Johnny Bedford Livid Over Referee’s Stoppage at UFC San Antonio (Video)

June 29, 2014
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Johnny Bedford started strong in his UFC San Antonio fight with Cody Gibson on Saturday night, landing several body shots that backed Gibson into the fence. Gibson, rebounded, landing a big right hand that sent Beford reeling. As soon as Bedford hit the mat, his feet and arms came up as Gibson dove into his guard. At the same time this was happening, referee Kerry Hatley dove in to stop the fight.

Bedford immediately protested, but it was to no avail as the referee had already stopped the fight.

It was an unfortunate loss for Beford, but one that he fully blames on a bad decision by the referee.

(Video courtesy of Fox Sports)

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  • put me in the sauna coach

    that was a ridiculous stoppage. The ref looked like he was apologizing as he stopped it.

  • TheCerealKiller

    He pushed the ref and used his arm to push the refs head, fired him Dana.


    • Darin

      I thought so! I wanted to see it again, but when showing the replay they kept cutting off when Bedford jumped up.

      The way he flopped back and bounced his head off the mat, he was out. Yes he came right back and was still able to fight, but fights get stopped that way all the time.

      Jason High was just canned for the exact same situation. If Bedford keeps his job, rules mean nothing.

    • Baller31

      Fire the ref, you mean. What a stupid stoppage

  • George Sperry

    The fight should be about the fighters not the referee. I don’t think even Yves Lavigne would have stopped that one then.

  • taylor2008

    He is right. That stoppage should NOT have happened. He was ok on the ground. I feel bad for this guy! The ref looked like he was apologizing. BAD stoppage!

  • El Gvapo

    I feel for the ref on this one. Bedford was out as he went down, his head bounced off the canvas etc and he was about to take some undefended shots so the ref stepped in. Unfortunately he came to just as the ref stepped in and seemed fully with it as the ref pulled off the other fighter. It’s got to be a tough call for the ref to make and it turned out to be a bad one. Can anyone tell me though, rogan said the ref had stepped in and by the time he’d touched the other fighter, Bedford had come round. Is this a rule? If the ref lays hands on a fighter to halt the fight then that’s it?

  • Ranch Guy

    He was knocked out, His head bounced off the mat and he did nothing to defend the next punch in the face. Watch Gibson as he tells the ref he was out. Keep your mouth shut and watch the replay, then you may be able to make an intelligent comment. Good stoppage ref. Sorry you lost your bet, but that’s life. Don’t think Rogan was there that’s why the commentary was so bad. Anik and Stan, you stink and so did the judging. John McCarthy has a referee school, now I think he should open up a judges class because these morons mad no sense at all.

  • dcartmill

    When I watched it live I thought the follow up punch had hit him squarely ,but in this video it appeared to be a glancing blow after which Bedford was coming up to meet him and had him in his guard. The initial shot that knocked him down appeared to hit him as he was off balance and falling away. I thought it a ver poor sopage

  • Greg

    Bad Call. He was phased, but when he hit him once while on the ground Bedford was totally coherent and fine in guard.30 seconds left in the round he could have easily tied him up and on to the second round…