Johny Hendricks Has a Message for Georges St-Pierre: “Don’t Duck Me”

December 6, 2012
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Johny Hendricks at UFC 141The big winner in the Georges St-Pierre fight sweepstakes is Nick Diaz, but that means somebody has to come out the other side as the loser in the whole ordeal.

By just about everybody’s standards in terms of earning a crack at the belt, Johny Hendricks is the man who should be challenging St-Pierre next, but the long standing grudge with Diaz seems to have trumped the former NCAA champion’s title hopes.

UFC President Dana White announced on Thursday that St-Pierre has asked to face Diaz next, and they will “probably” put that fight together because rarely has the UFC welterweight champion asked for anything, and they feel obligated to let him get the fight he’s choosing this time.

Unfortunately that leaves Hendricks as the odd man out in this situation.

White believes that Hendricks has looked ultra impressive of late, and believes that his time will come, but for now he’s not in the right place to demand a title shot, and if GSP wants Diaz, then GSP gets Diaz.

“Johny Hendricks has had some great fights. When he’s talking about winning in spectacular fashion, this guy hits so hard they skid across the Octagon. He’s in no position to demand anything,” White said about Hendricks.

“Georges St-Pierre is the champ, has been forever, and if that’s the fight he wants then that’s probably the fight we’re going to give him if Diaz accepts it.”

Needless to say, Hendricks was anything but pleased when told the news that Nick Diaz would likely be the next man in line to face St-Pierre.

As friendly as any fighter in the UFC, Hendricks let loose with a little emotion via Twitter on Thursday night with his sights set directly at welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.

“All I have to say is Georges St-Pierre, don’t duck me,” said Hendricks. “If he’s scared you won’t get takedowns, I’ll spot you one or two and if you just want to keep it on the feet, I will try my hardest not to hit you with everything I have.

“You’re the champ, you shouldn’t be telling anyone you want to fight. Because I am the person you should be fighting. The only thing you should be thinking is that you get to enjoy that belt until the night (we fight) then it’s mine.”

For his part, St-Pierre has yet to make a statement about the fight with Nick Diaz, or the comments from Johny Hendricks. If nothing changes however, Hendricks will likely sit on the sidelines while Nick Diaz faces St-Pierre in the first half of 2013.

  • chuker

    I like Johnny Hendricks less and less. Dude you boss told you your not in a position to demand anything. Be quiet and wait till uncle Dana says its a go. Plus does dude think he really won’t get taken down by GSP? NCAA wrestling and wrestling in mma is 2 very different things and nobody sets up a take down or executes a take down better than GSP.

    • Buo Blanco

      Are you freaking kidding me???? Hendrix has gone five in a row having beaten Walsdburger, Pierce, Fitch, Koscheck and Kampman, meanwhile Diaz is coming off of a loss and a suspension for drug use. In what universe does he deserve that shot. If you care about fairness and the dignity of the sport, you gotta give the shot to Kampman, otherwise just go watch boxing.

      • chuker

        Im not saying he doesn’t have a case, but I think he is starting to sound like Wiedman. Dana has the final say. Im not saying it’s right but GSP has fought everyone ever put in front of him. He wants to smash Diaz. Johnny said he would wait to fight for the belt if he wants to wait till august to fight GSP then great he should be next if there is no super fight. I just find his twitter rant childish and unprofessional and his take down point and not hitting gsp with everything just sounds dumb…and I don’t like his beard.

        • MuayThaiFood

          His beard with copenhagen spittle in it…..knowhatI’msayin?

        • onehitwonder

          GSP has unfinished bizz with Diaz.

        • Your_Dad

          He should fight the top contender, which is Hendricks. Ranting on twitter seems to be the best way to get a title shot anymore, so Hendricks should do more of it. And **** Dana White, I don’t know what in the hell he’s thinking anymore. Seems like the only thing he cares about anymore is lining his pockets.

      • Kris-tyahn

        Ughhhh u said Diaz lost his last fight and doesnt deserve a title fight, well so did KAMPMANN, so what are you talking about?!? GSP wanted Diaz before Condit, people were saying he was ducking Condit, I guess morons like you were wrong. GSP fought and owned the 2nd best WW in the world, AGAIN. He’s earned to fight Disz and put a beating on him. Also, Dana never said Hendricks was the #1 contender, so WTF is Hendricks talking about?!? Ellenberger and Sheilds asked to fight Hendricks, so is he ducking them?!? Hendricks will get his beating from GSP later, why such a rush to get embaressed?!? PS Hendricks, I guarantee you will not need to spot GSP a takedown and he will also own you on the feet!

        • Your_Dad

          Dude, you need to get a clue. If you buy into the garbage Dana spews, then you’re simply lost.

  • michaelchimique

    if diaz gets this shot people no longer have the right to bitch about sonnen getting his

  • julian moran

    I would rather see Nick Diaz vs Rory Mc Donald. That is if Rory gets past BJ.

    • Manuel Lopez

      first off, condit didNOT beat up nick, he ran from nick and won by decision. second, i like hendricks but dont become cocky and stupid, wait your turn, and yeah your ko power is nice but i can remember ko wonders with a promising future who are now in oblivion (daley). lastly, we can all see that in ufc the game doesnt belong to those that ‘deserve’. its a circus in there and champs are choosing their opponents, silva did it, gsp is picking them just the same.

