Jimmie Rivera Sees CFFC Championship as Next Step Towards UFC

November 1, 2014
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A constant pace is what bantamweight Jimmie “El Terror” Rivera feels has been the key to his success over the last couple of years.

Following a loss in his second pro bout in 2008, excluding a brief stint on The Ultimate Fighter, Rivera has won 13 straight fights by keeping his nose to the grindstone and never staying away from the fight game for too long.

“I’m just working on one thing at a time, one fight at a time, improve as a fighter, and look to finish fights more often – whether it’s by knockout or submission – and just becoming better all-around,” Rivera told MMAWeekly.com.

“After a fight, there are no breaks; I’m back in the gym to keep working what’s needed to get better.”

In the past couple years, Rivera has gained big show experience in Bellator and World Series of Fighting, and now will make his pay-per-view debut at Cage Fury Fighting Championships 43 on Saturday.

“I feel like everything is going in the right direction,” said Rivera. “I’m on a PPV now and I can’t believe it. The CFFC is making a great name for themselves and if you want to fight in the UFC, this is where you’ve got to be to fight there.”

Rivera (14-1) will face CFFC newcomer Anthony Durnell (14-4) this Saturday night in Atlantic City, N.J., in a 135-pound title fight.


“You want to be the best in your division, and to do that you’ve got to fight for the belt,” said Rivera.

“Your goal should always be to fight for the belt and become the champ. You don’t want to be a stepping stone – you want to be the best – so the belt is what you should want.”

When it comes to his match-up with Durnell, Rivera just has to focus on his game and not let his opponent dictate where the fight goes.

“I need to just go out there and do what I do,” said Rivera. “I need to rumble and see how I feel and see where I want to take it. (Durnell’s) a tough guy, but I’ve trained for this fight really well and I’ve just got to do my thing.”

Rivera feels a win over Durnell and securing the CFFC 135-pound title will be a big step towards him making it to the UFC.

“Fighting for a title is a big motivation,” said Rivera.” This will be the third belt I’ve brought home if I win. Having a belt from the CFFC would be great.

“I hope to eventually get into the UFC, but I’m going to take it one fight a time, focus on what I’ve got in front of me, and things will fall into place.”

(Photo courtesy of CFFC)

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