Jessica Eye Tested Positive for Cannabinoids at UFC 166, According to Texas Commission

February 10, 2014
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Sarah Kaufman vs Jessica EyeThe Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation on Monday revealed to that UFC fighter Jessica Eye tested positive cannabinoids following UFC 166 in October in Houston. Cannaboids are the chemical compound found in marijuana.

The TDLR provided copies of the order to change the result of Eye’s fight with Sarah Kaufman from a victory to a “no decision,” as well as her signed settlement agreeing to a penalty of $1,875 and a one-year probated suspension, which means she is allowed to fight as long as she meets the terms of the settlement agreement.

Eye, according to the TDLR documentation, was issued a notice of the alleged violation in a letter dated Nov. 26, 2013. The TDLR received the settlement agreement signed by Eye on Jan. 15, 2014.

The one-year probated suspension started on Jan. 22, 2014, which is the date the Administrative Order was issued.

Despite having signed documents agreeing to the fine and suspension, and waving her right to a hearing on the matter, Eye initially seemed surprised when news of the decision of her fight with Kaufman being overturned first surfaced, and indicated that the penalties stemmed from her making a mistake on her licensing paperwork for the bout.

Eye is currently scheduled to fight Alexis Davis in a pivotal women’s bantamweight bout at UFC 170 on March 22 in Las Vegas.

Despite the penalties imposed by the TDLR, and because her suspension is fully probated, to date, she intends to fight at UFC 170 and the UFC has stated that it doesn’t intend to remove her from the fight.

“I was recently alerted to the fact that I was issued a fully probated suspension and fine by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. While I intend to discuss with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation the overturning of my victory at UFC 166, I have accepted the terms of the probation and intend to compete at UFC 170 on Feb. 22,” said Eye in a statement issued on Feb. 5.

“I pride myself on following the rules and representing my family, teammates, sponsors, and fans in the best light possible. I apologize for any distractions this has caused.”

The UFC issued it’s own statement concurrently:

“The UFC received word of the fully probated suspension and fine issued to Jessica Eye by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. The UFC intends to honor the probation, which will not force Eye to miss her scheduled bout at UFC 170.”

During the Monday, Feb. 10, episode of The MMA Hour, Eye was still vague about the circumstances of her infraction.

“I’m continuously trying to clear the air for you guys, but … I don’t want to say anything for anyone to use against me, but there were some mistakes that I made on my behalf that I didn’t give enough knowledge (to the commission) ahead of time,” she said.

“It was just something, I made a mistake on my behalf. I’m going to continue to push forward and just not let anything like this ever happen again, or ever leave any kind of allegations out there to be kind of put out there about me.”

Eye’s manager, Greg Kalikas, on Monday, provided a brief statement backing his fighter and ensuring that she would be on point for UFC 170.

“I can assure you that Jessica has fulfilled all of her required obligations for the UFC and Nevada state athletic commission,” Kalikas told “She will be fighting Alexis Davis as scheduled at UFC 170 in Las Vegas. Right now this fight is her main priority and [she] will fully focus all of her attention on Alexis moving forward.”

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  • DiamondBackPain

    Why these pro athletes keep violating the Anti-Doping rules is beyond me. They must not enjoy the money they make the jobs that they have.

    • J-Mac

      Hmmmm if Jessica’s win would have stayed intact she would have earned $12000 . As it is, she earned $6000 but paid the commission $1875, leaving her with $4125 to pay expenses and to live on for the previous 4 1/2 months. Yea, I’ll bet she really savors that big money she earns. Even if the fight hadn’t been overturned, she’d still only be making the equivalent of $30,000 a year. BIG MONEY!!!

      • DiamondBackPain

        Where did I type the word BIG? They choose to do this as their job, if it does not pay enough then become a better fighter or find another job.

        • TRT-rex

          I back j-Mac. In your original comment you were basically saying they make a lot of money. Don’t back track when dude pulls facts out! And why wouldn’t these fighters want to smoke weed? They fight 3 or 4 times a year and know when they have to pass a drug test. Plus it helps with pain, especially the stress of being a fighter. If you disagree you obviously never smoked good weed. The only fighters that get caught are the dumb ones that think they can smoke a week or 2 before fight time and still pass.

