Johny Hendricks Digs Deep on Injuries and Fighting Robbie Lawler

September 25, 2014
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UFC welterweight champion Johny Hendricks goes one on one with and reveals his don’t ask, don’t tell policy heading into his first fight with Robbie Lawler and how he dealt with some serious injuries in that fight and what it means to fight him again.

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  • badboyzbackbaby

    I like Lawler in this rematch but i feel a finish this time in the first is what Jonny will be looking for and it worries me.

    Tuck that chin homie!

  • mike

    big rigg has a small tank… toot toot….put the hazards on after the 1st

    • Lucas Freire

      Well, that’s no problem. Other than his crazy fight against Condit,which I think he lost,(who is a crazy fella) he dictates the rhytm of every bout. No one is able to put pressure on him. He has the heaviest hands on the division, a tough chin, lot of strength and a top class wrestling.