UPDATE: Jessica Eye vs. Sarah Kaufman Fight Result Change Stems from Eye’s Failed Drug Trust

February 3, 2014
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Sarah Kaufman vs Jessica EyeJessica Eye won a split decision victory over Sarah Kaufman at UFC 166 on Oct. 19 at the Toyota Center in Houston. That is until Saturday, when reports surfaced that the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation had changed the result to a “no decision.”

Initial reports did not include the reason for the result change, but the TDLR on Monday informed MMAWeekly.com that it was due to Eye testing positive for a banned substance at the time of the fight.

The substance she tested positive for was not disclosed, but Eye received a penalty in the amount of $1,875 and has also been suspended for one year from the date the Administrative Order was signed, according to TDLR officials.

That means that Eye is suspended for one year starting on Jan. 22, 2014, which is the date on the Administrative Order.

[UPDATE] The suspension, however, is a “probated suspension,” which means that it is more of a warning than a suspension. As long as Eye meets the terms of the Administrative Order, she can still fight during the year-long probated suspension.

Eye’s drug test infraction and suspension throws a cloud of concern over her scheduled fight against Alexis Davis, which is a pivotal women’s bantamweight bout slated for UFC 170 on Feb. 22.

Eye is currently ranked No. 5 and Davis at No. 3 in the UFC’s rankings for the division. The winner of their proposed fight would likely have been a step or two away from a title shot against the winner of the UFC 170 headlining bout between champion Ronda Rousey and challenger Sara McMann, depending upon what the plan is for the soon-to-be-returning Cat Zingano.

UFC officials at the time of publication had no comment on the situation or on whether or not Eye would still be allowed to fight at UFC 170.

Jessica Eye Texas Admin Order Jan 22 14

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  • Advance*

    I like how people were guessing they overturned the decision because they thought Kaufman won the fight

    • The Best Eva

      Really haha. I thought it was close enough compared to some of the decisions we get.

  • Todd

    i guess what i find off putting is that this was done about 3 months after the fight. That fight was in October and its now January; i’m all for enforcing rules but the commission has a responsibility to do it in a more timelier manner

    • John Bunch

      Plus I think the suspension should start from the time of the infraction, October.

    • Rence

      A lot of that is due to the reference lab that does the testing. Those labs get test samples from all over the country, so there’s a line. But its good though because what they likely tested was the B sample. I.E. She tested positive in her A sample, so her B sample was sent to another lab for much more extensive testing in order to rule out a false positive. Sucks that it takes so long but better to have it done right slowly than wrong quickly.

  • shakejunt

    wow, this is a genuine shock. i hope we eventually find out what it was.

    • Wolf Ticket

      I’m still waiting for information about what Jake Shields tested positive for.

      • Maddawgmar

        I thought it was gonja???

      • solo

        I didnt know he tested positive for anything.
        You mean in Maia fight?

        • Mike

          The Ed herman fight in 2012

      • Kris-tyahn

        Pretty sure it was pain meds wasn’t it?

  • J.D.C.D.

    I got this from Bleacher Report earlier today.

    “UPDATE 3, 4:16 p.m. ET:

    Marc Ratner, UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, confirmed with Bleacher Report that Eye’s fight against Alexis Davis will indeed move forward on February 22.

    Separate sources also told Bleacher Report that the substance Eye failed for was not performance-enhancing, but rather a blood-thinning medication used to treat a long-term issue stemming from an accident when she was hit by a drunk driver at 16 years old.”

    • solo

      I can believe that, i feel like no way she used PED’s! That was her first fight, she cant be that stupid. Hope this thing gets cleared out soon.

      • J.D.C.D.

        Hi James

        I agree. I don’t think Jessica would use a PED on her first outing. Maybe later if she wanted to and/or when she gets the hang of the UFC testing. 😉

        The thing that I think is messed up is that if Jessica Eye has to take a substance that is used to treat a long term health issue that stems from her teens why get such a harsh penalty? $1800 is a lot to me. That and the change of the fight outcome on a medication that she needs.

        • Kris-tyahn

          B/C she didn’t disclose it when the commission asked her for all medications & substances she was taking before the fight. Same thing happened to Sonnen when he got suspended after his fight vs. Silva, he was aloud to take whatever it was he was “busted” for, but didn’t think he had to re-apply with the commission since he did the paper work in previous fights.
          Also, the penalty isn’t that much, she’s not even suspended, she’s on “probation”. As long as she stays “clean” which she already is, then she can fight. Therefore what they’re saying is you can fight, but we will monitor you for nothing, since it was a “fake” positive.
          FYI: To those fools who think I’m comparing her & Sonnen’s “substances”, I’m not. I’m comparing why they got in trouble, not properly documenting their “stuff”.

          • J.D.C.D.

            Hi Krys-tyahn

            Thanks for clarifying stuff. I was a little foggy on some things. I was also wondering what Jessica or other fighters had to do with commissions regarding medications. Makes sense. Send what I’m taking and have to take so they can make adjustments. I hope Jessica can find a substitute to that banned blood thinner she needs. I’m looking forward to her fight with Alexis Davis.

          • Rence

            She likely wont have to find a new medication. All she really needs to do is to apply for the Therapeutic Use Exemption the same as the guys on TRT and other medications. The athletic commissions realize that people need meds for different things, but the rules state that you must disclose all of your prescription and over the counter medications to them before you fight. Her failure to do this was most likely an oversight which is why she didnt get suspended or fined more.

            That being said, i think it shows balls to go into a fight on a blood thinner. wow.

          • J.D.C.D.

            Man I feel dumb. Whenever I think of TUEs my first thought is just for TRT only. Makes a lot of sense a TUE for her needed blood thinner. I agree also that Eye has some stones to fight a striker on a blood thinner. She either didn’t fear Kaufman’s striking game or Eye has just gotten used to fighting on the thinner IMO.

  • horace

    A broad on drugs amazing?? But watching dull sara fight is torture. I need drugs just to watch Kaufman fight.

  • horace

    New rule take drugs you die. Now enforce it.

  • Mike mckinney

    Aspirin is a blood thinner. The way people stated stuff above I guess is fine, but it’s quite oversimplified.
    The first reason for a banned substance list is always the Safty of the fighter tested. It’s not meant to be a PED’s list. All the PED talk in sports has got people to focus on steroids, but that’s not drug testings sole purpose, or even it’s first.
    In sports people have done some crazy things. People remove blood from the body to help make weight. They’ve filtered blood (doping) to get their body in better shape.
    You never know what or why people are taking any medication. I’m not big on the entire anti steroid bandwagon, but for those who are; you just need to find the answer to this question. What was the intent of the fighter, or staff? Was it to skirt around the rules and help their body or mind be in better condition for the competition? If so then it’s fair to consider them a cheater. The banned list in most sports are not all inclusive. There are many drugs not on the list that you can’t just take whenever you like. It’s up to doctors, and medical review. Everyone wants it to be black and white. It’s not. There are ways to abuse about everything. Even blood thinners. You just have to wait and see why she’s took them, however, you may never know.