          • earlsimmons

            “the stress of being a fighter” LOL at this dumb liberal comment. Since its too stressful for them then its ok to break the law and bend the rules? Rules are rules plain and simple. Stress is based on the person not the job. Some waitresses get stressed when people complain about food so legalize pot for waitresses? Cops have a stressful job too legalize weed for all cops? People like you need to grow up, stress is a part of life. Deal with it there are billions of people who deal with it everyday without drugs so stop making excuses and grow up bro.

      • Scoobs

        They do make money doing other things, you know. Sponsors, events, training, etc.

  • Twizz Nizzle

    Yea as a everyday weed smoker….. if I was a ufc fighter I totally would drop smoking instantly lol

    • earlsimmons

      If you had any grownup job you would drop smoking it. Grow up little boy.

      • Twizz Nizzle

        Lmfao it’s awesome how u don’t even know me I have a job n I get paid good n I take care of a family of 4 pay rent n everything own a car…I got my life on lock worry about yours

        • earlsimmons

          get paid good? LOL well we must have diff opinoins on what “good” is because i dont consider minimum wage “good”. You obviously do not have your priorities straight or you would b spending money on the family of 4 you are making up, or maybe buy a home instead of renting because thats whatadults do. Grow up kid.

          • Twizz Nizzle

            Lmfao dude go somewhere u have no idea how much I make it isn’t miminum wage n kid? I’m 26 been on my own since I was 15 bro imma a man family never has or will go without judgemental people like you is what’s wrong with the world..but guess I DON’T GIVE A K F*** WHAT U THINK OF ME UNLESS UR FEEDING MY FAMILY..n guess U aren’t so I’m patiently waiting for ur response…:)

  • Mike mckinney

    She could switch but TRT doesn’t get you high, and that’s really about the only reason anyone does it. Regardless of the bs people like to say. Just like all the other drugs, people just want to get high. At least those who abuse Trt just want to be better, even though it’s likely the wrong course of action.

  • Timothy Malone

    Why did she initially deny this? If a fighter fails a drug test, I think fans react less negatively if its for marijuana than for if it was steroids. She should have just admitted that as soon as she found out rather than have people assume worse.

    • Mike mckinney

      Maybe she thought they wouldn’t release the information on the substance. She may also not be concerned about the fans reaction. There are many people who would be embarrassed if knowlage of drug use got out to their family or friends.
      There are many who don’t care if someone does weed. They’d much rather hear that they’re doing weed than steroids or something of the sort. However, there are many people who wouldn’t agree with that in the slightest. The majority, might prefer weed to be her drug, but that majority might not be who’s opinion she cares about.
      Just a thought.

  • I’m just sayin

    wouldnt it make sense to get the results before the fight?

    • Mike mckinney

      I’m not sure how close to the fight they’re testing, but if they are trying to test people hours before the fight it wouldn’t be possiable to get results before.

      • TRT-rex

        They test immediately after the fight. And usually about a week before. If they only tested before the fight they could just use right after the test and not have to worry about failing. Testing after is the only way to know if the fought on TRT or whatever drugs the used. So no it doesn’t make sense to waste money to test before the fight! It would be pointless!

  • james j

    This girl is obviously not very intelligent. Maybe she will learn from this act of stupidity.

    • Rob

      Well sir, I’ve read a few of the comments you’ve made here and I have to say; if anyone is an expert on stupidity, it’s you.

      • james j

        Thank you for calling me sir. And yes doing dope is dumb. Even crazier when you know it is going to cost you money at your job.

        • Rob

          I see your reading comprehension is at a high level as well

  • Scoobs

    I think all fighters should be allowed to use all the drugs they want, especially steroids. It would make the sport interesting again.


    She must be hanging out with Nick & Nate! =]

  • Joey

    You see children, drugs are bad. Mmmmk.

  • horace

    Just beating Dull Sara plain jane Kaufman was enough.

  • horace

    Girls fighting in the UFC aren’t exactly prom queens

    • Bucket of Chicken

      Imagine what the cowards hiding behind computers look like. You mad that nobody would go to your prom with you? Oh, right, you probably never got to grade 12.