Johny Hendricks Gets Heated Over Georges St-Pierre and Drug Testing Prior to UFC 167 (video)

November 14, 2013
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Johny HendricksJohny Hendricks met with select members of the media on Wednesday in Las Vegas in anticipation of his UFC 167 bout with UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.

There has been a bone of contention between St-Pierre and Hendricks for quite some time over drug testing. St-Pierre wanted to utilize VADA, which uses his image to promote its services, and Hendricks has said he would prefer WADA, the world standard for anti-doping practices.

Reporters pressed Hendricks on the issue and he didn’t hold back.

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  • Guest

    Wow He still doesn’t get it.. VADA uses WADA testing in every single way possible. Does he even know what WADA is?

    • Calvin Josey

      I thought the main issue with VADA was that they sponsor GSP and WADA requires the fighters be kept track of at all times and if they do not show up for a test within an hour they automatically fail? Just curious.

    • Maddawgmar

      You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t take your word for it. These professional athletes will know more than you. World Anti-Doping Agency sets regulations for and tests International competition. Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency handles testing as well but not on the scale of WADA.

    • Guest

      To be honest.. The media is driving me crazy with this.. I agree with you guys.. but I think Dave Doyle breaks it down simply on the UFC 167 Preview Show. here

  • james j

    I like JH even more now, and GSP even less. GSP is a roid freak, and it common knowledge in the industry.

    • Mark Bazid

      If you believe that then you’re an idiot!
      WADA does not conduct drug tests. They set the guidelines for drug testing. Those guidelines are the ones used by VADA.
      Before you start talking out of your ass you should do some research.

      • Maddawgmar

        I did research, and your talking out of your ass. WADA sets regulations for international sports, and conducts test for IOC. VADA (Voluntary) is on a smaller scale. This is the same debate that kept the Mayweather/Paquiao fight from happening.

        • Mark Bazid

          Maybe you need to learn to do research then. The IOC drug testing is not done by WADA it’s done at a WADA accredited lab in Harlo, UK.


          • Maddawgmar

            I apologize that I wasn’t clear in my previous comment. Making points when drunk doesn’t always work out. My intent was to say that WADA certified agencies conduct tests. It’s the same as ASE certified technicians working on your car. VADA doesn’t directly test either, from what I have read. It’s all guidelines, WADA is just more thorough.

          • Mark Bazid

            You’re wrong again. VADA does conduct tests and they use the guidelines that are provided by WADA

          • Maddawgmar

            If that is true then why is there this big ruckus about adopting WADA? It seem that every article, is disputing what you are saying. Johnny Hendricks is saying differently, he has been tested his entire adult life. If VADA is the same guidelines as WADA, then there would be any debate.

          • Guest

            The only person disputing anything is Johnny Hendricks lol, and I wonder why? He didn’t take any of the tests, while GSP was tested rigidly. Kinda makes you wonder…………….

          • Maddawgmar

            There has been a WADA debate for years not just this fight. In boxing and MMA matches about adopting WADA guidelines. My point is if VADA uses WADA guideline then why has there been this huge debate, is everyone that ignorant. No, there must be some inconsistency in how the tests are administered.

          • Jason Priest

            And if you’ve got nothing to hide, why wouldn’t you just do the testing? Just like Pac-man, with his ridiculous excuses of why he wouldn’t fight Floyd like, “I’m scared of needles” but has like 5 tattoos, or “If you take blood from me the day before a fight, it’s gonna make me weak” lol, that type of S%#t is just outright comical. Sorry, but Johnny made himself look suspect in this one.

    • Bobino

      If someone has never been busted, then how can it be common knowledge you twit. Do you understand the meaning of that statement? It’s a common rumor amongst haters, who can’t understand how somebody can get that physically fit, and who believe everything they read on the message boards. Hard work and genetics can go a long way. If your logic was valid, that would mean just about every male gymnast in history was a roid freak.

      • King_DG

        just look at GSP’s physique the first time he fought Matt Serra and then 4 months later when he fought Koscheck. He looked like he gained like 30 pounds of muscle! that doesn’t look natural

        • sarcasticball

          still it dosen’t prove anything…

        • jaeipad

          You have no factual backing other than an opinion.Im sure he got in better shape because he took his training to the next level after the serra fight.

