Johny Hendricks Critical of His Performance at UFC 185… So is Dana White

March 15, 2015
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Winning just might not be enough for a former UFC welterweight champion.

Johny Hendricks rolled to a unanimous decision over Matt Brown at UFC 185 on Saturday, but the win didn’t come without a self-evaluation period for the one-time titleholder.

Hendricks referred to himself as his own worst critic, following his pay-per-view fight in Dallas. Though he was mostly content with the win, there were parts where he felt he could have done better.

“I’m gonna get better,” Hendricks said. “I’m probably my worst critic. And yeah, I was happy with it, but I believe I can fight better than that. And that’s sort of what I’m gonna shoot for.”

Johny-Hendricks-750-370While it might not have been one of the most exciting fights, Hendricks largely controlled Brown for the duration of the 15-minute affair. He touted his jiu-jitsu as a skill he proved stands out as part of his arsenal.

UFC President Dana White, however, wasn’t thrilled with the bout. In fact, the performance was lacking enough that White dodged commitment on pitting Hendricks against the winner of division champ Robbie Lawler and No. 1 contender Rory MacDonald. The two are scheduled to meet at UFC 189 in July.

White opted to suggest Hendricks take on another opponent before sitting the sidelines in hopes of getting a title shot.

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“It’s usually not a really good decision, but sometimes it can work,” White said, referring to Hendricks waiting for title contention. “If it works out, then it will. If not, I’m sure Johny will take the option to fight.”

White outright revealed later on FOX Sports 1 that he didn’t love the Hendricks-Brown fight, which usually means he has other things in mind when it comes to matchmaking. What those things are, however, he didn’t say.

If things go according to White’s plan, Hendricks will watch at least two welterweight title fights happen before he gets another crack at the belt he once wore around his waist.

If anything, it leaves plenty of time for self-improvement.

“I still feel like there’s a lot of stuff I could improve on, and that’s what I’m constantly gonna do,” Hendricks said. “It’s all about getting to the top and maintaining it … I’m gonna go out there and fight and learn.”

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  • TrentSki

    First time I really went for Brown, started to really dislike a Hendricks after he stopped going for the KO and started going for the stall, he thought that was enough to beat Lawler

    • Jeff McLeroy

      He should not talk crap about GSP now

      • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

        No champ will ever be as boring as GSP. When he wasn’t lay n praying he was using that borefest jabberfesting with his insane 76″ reach. I would pay to see Hendricks fight any day over GSP. GSP fans just hate Hendricks because they al know he beat the sh’it out of him. GSP was badly concussed and his face was mangled.

        OFF TOPIC: Did you guys see Overeem do the Greg Jackson/Condit/Guida/Starnes turn your back on your opponent and run away like a coward move

  • Sarge

    Brown proved to me tonight that he continues to struggle with top 10 guys in bigger fights. He ain’t championship material.

    • Jeff McLeroy

      On a whole yes, but in MMA world, its easy to tackle a guy and lay on him to get a win. Brown was and always is willing to fight. Hendricks who touts himself as this tough KO guy did the opposite and fought scared of Brown.

      • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

        I think fans are hilarious when their favorite fighter gameplans to beat a knockout fighter like Brown its called smart fighting but because they all hate Hendricks for destroying GSP and running him out of the sport that makes anything Hendricks does a joke. All it takes is one bad night of catching a knee in the chin and just like that your chin could be toast. Chuck Liddell was known for having a granite chin forever then he gets KO’d by Rampage and next thing you know he loses the next 6 out 7 fights by KO.

        NO ONE ins MMA history played it safe more than GSP. I remember when he fought Dan hardy he talked up Hardy like he was the best striker on the planet and all GSP did the entire fight was hold him down FAILING at a Kimura against a guy who had next to ZERO sub defense. Matt Brown would knock Dan Hardy’s head into the 3rd rown but its ok for GSP to play it safe

        • Sarge

          chuck was out of his prime by the time he began getting knocked out constantly. kinda like big nog and cro cop getting stopped often because they’re no longer in their primes.

        • Sir_Roy

          Again, dumb comments. Hendricks ran GSP out of the sport huh? Funny that GSP’s imminent retirement was posted on every MMA news bulletin well before that fight … having been leaked before the Hendricks match.

          Folks keep calling you on your unsubstantiated comments, yet you keep on posting them over, and over, and over. The very definition of “stupidity”.

