Jeremy Stephens Arrested on Outstanding Warrant; Bout at UFC on FX 5 in Jeopardy (UPDATED)

October 5, 2012
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Jeremy Stephens UFC 91UFC on FX 5 fighter Jeremy Stephens was arrested Friday morning  in Minneapolis in connection to an outstanding warrant and his bout with Yves Edwards is currently in jeopardy.

Representatives of the Minneapolis Police Department confirmed to on Friday that Stephens was arrested and taken into custody in connection with an outstanding warrant. Stephens’ arrest was first reported by

Unfortunately the police could offer no further information in regards to what the outstanding warrant was in reference to. Stephens is originally from Iowa, which borders Minnesota to the south, so it could be from an incident in his previous residency in the area, but no details were available at the time of the arrest.

Stephens is currently being held at the Hennepin County Public Safety Facility, according to an online database for the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department.

Calls to Stephens’ representatives and UFC officials were not immediately returned.

It’s unclear at this time if Stephens will be released or even allowed to compete at tonight’s UFC on FX 5 card against Edwards. UFC officials have made no announcement about the arrest or the bout as of yet.

UPDATE: Stephens’ arrest has now been updated by the Minneapolis Police Department and he has been listed as in custody without bail due to an out of state felony charge. A further update indicated the arrest warrant is from the state of Iowa.

Shortly after the Minneapolis PD updated its arrest record on Stephens to indicate he was being held without bail, UFC president Dana White tweeted, “Don’t listen to the media! Nobody ever told them Jeremy isn’t fighting. He is fighting!!”

Neither the police department or other UFC officials added any further comment to the situation.

Stay tuned as will have more information on this story as it develops.

  • Lawrenceo

    Haha crazy! That’s to bad, that fight was probably going to have a highlight reel finish.

  • held with out bail, felony charge

  • thecableguy

    … most be his hot fiery latino side

  • thecableguy
  • Mark Rock

    UFC Lawyers To The Rescue!!! Yes, they will get him out in time.

    • But could you imagine sitting in jail all day, getting busted out, high tailing it to the arena, and then stepping the cage? Not ideal fight prep, I’d say. LOL

  • Confusing situation. Police not talking other than his arrest record showing held w/o bail on felony warrant, and UFC not offering any details other than Dana declaring he will still fight.

    • Andrew P

      In other news there will be no post fight bonuses after Dana White used the money to bail Stevens out of jail.

  • isaac

    damn how will this affect him?

  • Looks like Jeremy Stephens not fighting. His bout has been removed from the UFC Fight Card and UFC announced no facebook prelims, just the six fights on Fuel and four on FX. We’ll update soon with any details…

    • But then again, Dana just tweeted again that Stephens is still fighting and the fight has been returned to the fight card page.

  • fanatic

    He’s out. Not fighting.

  • soap515

    This is not a suprise or uncommon for fighters from Des Moines, IA.. I grew up in Des Moines. FYI, I never heard of Jeremy until he was an adult because he grew up and graduated in a small town called =Norwalk=. I have seen him assault people, even jump people with friends or individuals. He as a repuation for this but is in denial. He was in trouble before with Dana for an assault charge in Indiana some time back. THis is no suprise. Ryan Hass, who represent Jeremy; as an agent or mamager is his friends. Is lying and trying to cover for him life the rest of his local folloers due. He has always gotten away with incidents like this but Karma is catching up with him. I imagine things will keep getting worse for him. If you havent noticed, in life, when it rains it pours. Another note, he needs to stop representing god, Jesus and the bible. He is a living contradiction of what the Bible represents. in everyway.. He will have to lose everything to change who he is.