Jim Miller vs. Nate Diaz On Tap for UFC on Fox 3 May 5 in New Jersey

January 24, 2012
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The UFC has now planned their third Fox show for May 5 at the IZOD Center in New Jersey and the first fight has also been announced.

UFC president Dana White took to Twitter on Tuesday and said the first bout for the upcoming card will feature Jim Miller against Nate Diaz.

It’s unknown at this time what placement the fight between Miller and Diaz will have, but obviously it will be a televised bout, it’s just unclear if it could be the main event.

Jim Miller gets another fight less than a week after his last win over Melvin Guillard at UFC on FX 1 in Nashville. Miller submitted Guillard in the first round to pick up the victory, bouncing back from a loss to Benson Henderson in his previous contest.

Since returning to the lightweight division, Nate Diaz has been on point taking out both Takanori Gomi and most recently Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone.

Diaz’s boxing has continued to improve and he may be on par with his brother Nick, who is widely considered one of the best pugilists in the sport.

Diaz will face Miller in his backyard of New Jersey, where the AMA Fight Club fighter resides.

More fights are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

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  • BlackDog2009

    Good match but I can’t see Miller overcoming Nate’s boxing and I don’t see him taking him down either, and I don’t think he would want to.

  • T Spoon

    This is an excellent fight for Diaz to showcase his boxing. They both have great JJ, but Diaz is at another level when it comes to boxing. Miller will be picked apart badly when they stand. This is still a great fight. I hope Miller plans to work on his striking defence for this one.

  • Mario

    Great fight, but yeah..

    Miller is going to get owned in the standup department 🙁

  • Just to throw this out there…Miller is a fantastic wrestler and that was Diaz’s biggest problem when he was fighting at lightweight before. I don’t think Miller gets killed on the feet, but why bother. He’ll dive in and take Nate down first chance he gets. His wrestling is far, far superior.

    • Spot on. I agree 100%.

      • xtutx

        I don’t disagree with him taking Nate down, But I do see a problem on the feet, I think it’s going to be a question of what positions do these guys find themselves in on the ground and who can capitalize first.
        Really looking forward to this one… As soon as I saw Jim win the fight on fx1, I had a feeling Nate was up next. Could go either way in my opinion.

  • MikeMc1983

    I really like Nate. (I’m the one who’s been saying he’s the best fighter in his camp)
    However, this is pretty much nates worst matchup. Miller just showed that he could take really strong shots from Melvin. So I don’t think miller has to be afraid to take shots from Nate to get a takedown. Unless Nate shows us wrestling he never has before, this fight is wherever miller wants it.

    People like to automaticly give everyone at the Diaz camp the status of “world class jitz” but it doesn’t work that way. Diaz might be good enough to not be finished, but the fact that he’ll probably spend the majority of the fight in less than advantageous positions doesn’t look too good.

    I’m guessing the betting odds give miller the fight about -175, and odds are it goes to a decision.
    In a non exciting, Fitch like stalemate for miller.

  • RonnieV

    I’m the biggest Diaz fan, but I see Miler doing the same thing to Nate that Guida did. Take him down, and hang on for dear life. If this is a 5 rounder I favor Nate, three rounder, Miller may have the advantage. If Miller stands, he has no chance.

  • MikeMc1983

    One thing to mention. Nate might have the perfect training partner in Gilbert for this one. I dont think Gilbert fights with the same style and game plan as miller, but I think that they may share a lot of the same abilities.

  • If this is the main event then its a pretty big step down from the other two excellent Fox events.

    • Saaty

      The UFC can’t make every FOX fight a number One contender, or title fight. Id say the UFC has had some really good free cards lately. Now I just wish more cable companies carried FUEL so I wouldn’t have to hear all these people crying about it.

  • phrankthetank

    This is a fight for miller all the way. His wrestling should neutralize Diaz on the ground and he’s got a granite chin. I appreciate how the educated Diaz fans can acknowledge that though. On the other hand Nate does have a serious triangle, should be a good fight. I suggest the other side of the coin as well, Guillard vs Cerrone. That would be a great fight

  • Iamrozylo

    Unfortunately and inactive top position beats an active gaurd most of the time. This is something that needs to be adjusted in scoring.
    Diaz will beat Miller, just like he beat guida, but will still be scored the loser.

  • Towers66

    To Damon Martin: Miller will get destroyed on his feet by Diaz. Unanimous decision win or a second round triangle choke. Miller won’t try to take him down early because he won’t have an advantage if he does. Nate’s too good off of his back as far as defending blows and finishing with subs/chokes. Miller has no real threats to offer Diaz besides a big win over a heavy striker ( Melvin)that is notorious for getting finished by ground players. Which could sway Nate’s confidence and game plan in a negative way. I will bet you Diaz is victorious. You name the price Damon.

    • MikeMc1983

      I don’t know that Damon was saying he picked Nate to lose. I thought he was just explaining a method in which Nate could have trouble. I’m not trying to speak for him. I just get accused of picking winners for simply breaking down fights all the time.

      However, I’d pretty much bet that if you wait until they have odds up. You’ll be able to pick Nate and even get odds on your money. I’d be pretty surprised to see Nate a favorite anywhere betting wise.

  • Dave

    Diaz/Guida perfect example of Guida standing behind Diaz holding his arm Diaz defending the takedown with Kimura and the referee let it go on the whole fight instead of breaking them from the stalemate it was. Diaz had Guida bloody from jabs, so Guida went to hold and stand mode. If Miller is allowed to stand and hold for long periods of the fight like Guida it will be a crap fight.

    • RonnieV

      I’m glad you pointed that out. That fight was a couple years ago, but I remember how close it was. I vaguely remember Guida winning the first two rounds by simply just hanging onto Nates back after he took him down. The third round Nate picked Guida apart, but it was too late. Nate is just like Nick, they both get stronger as the fight goes on. If this is the main event, which it could be, the winner will most likely get a title shot, and it should be five rounds. If that’s the case, I would favor Nate.

  • Great matchup!! I agree that Nate beat Guida and he will do the same to Miller. Nate submitted Kurt Pellegrino, which is a similar fighter than Miller. Besides Rory McDonald manhandling Nate, I have never seen Nate in real trouble whatsoever. Diaz just has better camp and better training partners!!

  • Why is it obvious that it will be televised? They didn’t televise Guida vs. Henderson. That seemed obvious to all of us. They just don’t favor the better, I mean lighter, fighters.

  • RonnieV

    I’m just bummed we have to wait four months for this fight! When they announce fights like this so early, it’s inevitable that the fight card will change.

  • opposition13


  • fsunoles09

    nates gonna end up being a lil to long for em and them long ass legs will come in handy if he does end up gettin took down