          And GSP didn’t get off an arm bar, not a kimura. So, fail again. Imagine, a UFC fighter daring to defend against an arm bar. That, like, never happens … only it does all the f’n time.

          • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

            GSP vs Hardy was a pathetic fight at best. GSP laid on Hardy because he was so deathly afraid to strike with him. One thing is for sure every MMA website had Hendricks beating GSP. GSP tried to submit Hardy who sh’t BJJ defense and he couldn’t even do it in 5 rounds of laying on him. Todays top 10 WW would knock Hardy out in one round.

            Yeah right if GSP had planned on retiring then why would Dana tell the media after being asked at the post fight conference when would the rematch be with Hendricks and Dana said very soon. Not until GSP got his brains scrambled did he run for the hills like a coward and REFUSE the most deserving rematch of the century.

            Pretty bad when the ref evens posts on twitter after the fight that GSP lost

          • TheCerealKiller

            GSP won and he planned to “take a break from MMA” before the fight. Those are both facts. Live with the decisions, they usually suck.

          • blob

            get a life loser

          • Sir_Roy

            That might have been insulting in, like, grade 2.


            Even then, pretty sure the taunts are more sophisticated in this day and age. You must be able to see the irony in one who takes the time to call someone a “loser” online, then tells THEM to get a life …? That’s like being a 500 lbs morbidly obese man, then telling someone else to go on a diet. Picked an analogy I thought you’d understand. Your user name is “blob” after all.

          • Sir_Roy

            Never said GSP vs. Hardy was a great fight. I happen to agree, it was lackluster. Very lackluster. But not for the reasons you state. And who says Hardy’s BJJ is “sh!t”? Only you bud. Only you. GSP completely had his way with Hardy regardless so your points are all moot really. Why are you even bringing this crap up? It has little to do with the criticisms I’m lacing at you and the bunk you’re immortalizing yourself online with. Who cares.

            As to the Hendricks fight you keep harping on, GSP won the match (fight metrics across every MMA sight, as you blindly refer to, point that out too), but lost the fight if we’re to all base a fight on damage dealt. Night of the fight, I thought GSP lost too. Re-watching it, not so much. Why do you feel the need to bring this up in every second post you make though? Easy answer? Because you need validation you’re never going to get. Most of what you postulate and write comes off as complete rubbish.

            Top of the list is you needing to believe Hendricks “chased” GSP out of the UFC. That’s really, really dumb.

        • TheCerealKiller

          The flaw in your logic (I use that loosely) is that all Hardy had to do was go out and beat him. GSP out classed him. It’s like the old Fitch argument, the fight didn’t start out with Fitch on top of you. If you can’t stop a takedown or can’t get back to your feet, that’s all on you. Both Fitch and GSP always stayed busy, unlike Hendricks this past weekend. I laugh at your idea of “play it safe.” Guys are in a cage and trying to smash each other, there is no play it safe. It’s not the Ultimate Knockout Championship.

          • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

            All Fitch ever did was throw pitter patter to keep from getting stood up. Hendricks has landed more power shots and did more damage in his career than GSP ever did. After GSP was KO’d by a guy with a FOOT less reach he played it safe as much as possible and did everything he could to not mix it up. GSP with help of Greg Jackson turned into the sports biggest “SAFE FIGHTER”so quit acting like I made that up or something. Everyone knows GSP doesn’t want to get hit and that is why he uses that boring a’ss jab 90% of th e time. Hendricks forced GSP to fight and put a beating on him. All the hate for Hendricks stems from him doing his job and beating the tar out of GSP. Hendricks isn’t the first fighter to mix things up and go back to his roots. Anyone who isn’t a Hendricks hater knows he easily won 3 rounds in his alst fight against Lawler. No way Robbie deserve dto win that fight. Everyone I watched that fight with who were all Lawler fans thought he must have broken a rib in the second round because he just quit fighting for 3 rounds while Hendricks did all then fighting and controlled the entire fight until the last 30 seconds. Lawler should have needed a KO going in the 5th. He was down 3 rounds to 1. The judges knew Lawler is Dana’s favorite out of the two and all the hate was there against Hendricks for beating the sh’t out of GSP

          • TheCerealKiller

            Your entire argument sounds like some teenage high school musical. Dana holds zero power over judges, they don’t care what he thinks. Most people thought Lawler won the first fight against Johnny, so there goes your entire argument. Sorry, this isn’t the WWE. If you can’t punch someone in the face because they are out classing you, that’s all on you.

          • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

            You’re dreamin Lawler did nothing in rounds 2, 3 , 4 and was outclassed striking and wrestling.