  • bubba zzz

    All good points. Why would a guy get a championship fight off of a loss and drug suspension when there are good opponents like Hendrix out there. Dana should clear his head on this one.

  • Guest

    Hendricks is frustrated as hell but should not whine….. he is the best fighter at welterweight who is not GSP and GSP knows it….Hendricks is trying to do the old “Sonnen technique” to get a title shot. It is sad that the fighters have to resort to this type of BS to get a title shot..

    • chuker

      I agree with your post. I think he has a better case for #1 that any WW. He is using the sonnen technique…but not in a funny entertaining way and am I crazy or was there a time not too long ago where Hendricks was a reasonably humble guy. I find his rant off-puting although i understand his frustrations and they are justified.

      • stevemcz11

        Maybe Henricks should try to avenge his loss to Rick Story before getting a title shot

        • Your_Dad

          So, does Diaz need to go and avenge all of his losses before getting a title shot? How about you get a brain before you post next time?

    • Cptmats

      “he is the best fighter at welterweight who is not GSP and GSP ”
      I would bet on BJ, Rory and Condit over Hendricks, so that would put him around #5

  • Timothy Malone

    This looks like it is happening so the question is who is left for Hendricks to fight? I’m assuming Macdonald will want that Condit rematch, because after all he doesn’t even want to be the #1 contender to his friend GSP, and I don’t see why Penn would be put back in the title picture either.

    The only other option it seems is Ellenberger (or Sanchez but he is coming off the loss to Jake)

  • f d

    So, let me get this straight – Hendricks fights 3 guys ranked in the top 5 and knocks out 2 of them, Nick Diaz gets beat up by Condit, but Diaz will get the title shot? I’m sorry, but I feel like the guy that fights and earns his way to a title shot should be in the ring, not whoever the champ feels like he wants to fight. I don’t care how long GSP has been champ or what he’s done, this is supposed to be a sport, a competition. And I believe winning is a key part of the whole competing concept. Diaz loses, gets title shot. Sonnen loses, gets title shot. Pfff, come on Dana.

    • bajafox

      Condit “beat up” Diaz!? lol, kinda hard to do when he was running away from the guy

  • That is messed up on Gsp part Hendricks earn the shot if Diaz couldn’t beat condit he won’t beat Gsp Dana white Is greedy money grubbing

  • Johnny i hardly think GSP is “ducking” you dude. I think Georges is looking at fighting Diaz as unfinished business, and I’m pretty sure right now more people would want to see that fight since there is some history leading up to the fight that never was. You’ll get your shot…just not yet. And no sense waiting around for him, just go and keep racking up the W’s man and you’ll get your title fight.

  • Johnny i hardly think GSP is “ducking” you dude. I think Georges is looking at fighting Diaz as unfinished business, and I’m pretty sure right now more people would want to see that fight since there is some history leading up to the fight that never was. You’ll get your shot…just not yet. And no sense waiting around for him, just go and keep racking up the W’s man and you’ll get your title fight.

  • bob

    First punch he throws and gsp double legs and murders Hendricks with elbows. I don’t see Hendricks doing well in that spot. Gsp took kos, alves, Penn at will

    • 808empire808

      He didn’t take penn at will……….
      Don’t talk unless you know what your talking about.

      • Scotty_O

        Haha but he’s right. I don’t remember the first fight very well but I know in the second fight BJ got taken down AT WILL in all rounds other than the first.

        And P.S you’re rude.

  • bajafox

    If the GSP v. Diaz fight happens and Hendricks is next in line he better start planning to fight Diaz. That fight would be way more entertaining than GSP laying on Hendricks for 5 rounds, should be a stand up war with both fighters bringing it.

  • Brodiem

    All of these people talking about, Dana said no so quit whining. Are you kidding me? So let me get this straight, at your job you bust your ass to get a promotion, you are undeniably deserving of it, and your boss gives it to some guy that continuously ***** on the company by not showing up to meetings and is coming off a suspension for smoking pot….. You wouldn’t be pissed? Damn right the guy is making his case, he wants people to get behind him on this one. You can call it Weidman like or using the ol Sonnen tactics, but at the end of the day, the man is pissed because he got shit on by his boss and is letting it be known.

    Even the most humble guys can only be kicked in the nuts so hard.

  • Dana Jr.

    I agree with Dana Henndricks has no right to.demand anything. To say GSP is ducking anyone is stupid, he is the number 2 pound for pound fighter in yhe World and just recovered from a career ending injury to take the toughest fight of his life! Big Deal you have heavy hands and got 2 flash KO’s if the judges didn’t suck so bad you lost a decision to Koscheck! Nick Diaz lost a decison to Condit that could have gone the other way and is by far and away the #1 contender… what he smoked weed for medical use….that is better than whatever you are smoking demanding a title shot. There are numerous fighters that will duck your haymaker and hand you your ass!!!!!!!

    • Scotty_O

      Haha with the screen name “Dana Jr” I’ve decided to skip over any comments of yours that start off with ” I agree with Dana”.