Joe Lauzon: “I Don’t Really Care How the Fight Went, I Gave It My All” (UFC 155 Post-Fight Video)

December 30, 2012
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Jim Miller vs Joe Lauzon UFC 155Joe Lauzon may not have come out on the winning end of his UF 155 fight with Jim Miller, but in the end, he left more people buzzing about the fight than possibly if he had won.

That’s just fine by Lauzon, who said, “I don’t really care how the fight went, I gave it my all.”

Check out what Joe Lauzon had to say at the UFC 155 post-fight press conference…

  • Sammy Chow

    awesome fight, alot of heart. its fighters like joe lauzon that inspires me to work hard for everything in life!!

  • Tom

    Lauzon is not good enough for the UFC, but thanks to his chin and heart, he manages to survive.

    • Chris

      Based off of what criteria do you say he is not good enough to be in the UFC? He can beat anyone but he only seems to fight the best lightweights and sometimes he wins and sometimes he loses. It’s not like he gets dominated consistently. Jim Miller is not exactly a crappy lightweight and Jim had to give it 100% in order to get that win.

    • toms dumb

      Dude youre ******* retarded Joe lauzons a beast and is never in a boring fight u troll

    • Beh

      You’re an idiot. Lauzon has accumulated over $800,000 in post-fight bonuses. Only 2 of his fights haven’t resulted in a post-fight bonus.