          • King_DG

            I have no factual backing about the changes in GSP’s physique? just watch those 2 fights again and come back to comment. I’m not saying he is on anything, I’m just saying he gained a considerable amount of muscle in a very short time.

  • Kenny Powers

    Hahaha stupid Frenchman.

  • Dan

    VADA does not use WADA standards. They use WADA labs and that is it. There is much more that goes into the programs that WADA accredits. Every organization that WADA accredits is listed on their website. There are more than 600 of these organizations. VADA is not one of them. So much misinformation is out there.

  • MuayThaiFood

    You’re right Johnny, it doesn’t matter. Either way the end result is this.

    • Kenny Powers

      Damn, Johny is STACKED. But i dont get it, is Johny the loser cuz he got the knockers? Or is it GSP for hookin up with a tranny?

      • MuayThaiFood

        It kinda raises more questions than it answers doesn’t it? While all the answers are weird I’d have to go with GSP as the winner for making JH his special girl possibly by RNC or just by total riding time. Either way, I wouldn’t want to be Johnny.

        • Kenny Powers

          Well either way, Johny Hendricks makes a handsome woman.

    • Austin, TX

      Damn. I gotta admit. thats funny s***. i almost spilled my drink. actually i did a little bit. p.s. this is all stupid. Big Rack is trying to stir up something where there is nothing. He’s trying to make excuses. He’s upset that GSP is a Frenchy who is one of the best fighters in the world and he’s from Dallas, so he tries to smear him. Everybody is always looking for something because they’re crybaby’s in denial. GSP is the cleanest fighter probably on the planet. He works his ass off.

  • kdog

    sounds like JH is accusing GSP of doping. How can he say its been going on for 6 years, and GSP has never been tested. JH is already looking for excuses.

  • guest-expert

    the problem with these testing services is that they dont even bother to test and regulate the 3 MOST IMPORTANT substances that many of these athletes are taking. Insulin, Growth Hormone, and IGF-1. There is no test for IGF-1. growth is nearly NEVER looked at. and insulin is easy to make excuses for. but those 3 subssatnces taken together create HUGE muscular and power gains. they also increase speed, recovery, endurance.
    think what you want but those are the facts. that is how bodybuilding itself went from 235lb Mr Olympia’s to within 3 years having 282lbs Mr Olympia’s. Much easier on the system too.

  • Honestly who cares, both of these guys are probably clean anyway. Hendricks is probably clean but just aggravated because he feels like he’s being accused. As for GSP, the guy does everything right to be the best athlete he can be. I doubt he would pollute his system risking his health and credibility by ever taking any illegal substance. I see a few people saying he’s gained a lot of muscle and this and that but it was all lean muscle put on by having a personal chef and training hard. He only started putting on the extra weight after the Alves fight and he’s matured since first coming into the UFC, he was a young man then, now he’s older.

    • Sarcasticball

      True and people forget that the pic of muscle mass you gain for a normal person is at the age of 30 not 20… And genetic have a lot to do… Just look at Barnett… He took a lot of crap and he never had a great body look… Anyways we don’t know anything… The only fact is the both never been busted that’s all we know.

  • Philosopher13

    It’s highly unlikely that either fighter is “doped up” or “roided out”. Both are very dedicated to being the best fighters that they can be & have obviously put the work in to be at the top of the “food chain” for their division. That being said, who really cares if they taking anything? I personally can’t see the problem with athletes in any sport taking something that makes them bigger, faster, & stronger while prolonging their careers into their 40’s. If it were legal it would be the choice of the fighter as to whether they wanted to take it or not; but having that option would make it more of a level playing field all the way around. It sounds crazy I know, but really think about it….anyways, I like both fighters but it’s time for change in that division so, go Johny Hendricks. Sorry GSP, it’s been a good run, but I think this boy has too much power for you. Peace.

  • Danny McClendon

    Damn is everyone a freemason now in days? I see the Pyramid on his hat. ~The All Seeing Eye ~

    • David Harris

      It’s gotta be a sponsors logo – check the guys in the blue hoodies in the background