            BTW you may want to look up how many GSP fans even think he lost to Hendricks. You are by far in the minority.

          • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

            You may want to check out mmadecisions which shows you don’t have a clue what you are talking about


      • Sarge

        even in the stand up exchange, Brown didn’t do anything significant whilst Hendricks controlled the entire fight for the duration of the three rounds. He didn’t just lay on Brown, he opened him up while he had him down. did you not see the punches and elbows he threw on Brown on the floor? Brown was clueless on what to do.

      • Sir_Roy

        In the MMA world “it’s ‘easy’ to ‘tackle’ a guy, and lay on him to get a win” huh?

        WTF??? Where do you guys come up with this stuff. Go back to watching the NFL.

        Sure bud. It’s also easy to stuff take down attempts (oh, sorry, I meant “tackles”). It’s easy to KO a dude, I mean, all you have to do is throw a punch. How easy is that?

        How bout this, how bout you go to your local Gracie Barra or 10th Planet BJJ dojo, join a free class, and try to just “tackle and lay” on even your average, run of the mill, local country boy blue belt. Go for it. Show us all how easy that is. I’m sure he’ll let you start in his guard even! Have fun!

    • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

      Everyone knows Brown is tough as nails why do you think Rory MacDonald backed out of his fight with Brown. Rory doesn’t like fighting anyone with his insane ( for a WW) 76.5″ reach. That’s why Rory backed out of the Condit rematch to. You didn’t see Hendricks backing out of either of those fights and he only has a 69″ reach.

      Go ahead and hate Hendricks for making it look easy beating a guy like Matt Brown who is tough as nails. Matt Brown did an interview while back stating his wrestling was as good as anyones in the UFC WW division as he has been training with the Cuban National wrestling team.

    • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

      What I don’t understand is the UFC/Dana talks about winning streaks like the 7 fight one that Brown was on before his last 2 fights like he was in line for a title shot even though not one of his wins was over a top 10 opponent. Granted he had some quality wins but I just don’t think any fighter (REGARDLESS OF THE HYPE) should get a title shot without at least 2 wins over top 10 opponent. Another fighter who i think is getting far too much credit for a winning streak over mid level fighters is Neil Magney. I guess what I am saying is there are way better fighters with 4-2 records in the last few years which were fights against all top 10 fighters.

      I guess what I am saying is when Brown was ranked in the top 10 for a short time he had no wins over top 10 fighters. I thought (ONLY) Bisping was allowed to be ranked in top 10 having never beaten a TRUE top 10 fighter. Even more recent now we have Mcgregor getting a title shot without a win over a TRUE top 10 opponent. No way Siver was ranked 10th but the UFC put him there to try and pretend like that actually justifies Mcgregors title shot. Even if Conor turns out to live up to the over hype he still should have had to beat Mendes, Frankie etc etc.

      All you have to do is compare what all UFC top 10 WW have had to accomplish in the last few years to get a title shot it makes Conor’s title shot even a bigger joke and makes the UFC ranking system something that they only use as a guideline when it fits what makes them the most money instead of who might actually be most deserving of a title shot

      • George Sperry

        I’m just not going to read any more of your rants disguised as comments. I have NOTHING to do and still you waste my time.

      • cheflacsto

        I agree with you about Connor, but I think Poirer was ranked in the top 10.

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      No doubt Brown will have to evolve to make it to the elite level.

    • james j

      Brown is above average

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    That’s the first fight I’ve seen where the winner never landed a single significant strike. Wierd fight. But takedowns with minimal damage can still win fights with enough time in top control. It’s a loophole in the scoring as far as I’m concerned. Some fighters work it to their advantage. Why not? It’s legal. That said it makes for lousy fights and should be a changed.

    • dgs

      Right on point.

      There are two things I would love to see happen in MMA, but make no illusions they ever will:

      1. Weigh-ins on the day of the fight (for obvious reasons)

      2. No points awarded for take-downs and positional dominance, but zero offense otherwise. I am sick and tired of watching these wrestlers fight not to lose, rather than to win. I would go further and say if the fighter continues to take his opponent down and stall in top position, that a warning be issued, followed by a point deduction if it happens again.

      • Paul

        It’s MMA FUCKWIT!!!!!!! Watch boxing or go to a bar and get mouthy if you want see a brawl!!!!!

