Joe Rogan Calls for a No Contact Policy Following the Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier Brawl

August 10, 2014
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Joe RoganActor, comedian, and UFC broadcaster Joe Rogan has mixed feelings about the Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier brawl that broke out at the UFC 178 Media Tour at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. He believes it could cast a negative light on the sport, but a spotlight on the fight.

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“It was ridiculous,” said Rogan on a recent edition of his podcast. “This can’t happen. You can’t do that. This is real bad for the sport. It’s real bad. It’s real bad for public perception. It’s a weapon to be used against MMA. It’s unfortunate.

“I think it’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous,” he said. “It’s just so bad for the image of the sport… These guys were not professional.”

In the aftermath of the altercation, Rogan called for a no contact policy for fighters at press conferences and weigh-ins.

“What you’ve got to have, everybody should have, is a no contact policy. Unless they agree to hug or shake hands and hug, there should be a no contact policy. And anybody who clearly violates that no contact policy gets fined,” he said. “Some guys can deal with it, the getting in the guy’s face. But when you have a situation like this, you’re going to have to have a no contact policy with those guys.”

Rogan’s biggest concern about what transpired is how it reflects on the sport of mixed martial arts.

“The importance of that not happening is huge. It’s huge. It’s just a negative connotation attached is what that is. That’s just violence,” said the long-time UFC broadcaster.

“The difference between that kind of violence and the violence of a sport is the violence of a sport is everyone’s agreeing to this scenario. You’re agreeing to train for X amount of weeks. You’re going to fight for X amount of rounds. You’re going to fight this guy. He weighs what you weigh. Everybody prepares and you meet on this day and you compete,” added Rogan.

“It is fighting as a competition, but it’s not violence the same way (the brawl) is. That’s a street fight. That’s a world champion mixed martial artist fighter and an Olympic wrestler in a street fight. That’s bad for everybody. That’s bad for wrestling. That’s bad for MMA. That’s bad for sports,” he added.

But just because something could potentially put the sport in a bad light doesn’t mean it wasn’t good for promotion. The general pubic interest in the title fight escalated considerably following the incident.

“It’s fun for people to watch. I have two ways of looking at it. Part of me is like, that’s bad for the sport, but part of me is how I feel about it, though. Does it bum me out? No. It doesn’t make me upset. I’m not upset. I’m looking forward to watching this fight even more now,” said Rogan. “I’m not going to pretend that that’s not fun. I’m not going to pretend that that didn’t make everyone way more excited about that fight because it (expletive) for sure did.

“It’s not good to do, but it was fun to watch and more people are going to be excited about the fight. That’s the catch-22. There’s no real black or white about this,” continued the UFC commentator.

“As a representative of the sport, I absolutely wish it didn’t happen. As a person who cares a lot about the future of the sport and the public’s perception, which I think is already a little skewed. I think there’s a lot of people that aren’t fans that like to look at the people that fight in MMA as barbarians,” added the 46-year-old Rogan.

“Part of me gets bummed out when I see (expletive) like that, but part of me is like they’re going to fight anyway, so they fought a little here. You’re getting a little taste. I don’t know. It’s going to be a wild-ass fight, though.”

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  • TheCerealKiller

    This happens in every single sport! It wasn’t that big of a deal.

    • Sir_Roy

      It has happened in other sports yes. Is it a huge deal? Probably not. Simply because no one got hurt. Should we wait till someone of the press eats an elite fighter’s wildly flailing fist though?Should we shrug our shoulders and just accept and condone it? Definitely not. It gives a bad message to an increasingly younger generation growing up idolizing these athletes.

      I’ve seen a few people get absolutely broken physically, mentally and emotionally in street fights. No one wins. Terrible message to send out. Reckless ego clashes ending in brawls resolves nothing. These guys are elite cage fighters who throw the 6 ounce gloves on daily. Be professional and show the world that real tough men are not emotional children for chrissakes.

  • 3

    joe rogan needs to understands its just promotion look at floyd mayweather weigh in and press conference much contact is made and that sport is allowed everywhere

    • LiverKickKO

      Floyd + whoever he’s fighting might weigh as much as one of these guys. Not as big of a risk.

  • Intelligent Hoodlum

    I agree with Rogan…that situation could have easily went out of control and MMA doesn’t have the history or public acceptance that boxing and other sports have. There are still public officials and other people that still think poorly of the sport and are looking for opportunities to publicly criticize it.

    MMA fighters carry a different skill set in comparison to boxers and other combative sports athletes…DC and Jones are big guys and could have probably physically injured a lot of people if their press conference situation would have went out of control.

    • igor

      would’ve? lol

  • bones lamarco

    I respect Joe and I would love to see that in MMA. During the brawl was thinking this been done before for fake WWE.

  • lowlb

    Good idea for the UFC to change the focus to the brawl rather than the death threat.

    • Guest

      the death threat. there was only one.

  • DamianCross

    Glad we have Joe Rogan to tell us that fighters aren’t supposed to hit each other outside of the ring. Maybe we should take his proposal even further and have them agree to a specific time and place where they CAN hit each other, and while we’re at it let’s have them agree to a specific set of rules and safety guidelines as well. Come on man…

    • Mr.Snrub

      Dude What’s wrong with you?? He’s not trying to explain the way MMA works, he’s just giving his oppinion on the brawl and the way it affects the sport. Very concise points made by Joe, you’re just a hater and you sound like a miserable —-.

    • Wolf Ticket

      You clearly do not understand. No contact is not the same as not hitting each other. This also means you should not put your forehead against your opponent, and if you do, you should be fined automatically.

      • DamianCross

        Look up Kiss Nakao for proof that it literally has always been that way already, and it should. Dana grinning ear to ear in the back while 2 guys threaten each other outside the ring is the problem, not the rules.

