Joe Lauzon vs. Gray Maynard Agreed for UFC 155

August 20, 2012
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Joe Lauzon vs Gray Maynard UFC 155Ultimate Fighting Championship officials on Monday confirmed another bout for its year-ending UFC 155 pay-per-view event on Dec. 29 in Las Vegas, adding a lightweight battle between two of the division’s top contenders.

Former Ultimate Fighter participants Joe Lauzon and Gray Maynard have agreed to square off just prior to New Year’s Eve.

Lauzon (22-7) is coming off of a triangle submission victory over Jamie Varner at UFC on Fox 4 in Los Angeles. After getting knocked out by Anthony Pettis earlier this year in Japan, Lauzon’s performance against Varner put his name right back in the title mix.

Maynard (11-1) is in much the same boat as Lauzon. He failed in his last title bid, losing to Frankie Edgar at UFC 136 late last year. He righted the ship by winning a split decision over Clay Guida in June.

A victory at UFC 155 would go far to cement either fighter’s standing as a 155-pound contender.

The UFC 155 fight card is expected to feature UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos defending his belt against Cain Velasquez, as well as the return of Chael Sonnen to 205 pounds to square off with former champion Forrest Griffin.

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  • Great fight! I love both of these guys but Maynard needs to win this fight via stoppage in order to be in title contention. Jim Miller is still up there despite his losses to Henderson and Diaz. That division is just stacked. Maybe we’ll get to see Miller/Edgar rematch.

    • I agree. Maynard needs a dominant fight and a finish to get back in the mix. Lauzon always finishes fights so I think a win puts him at the top.

      If he wins this fight I’d like to see him fight the winner of Pettis/Cerrone for #1 spot.

      Maynard in my eyes isn’t in contention…he needs to finish a few fights before he gets back in the mix. I don’t think someone with 9 decision wins in 12 fights is contender worthy.

      • B-rok

        Maynard wins fights and thats really all that matters. By your logic Beav GSP doesn’t deserve a title. I like finishes as much as the next guy but sometimes its doesn’t happen. Maynard does need a bigger win than lauzon tho. If Lauzon some how does win he would need another fight or two before he is close to contending.

        • B-Rok I agree with you to an extent. A wins a win…BUT I would rather see guys who are finishing fights get the title shots rather than decisioning their way to a title.

          As far as GSP…he only got boring after he got the title. You can’t take a title away from someone for being boring. But you can tell a guy that if he is having alot of boring fights then he wont get the title shot.

          • B-rok

            I would rather see guys finish too. That is why i think GSP is the worst champion in the UFC. I, however, don’t think its fair or even right to withhold title shots based on someone being exciting. No commissioner should have that much power. i think that there are ways and rule changes to make fighters fight but that isn’t one.

  • collideoverme

    War Lauzon!!!

  • stak

    Hopefully it’s better than that horribly boring first fight they had on TUF.

  • stak

    Hopefully this fight is better than that ridiculously boring fight they had on TUF.

    • pooby

      They fought each other on TUF?

      • stak

        They definitely did not fight each other on TUF. I’m mixing up the Maynard/Diaz and Lauzon/Gamburyon semifinal fights. That bong rip must have hit me pretty hard.

  • leugim41004

    Joe Lauzon is contently wanting to fight…. got my respect long ago

  • pooby

    I don’t know if everyone else is seeing the Shaun White ad on the right side of their screen, but I am, and I can’t imagine what the hell a snowboarder/skateboarder has to do with car tires.

    That is one of the most retarded endorsements I’ve seen.

  • johnnylopes

    Maynard has 11 wins, 9 by decision, he hasnt KOd anyone since his 2nd fight in UFC which was joe shmoeee…. Lauzon has gone to decision 1 time in his 29 fights.. and it was a lost… i see Lauzon finishin Maynard easyy n surprising fashion… i hope hes an Underdog $$$

  • RubeKegal

    Could be right, but since Maynard started training with Nova Uniao, his striking looks more crisp except when he gassed vs Edgar 2nd time and got KTFO. I see Gray winning by TKO from top.

  • stevemcz11

    Maynard gets it done but he is very boring to watch. He got angry during the Guida fight because his strategy of standing still and taking head kicks wasnt working so he decides to grab a hand full of Guidas hair just so he could land some strikes. If Maynard cant land a big shot early I think we will see him get angry again. Hopefully this time the ref will have his eyes open and take a point if Maynard tries to cheat. Fortunately Lauzon shaves his head so Maynard will have to make do with grabbing the shorts the cage or something

  • KBEsq

    Awesome fight! Love the match – it’s going to be pretty even odds wise I think. I think Lauzon has more impressive victories recently, but Maynard is more consistent. There have just been a couple of times where Lauzon has lost to guys he probably should have beat. But he also beats guys he’s supposed to lose to.

    My only concern with this fight is a possible Maynard/Florian II. I think Lauzon and Florian are similar in their styles and weaknesses. Lauzon is more aggressive, which is good, but I don’t want to see Maynard dry hump Lauzon for 15 minutes.