        • Hugh Shakeshaft

          MMA is a sport. The idea behind sports is to make sporting competition that’s entertaining to watch under an agreed set of rules. MMA can be whatever people want it to be. Dos Anjos fought a great fight from the top. It doesn’t mean fights will descend into brawls where those without skill can win. It just means fights will be scored based on damage done, rather than time in control.

          • Sir_Roy

            Wasn’t the most spectacular of fights … but there was a lot going on that most typical fans can’t seem to see, and therefore cannot seem to appreciate. I’ve stated how and why below, so won’t repeat too much here. But the first round saw Brown really neutralizing Hendricks ground and pound from guard. Even so, enough got through to cut up both Brown’s eyes pretty good so how can we say Hendricks just laid on him?

            There were submission attempts from both positions attempted and neutralized. Side control gains a few times. There were perfect transitions all three rounds. And there were a few solid significant strikes in there as well despite you thinking otherwise.

            Again, not a fight fans are going to write home about. That much I can understand. But a very technical clinic Hendricks put down on a very game and dangerous Brown. Fought the perfect fight one needs to fight against such a fighter.

          • Hugh Shakeshaft

            I agree Hendricks and Brown displayed some elite grappling skill and you have to give credit to Hendricks for implementing his game plan. His cardio was great. I wonder if he could have kept up that level for 5 rounds. Brown showed little offense even when they were standing. DC couldn’t carry out the same plan on Jones, so it’s not like wrestlers aren’t beatable in MMA. I just takes the right fighter to do so. Brown’s takedown defense was awful for a top ranked fighter. I wonder why Dana seemed lukewarm about Big Rig’s performance. Surely, he is a shrewd fight fan who can appreciate elite level grappling. What’s your take on Dana’s reaction?

          • Sir_Roy

            I think Dana rides the casual fan’s coattails. He chases flare more than fight. I don’t think he appreciates the grappling game nearly as much as, say, Rogan does because he knows the casual fans demand highlight reel finishes. They want the showboating. They want the memorable KO’s, they are more about flash than substance and can’t appreciate the intricacies of the grind. As a promoter, Dana does not like to see too much grappling in the Octagon because the casual fans grow “bored” and “weary”. As an MMA fan? Who knows. He’s more of a Silva guy than a GSP bloke. More a Chuck guy, than a Randy. My guess is Dana’s far more about the striking game. And that’s cool too.

            The day Rogan starts to gripe about a lackluster fight due to “too much” ground game, is the day I start to pay a bit more attention. No offense to Dana, but a BJJ black belt under Eddie Bravo knows more what he’s talking about insofar as calling an MMA ground game exciting or a snooze fest is concerned. Hendricks vs. Brown was somewhere in between by my estimation, but it was by no means all “lay and pray” or as lackluster as many on these threads feel. There was a lot going on.

          • cheflacsto

            There was some action but nearly the display the RDA put on in the main event. He struck, took Petis down and inflicted damage. That was a ground fight that was entertaining and enjoyable.

          • Hugh Shakeshaft

            I guess you could say the head of Major League Baseball was all about the casual fans when they reduced the mound height in 1969. Or the same could be said about college basketball when the shot clock was first initiated and then reduced in time. Remember watching college games when the leading team spent the last 5 minutes passing the ball around? I could go on, but make no bones about it, UFC is going the way of the casual fan. That’s the natural progression. What surprises me is how little the rules actually change. Take a look at rule changes by major sport and most have some every year, and yes, most are done in the interest of the sport’s popularity. If I was dana I would stack the rules to balance popularity with safety, whether wrestlers get to unsensationaly neutralize a guy would be down my list of priorities.

          • Sir_Roy

            Dana White is first and foremost a promoter and he’s always going to pressure, threaten, entice and cajole his fighters into getting into a slug fest – into bleeding as much as possible for our sports entertainment. Not fighting to win, but fighting first and foremost to entertain. Cuz that’s what sells. Sadly, it’s not what signs the fighter’s checks or promises longevity in their careers. Dana cannot help but feed fighters who remain in the win column fights. Love them or hate them. He’ll also be the first to cut them for losing too many. Even worse when you’re top 5, as you stand to lose way, way too much (i.e. title fight) by fighting any less than brilliantly. Lose one fight, and you have to climb back up (2-3 wins against other top 5 contenders minimum). It’s a catch 22.

