Jimi Manuwa Ignites Fellow Fighters on Twitter with His One-Punch KO Power

Jimi Manuwa put his immense one-punch power on display at UFC Fight Night 107 on Saturday in London. He took out Corey Anderson in the first round, dropping him with a walk-off left hook that ignited his fellow fighters on Twitter.

Check out what they had to say below… even Corey Anderson chimed in.

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  1. INVISIBLE punch!

  2. Owch

  3. “I smile in victory and I’ll smile in defeat. Bc the Lord has blessed me.”

    That’s actually a very mature way of dealing with a tough loss. You hold your head up and go on. Or, you can be like Ronda Rousey and have your mommy write letters defending your loss.

  4. Manuwa can only beat tomato cans.