Joe Rogan: Cris Cyborg Anti-Doping Drug is Steroid Masking Agent

January 9, 2017
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(Courtesy of UFC)

Several months after her last fight, Cris “Cyborg” Justino tested positive for a diuretic called Spironolactone. In discussing the ramifications of her potential out-of-competition UFC Anti-Doping Violation, Joe Rogan and Brendan Schaub, on a recent Rogan podcast, talked at length about the possible uses of Spironolactone and their skepticism about Cyborg’s argument that the drug was part of a medical treatment. 

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Rogan pointed out that, among other uses, Spironolactone is often used as a masking agent that aids in diminishing the effects of steroid use, particularly in women. Of course, as he noted, there are legitimate uses, although he appeared highly skeptical that Cyborg’s use was simply a medical treatment.

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  • Roscoe Gauldin

    get rid of her and the pointless 145 division.

    • TheCerealKiller

      It’s hilarious that once the ball was rolling on this division, Cyborg popped!

      • Eyes OnPies

        I think she was getting to uppity on social media with UFC, since this was USADA’s first out of competition test on Cyborg and she pops.

      • Roscoe Gauldin

        it was bound to happen.

      • Don Lee

        She can go do tag teams with Gabby against Japanese Grandmas over in Rizin.

  • D. McCue

    Maybe people could have given her the benefit of the doubt if she hadn’t previously been caught using performance enhancing drugs.

  • Wanderlei

    Rogan is a moron.

  • Yannick Messaoud

    There is no way to get around drug testing now a days and with the suspension being longer athletes who use are idiots, and will get cough.

  • Kurt Xavier

    Joe Rogan isn’t a physician. If Cyborg went to ER after her last fight and the ER team gave her the same drug i the dehydrating process to save her life, would she be called a cheater or a patient?

    There was no advantage to be gained. Brock Lesner (repeat offender) gets 1 year……..Something’s not right here. A person doesn’t work hand in hand with USADA as one of the most tested athletes in and out of competition and then suddenly wake up and say “Oh what the hell. I’ll roll the dice.” Anyone who would believe that she would do that with everything to lose is a complete moron and we shouldn’t waste time reading their comments.

    • Hurthle

      Cyborg is also a repeat offender.

      • Bakin’ Soda Marketin’

        She offended once! I bet you’d suck Lesnar’s cxck if he asked you, wouldn’t you?

        • Don Lee

          Popped twice now which makes her a repeat offender.

    • uncle

      Then why did she turn down fights at 145? Cyborg rolled
      the dice because she thought
      she would get away it.

      • Bakin’ Soda Marketin’

        Have you not read the reason or are you just asking to try and look cool? Her reason for not taking the fights is close to the reason for failing the test. She had a terrible weight cut and is taking time for her body to heal. She failed the test over something the doctors gave her to help her body heal!!!

        • Don Lee

          A diuretic to make her heal from a brutal weight cut. Yea I’m a gullible DA. I believe that

        • uncle

          Excuses excuses

          • Bakin’ Soda Marketin’

            You don’t know!

    • Reading is fundamental

      Just out of curiosity, does the name Lance Armstrong ring any bells? Most tested athlete EVER, and yes, he rolled more than just the dice. No advantage to be gained by it? Except as, oh, I don’t know, a STEROID MASKING AGENT. And it wasn’t right after her last fight it was SEVERAL MONTHS after….Reading is fundamental.

    • Kate

      Perhaps you should understand how the drug works. It is a diuretic meaning it takes hydration out of the body. It would NOT be used as a medical treatment to re-hydrate someone. It was originally created as a blood pressure medicine but didn’t work well for it and was later found to do well at treating adult acne. if taking it, you would be instructed to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated because a side effect is dehydration and thus can start effecting kidney function.

      • Don Lee

        Yea especially since she had such a brutal weight cut. That was the whole reason she said she couldn’t take any fights she was offered. So to recover you take a diuretic? That’s hilarious.

    • David

      Admire your intelligent response. Correct-a-mundo! Why would she roll the dice at all and the glaringly absent division of 145 was criminal and directed at Ronda Rousey to save their cash cow from getting her head handed to her by Cyborg

  • savant

    Lo…Rogan is a steroid user himself…

    • Bakin’ Soda Marketin’

      He doesn’t fight professionally, so what the fxck difference does that make? Plenty of people use steroids for muscle building outside of sports and competition.

      • savant

        Your’re right..The’re ARE lots of frauds and phonies out there…You are probably one of them…

  • Dale Phillips

    Crazy…I guess Rogan knows more than the physicians now. That was prescribed to Cyborg by a doctor and is more or less a water pill and it will not mask a steroid especially with the tests that they have available today. This was told to me by a doctor. The UFC is who pressured Cyborg to halfway kill herself trying to cut to 140 for a fight. I don’t feel that a girl her size should ever try to cut weight that low. They can’t beat this woman in the Octagon so they concentrate on trying to beat her outside of the Octagon.

    • Don Lee

      LOL ok so she can’t fight because her weight cut was to brutal so to help her recover from said brutal weight cut she takes a diuretic? Yea makes sense to me.

    • Geoff Bickley

      I’m sure you can show Rogan your PHD on the subject lol. He would have wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy more knowledge on the subject than your fanboy butt would. I bet you believe everything on the internet too lol.

    • I don’t feel sorry for her. She’s the heaviest female fighter on the roster. Her opponent may be cutting 15 lbs… so she’ll cut 25-30 lbs so she can come in 10 lbs heavier? Common..Quit cutting so much weight. She needs to eat less, diet, drop 10 lbs of muscle, and walk around at a comparable weight to every other fighter in her division.

  • Caleb Josh Hayward

    Cyborg is the only person anyone cares about at 145….
    All of a sudden there is a 145 division, the o ly person anyone cares to see at that weight gets popped and most likely sidelined for 1 or 2 years so the UFC can build a star into having a “winning” record. Years later Cyborg comes out of suspension the uncrowned champion of a division she was never allowed to fight in, and it’s the largest pay-per-view of all time…..
    Conspiracy theory 101!

  • David

    Rogan has disliked Cyborg from day 1. He has NEVER had a kind word for her; but talks his disgusting comparison to Cris to guys with balls etc. I think the sport would be better off without assholes like Rogan. He sounds like a broken record when it comes to Cris Cyborg. Here he contradicts himself discussing Spironolactone, which he knows absolutely NOTHING about. What he DOES KNOW is to berate a true warrior and without her and Rousey and Tate. Who the f….. is left in the women’s division. Joe “diarrhea of the mouth” Rogan. If you aren’t sure what you’re talking about keep your f…….g mouth shut.

  • Ms Gribbly

    God that sucks so much. I had such high hopes for Cyborg. The only thing I think is… the presence of a masking agent isn’t evidence of the use of steroids. It raises suspicion, yes, but it isn’t proof. It makes me disappointed that if she is innocent, she wasn’t paying attention. She should have been.