John Moraga on Demetrious Johnson: “I Think He’s Boring… I Don’t Think He Tries to Finish Fights”

June 4, 2013
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John MoragaAt UFC 160, UFC flyweight contender John Moraga talked to the media about his upcoming title tilt against Demetrious Johnson at UFC on FOX 8 on July 27.

After only two fights inside the Octagon, Moraga finds himself on the brink of championship gold. Hear the former two-time All-American from Arizona State discuss his long and arduous road to the UFC, and why he thinks “Mighty Mouse” lacks a fan-friendly style.

Check out’s John Moraga media scrum video…

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  • Maddawgmar

    I agree, I like Mighty Mouse, but he is a fight winner not a fight stopper. He seems very content in out pointing his opponents. And that is boring.

    • You can’t just run through guys. He’s the champion and fighting every top guy. Besides it takes a lot of skill and conditioning to beat up guys the entire fight. Just like GSP, he might not finish guys but he man handles guys by controlling them with top position and beating on them the whole time. I used to not like Mighty Mouse to much but this past year after really watching him I’ve become a very big fan of us. Some guys just have KO power. But I’d rather see a guy who is well rounded and has technique out classing a guy every round then a guy who might not be as good but can win by a KO.

      • Baller31

        He’s super exciting and fast paced…but he does lack KO power…I thought Dodson had him last fight. I really like Dodson’s power, and I think he’ll be champ someday.

  • toom

    it’s not at easy at 125 to finish not to.mention the dude is non stop from the opening bell he is definitely not boring that’s absurd

  • Milosc


    Okay bro..

    I guess if you’re fighting the guy, you’ve got to say something. Good luck on the 27th

  • The Best Eva

    Pretty terrible statement he goes full blast for 5 rounds, much better than watching gsp.

  • diazfan209

    pure technicality in striking, insane cardio, non-stop pace pusher….. DJ is far from “boring”

  • kbroesq

    We’re talking about a guy who literally jumped on his opponents waist from the fence, and started elbowing him. DJ is far from boring. I agree with the other commenter about 125.

    There is a proportional relationship to size and power. In other words, the bigger you are, the harder you hit. However, the same is not true for one’s ability to take hits without being KO’d. A smaller guy generally needs to be hit with the same amount of force to be KO’d as a bigger fighter. Therefore, you see less KO’s at the lower weights.

  • Darin

    I don’t think the Flyweight division has a single boring fighter.

    • KingSilverback

      Thank you