        • Kris-tyahn

          Pretty sure when two fighters agree & sign a contract about when they will fight & for how long know what to expect when they meet in the Octagon. Which is not the same as two guys promoting their fight, meeting the fans & doing interviews, then they end up getting into a fight on a stage and people trying to break it up.
          FYI Genius, I’d bet that Jones’s injury did stem from that brawl… now what?!? No big deal right, it only canceled their fight, delayed the fight by 4+ months and who knows how much money the UFC will lose, how many fans they will lose and how many fans will never buy tickets to another UFC event b/c the main event got canceled. Thats travel, hotel, food expensives, not to mention the extremely high UFC ticket prices etc..
          But yeah, no big deal b/c they beat each other up at an agreed upon time and where they CAN’T get sued or charged for “beating the other guy up.” Pretty sure they can for their “brawl” – Just STFU fool!

  • snapdad

    I agree with joe on this one. maybe joe should also suggest a no smoking pot policy for commentators.

    • LiveKickKO

      Because it has aided him being the best MMA commentator of all time? Wow, this statement.

      • snapdad

        wow, this statement! you’re crediting rogan’s success by his drug use. its people like you that need to get high just to cope with everyday living. you are probably also unemployed, on welfare, and will never amount to nothing

        • gonzo

          your assuming quite abit there aren’t you? u might be surprised how many highly successful people use drugs ona daily basis, from doctors to lawyers to school teachers.

        • Kris-tyahn

          Yes, b/c only people who smoke weed or do drugs are all unemployed, on welfare and will never amount to anything. Lucky drugs don’t cost a lot of money…. waitWHAT?!?
          Is it just me or can people on welfare afford to spend $50-$100 a gram for blow/cocaine and heroin, if not more… waitWHAT?!?

    • Sam Moslimani

      you are a idiot what does that have to do with the sport ? im sure there are hundreds of celebs that take worse drugs that pot . its not joes fault he is honest

      • snapdad

        1st of all it was a joke, I actually like rogan, and since you’re on the topic, what do ped’s have to do with commentating? yet, chael lost his job over it. and also, before you call someone an idiot, learn some grammer. its suppose to be “worse drugs than that.”

        • not a grammar police man

          You are missing a few periods, capitol letters and apostrophes in your sad Grammar Police statement. Not to mention sentence structure. I do, however, agree that the guy above is a bit of an idiot.

  • Jim Franko

    This little scrap is no issue at all. In fact many people are now looking foward to this fight far more than they would have usualy because of the animosity between the fighters.

    It’s a complete joke how we’re watching one of the most brutal sports there is yet a little brush up before a fight is seen by some as inappropriate. These are people are about to beat the living sh*t out of each other, forgive them if sometimes there are tensions that boil over. It’s no big deal.

    • groundgame

      Problem being is they are highly paid professionals and should act like it.

    • Kris-tyahn

      It is if they get injured from the stupid brawl…

  • Uncle Buccs

    So, what Joe is *really* saying is that Jon Jones was the one that instigated the incident. I agree…

  • Balls deep

    I bet my bottom dollar if Dana douchebag was there instead of that other guy this would not have happened

    • Guest

      i agree completely. i also said it immediately after the incident.

  • Dana Fat Pig

    Joey and Dana are really gaying MMA up to extremes.

    • Sir_Roy

      And you’re dumb enough to think referring to anything as “gay” in a derogatory fashion passes for an intelligent or poignant insult in this day and age. Good for you.

      • T1000

        Are you here to actually comment or just pass judgement?

        • Sir_Roy

          What’s the difference? I disagree and voice my opinion to such in a public forum. Kind of silly though, given what they are saying, that you find I’m the one “passing judgement”.

          • T1000

            I guess there is no difference but you still didn’t answer the question.

          • Sir_Roy

            Yes. I did actually.

          • Kris-tyahn

            Apparently T1000 needs an upgrade!

      • Roy_fan.

        Your comments make me happy. That is all.

      • Dana Fat Pig

        It was sufficient enough to get a dork like you to respond, LOL. I bet you’re a peter-puffer.

        • Sir_Roy

          Yeah. I rest my case.

          • Scooby Doo

            Gay piece of sh*t.

          • Sir_Roy

            Phobic small minded little man. Can only imagine how hellish life is living such a narrow existence. I happen to be straight. I also happen to think sexual orientation matters so little in the grand scheme of things. To choose between hate filled fear or freedom to love as one pleases … hm … choice is easy to most sane, balanced individuals. Seek help.

          • eddie eagle

            Is Rogan a gay blade? sad to hear that.

  • eddie eagle

    Joe Rogan is a midget stooge shill for the UFC just a paid gopher and a yes man.

    • Sir_Roy

      You forgot to add highly successful, has a great job, is incredibly wealthy, earned his black belt in 10th Planet BJJ (no, they don’t give those away I’m afraid so you’ll have to go out and earn yours), black belt in Taekwondo and therefore probably pretty f’n far from giving a rat’s arse about what you think anyway. As I can only believe most of us relatively even minded blokes are as well. But thanks for sharing.

  • surfside

    This “sport” has no class. Who watches this stuff anyway?

  • Zach DeVille

    Joe (tweedledee) and Goldie (tweedledum) should learn to actually call fights. Not talk about other fighters during a fight…or give out 17 minute promos during a fight. Goldie is good for counting down the clock and boy he loves to do it. Rogan talks about Jon Jones no matter who is fighting. Learn from the best in the business… Michael Schiavello and Pat Miletich. Now they know how to call a fight.

  • eddie eagle

    If dwarf Joey Rogan was a foot taller he might be taken seriously. little man with a big mouth. ignore Rogan who is just an UFC shill and a short stooge yes man.