Johny Hendricks Doesn’t Want to See a Superfight Between GSP and Silva

November 17, 2012
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Johny HendricksThere’s been a lot of talk about a superfight between UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and middleweight titleholder Anderson Silva. UFC president Dana White has said that if St-Pierre defeats Carlos Condit this weekend at UFC 154, they are targeting May for the potential superfight to happen.

While fans and the UFC may be eyeing that mega match-up, there’s one guy out there that doesn’t think the fight should happen, at least not now, and that’s Johny Hendricks.

“It’s a new wave of fighters coming.  It’s a new wave.  If this were two years ago, like I’ve been saying, if this were two years ago with the same top five guys, go up there and see if you can beat Anderson, but not when there’s a new wave of fighters,” Hendricks told

“The top ten, I think there’s only maybe four that’s been there the last four years.  Now that tides are changing, I want to see, of course I have to get past Kampmann, but I want to see if I can beat him.  I don’t want to wait another six months to see him fight Anderson,” continued Hendricks.

The landscape of the welterweight division has certainly changed in St-Pierre’s absence while healing from his knee injury.  Carlos Condit has emerged as interim champion.  Kampmann and Hendricks have fought their way into contender status.  Nick Diaz is right on the cusp of contender as well.

Hendricks questions, what if St-Pierre takes the fight with Silva and loses?

“What if he goes out there and loses? If he goes out there and loses, all of a sudden he’s coming back off a loss and you get to fight a champion that just lost.  I want to beat GSP.  That’s my goal is to beat GSP before he gets the chance to move up,” he said.

St-Pierre had all but cleared out the 170-pound division before his knee injury, but it’s not the same division anymore.  There’s no shortage of fighters waiting for their crack at the title. Hendricks has a point, but the allure of a superfight will likely have the contenders playing the waiting game even longer.

Of course, Carlos Condit has the opportunity to stifle the superfight talk for good when he faces St-Pierre in the main event on Saturday night.

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  • mandingo

    I hope Carlos “the roadrunner” Condit doesn’t run his way to a win. Not because i want to see a so called super fight, being that Anderson “I only fight smaller guys” Sylvia well win and we all get to hear how great he is… ugh

    • Superman

      You sound dumb

      • Kris-tyahn

        He has a point about the Silva comment, te guy walks around HW, and fights in the worst division in all of MMA/UFC, then he thinks he has the right to pick and choose who he thinks is the #1contender? Sorry, he fights in the weakest division, he’s ALWAYS the bigger fighter and when he moves up he fights big slow 1 dimensional bums at LHW, is t he suppose to be the GOAT? But fights guys “his own size” he’s not as small as his MW opponents are, when he fights at LHW. Anyway, he fights guys who aren’t even in the top 15, for being considered GOAT he sure has a weak résumé of “skilled opponents”, especially when you look at Jon Jones and GSP’s resumes. Not even close. Silva doesn’t have to fight Jones right away, but come on man, throw the guy a top 10. It’s funny how Silva wants GSP to move up in weight and fight him right off the bat, while Silva moved up 3X and fought 1 dimensional bums with NO Wrestling. Do you think that’s a coincidence?!? Really?!?

        • barnayup

          where does its say the silva wants GSP to move up in weight? Even if GSP move up, Silva has go down a weight to meet half way. So I dont see why there is a problem.. He fought people with no wrestling?? Cheal Sonnen is a good wrestler and he still manage to beat him.. TWICE… If GSP trained to fight Silva.. GSP will have huge ground game, but if he stands up with Silva. Silva can possibly ko GSP.. So either way, different style with 2 of the greatest fighter put together. i would love to see this fight before silva gets older..

  • Poster

    He indeed does.

  • Daniel

    I’d rather see Anderson Silva fight John Jones. That is a much more interesting fight.