • Corey Hutton

    A Champion wouldn’t have such an ugly beard.

  • Ricardo Ritz Cardoso

    The thing is that Johny won after the 5 rounds but I don´t now how nobody talked about when he tapped after 30 seconds in the 1st round…….

    • tnt

      the choke wasnt deep, with an arm in, simple wrestling and jiiu jitsu once he established butterfly guard he is looking to push the hips away….you guys are reaching…

      • Shred Man

        What a bunch of GSP nut hungers!!! No f-ing way he was tapping!!! Look at his forearm you retards!!! He is pushing GSP’s leg away! The choke wasn’t even close. That’s why GSP let go. Get a f-ing clue!!! GSP was clearly doninated 4-1 in this fight. Pull your heads out of his ass and breathe!!! No oxygen clouds your judgement!!!

        • Austin, TX

          You’re in denial. He taps 3 times, almost 4 times on GSP’s hip with his right hand. Watch it again and again. You’re in the denial stage. keep watching it. The ref clearly didn’t see it. p.s. GSP won 3 rounds to 2. In addition to this tap out.

  • GSPStillRules

    I love the way Dana shut Johnny up. Johnny was saying he was using 70% of his power and that it was enough and Dana shut him up saying it wasn’t enough because he left it in the hands of the judges…LOL

    Come on Johnny you got your heart ripped out not by the judges but by your own big mouth. You said during all the prefight talk that you were going to knock out GSP and you didn’t. And now you’re saying you won’t let it go the distance next time? LOL do your job and then talk all you want. I thought your game plan was to KO GSP not out jab him or out wrestle him. But hey, don’t whine and complain now, you knew what you had to do and you failed to do it – and that is KO GSP.

    Now about rematches and fighting GSP again for the title, hopefully no injuries or “crazy things” will happen or else you should realize you may never become champ as things in this sport are becoming very unpredictable…LOL

  • armbarnationlmfaorondasucks

    fight would have been even if gsp didnt get the sub attempt.. to be fair i think gus won the fight against jones. he got robbed…

  • DarylNorthrup

    I’m not really sure that Hendricks Tap 3 times but anyways he taped.

  • GSP WINS !

    johny you lost so you are loser ! never forget your face after verdict !

  • Milos Rackovic

    Wow look at Johnny acting tough,ure not the champ,nor title holder. Gsp is a god comparing to u

    • jeremy

      Gsp lost dip s***. It if wasn’t for the corrupt judges he would be the champ and should be. Your just dumb

  • Lloyd Rowe

    Hendricks was robbed, pure & simple. Hey, Vegas was built by the Mob. Don’t be shocked, shocked, when corruption reins from there….

  • jake snod

    Johnny beat the hell out of GSP. Dana should just award the title to Johnny. GSP needs to retire.

    • please ease up on whatever drugs are making your brain think this way.

      • Thy_Yeti_Knows

        maybe send him your recipe for outhouse methane concentrate… Might contribute to a better appreciation of how to communicate with you B

  • Baller31

    What a whiny bitch. He lost a close decision. He won two close decisions which he should have lost. You want the belt, finish GSP like you said you could.

  • Cindimomindi

    I have always been a GSP fan. And I think he is an amazing athlete, but Hendricks won that fight. This decision reminds me of the Derek Brunson vs Kendall Groves fight….seems like the not as well known fighters get robbed of the win just to keep the fans coming back to watch the big names. Discouraging to fans and fighters…

  • Dirty Texican

    Hendricks tapped, pushing George off my ass. He clearly tapped 3 times. It was a close fight. It could’ve went either way after 5 but shouldn’t have made it that far. Haters will be haters.

  • Not to take anything away from Johny but GSP must have had a lot on his mind before and during this month. It was a close fight. GSP deserves some time off. Let Hendricks fight Robbie Lawler in the meantime. Gustaf didn’t get a rematch, he has to earn it. It wasn’t that bad of a decision. GSP barely took the win. He stayed active, threw a lot of kicks, stood in front of Johny and kept the fight standing. Let’s just keep the division moving. If Johny is meant to be champ then he’ll fight whoever else is next and then come back for the belt. Rory may have lost to Lawler but he is still a beast and probably the next closest thing to GSP when it comes to transitions.

  • The wizard

    Hendricks lost. GSP needs a break from kicking ass. Move on haters watch the fight sober you’ll see that GSP won a close fight!!!!

    • jeremy

      Gsp lost. Anyonr with a brain could see that. Hendricks got robbed. Gsp said he wants a break because if he didn’t dana Woukd have made rematch rihht away and gsp doesn’t want to lose the belt. Hendricks is the real champ. It was a one sided fight, not close at all.

  • I enjoyed watching Hendricks TAP out in the first round!

  • Johnny Hendricks CANNOT and WILL NOT ever FINISH GSP.
    GSP won first round via TAP

  • Barracoda Force