            The thing is, wrestler’s cannot “lay and pray” … not anymore. Stating that’s all that happens nowadays is just uneducated (not referring to you personally). There’s actually A LOT happening in the elite fights on the ground. Even the apparently lackluster ones as Hendricks vs Brown is being billed as herein. A brilliant BJJ practitioner will make you pay for the slightest error. What impresses, is that Hendricks didn’t make nearly as many as he did in, say, his Carlos fight (where he was forced to let him up or get threatened with a submission). He’s really improved. Sport’s not like it was even 5 years ago with regards the grapple game. Not in the top 10 UFC tier anyway.

            But yeah, strength and conditioning, a solid wrestling base, are two must have fundamentals if you want to be a champion. GSP and Hendricks (and both Jones and Cain) have driven that truth home. You have to be able to dictate where the fight goes. That, or you have to have tremendous take down defense and an indefatigable guard that lets you either submit, or pop back up.

          • Hugh Shakeshaft

            Just to be clear, I don’t think Johnny was not laying and praying this time. He was active but Brown was not letting him get off much offense from the top. I was also a huge John Fitch fan before he was cut. I enjoyed his fight against GSP tremendously. Dana cut him the first chance he had. Askren hasn’t signed but there he was like an elephant in the room in Pettis’ corner. MMA has evolved in recent years. Ground and pound is not seen as often anymore because fighters work hard to have a good guard. I really don’t know what the answer is. Dos Anjos was everything but lay and pray against Pettis. I think tactics should change. Johnny knew he was getting nowhere on the ground against Brown by the third round. He had to know there was no possibility of a finish. He maintained his strategy because it ensured a win. I can’t say I blame him, but at the same time, fighters get a cut of the PPV as an incentive to increase the PPV numbers. Over time, Johnny will begin to have less draw and that’s just a fact of his current style.

          • Sir_Roy

            Pettis and Dos Anjos was principally a stand-up battle though. Pettis ended up on his back, but not for the majority of the fight. Of the 171 sig. strikes thrown by Dos Anjos, only 30 were done on the ground.

            On the ground, if you re-watch the two fights respectively, Anjos was not doing a whole lot more than Hendricks was from Pettis’ guard. Pettis was neutralizing quite a bit … just he got more banged up in the stand-up which gave off a different impression.

            Re-watch the Brown vs. Hendricks fight. Or watch some of the highlights … you might see it in a different light (they both threw some bombs). And Johnny did more against Brown on the ground in the latter rounds than he did in the 1st actually. As Brown was a little too pooped to defend as vehemently as he was doing in the 1st.

          • cheflacsto

            Dana’s reaction is because it was not an entertaining fight. Sure I agree Johnny did what he needed to do in order to win, but Dana is in the business of selling fights. Johnny did not engage with Robbie and the same strategy did not work because he was not able to keep Robbie down, and neutralize him. The UFC and White only care about selling fights, and a third fight with Johnny coming off that performance will be a hard sell.

          • Hugh Shakeshaft

            I wonder how profitable the UFC would be if all fights went this way. Would it be as big as it is?

          • cheflacsto

            If all of the fights went that way it would not be nearly as popular. Wrestling matches and Olympic trials are not on PPV. If you take a guy down and pound on him or try some great submissions, it is entertaining. To take somebody down and not get off any ground and pound, and not attempt any subs, only a select group of people that enjoy a hard fought grappling game, or just like a particular fighter are going to find that entertaining.

  • ….guess karma is getting the best out of him after being so critical about GSP and his lay and pray.

  • shakejunt

    the title picture is confusing because a win for rory could mean an instant rubber match or (if kept consistent with the past few title changes) that robbie would need another win to get back there. with that said, woodley should probably fight hendricks for a #1 contender bout.

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      Woodley vs Hendricks works for me.

      • shakejunt

        it’s really a shame about lombard because he screwed up the division and this is just the only match-up that i can see making sense right now (barring injuries). nobody else is near them in terms of being worthy. condit/alves winner is in a good spot, but still a fight away. laflare/maia winner is the same and a win for dong hyun kim puts him in a similar spot.

        i’d like to see tarec vs brown and story vs ellenberger makes sense i suppose.

        • Hugh Shakeshaft

          Lombard looked really good last year. It’s too bad he was on juice.

  • james j

    Johnny always is quick with an excuse

  • Sir_Roy

    You’re such an overwhelmingly whiny hater it’s hard to resist calling you out each and every time.

    Do you even realize how much you use these threads to whine and gripe and disparage fighters with baseless comments (or at the very least, extreme) … and little else? Would be semi “OK” if your points were bang on, or at least somewhat debatable and valid, but they’re really not … not for the most part.