September 24, 2005
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MMAWeekly TV
“I’m gonna beat him like he’s never been beaten before.” That’s what Joachim Hansen said he was going to do to Gomi if he faced him in the tournament. When refering to his past fight against Gomi in which Hansen won, he said,” I didn’t feel any of his punches…”

So what does he think of Yves Edwards, he says,” I’ll beat him, too.” Hansen is one not to mince words. See it on video on MMAWeekly TV. He also talks about:

– What kind of training he did.

– What he thinks about fighting Yves Edwards in the 1st round.

– Thoughts on Mach Sakurai.

– Who he thinks will win between Gomi and Kawajiri.

– his response to Gomi saying that he didn’t think that he lost when they fought.

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