Jens Pulver, “I’m Fighting to Walk Away with No Regrets”

October 24, 2011
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Jens Pulver sat down with recently to talk about his new project, an arcade-style mixed martial arts video game called “Supremecy MMA,” and to discuss his career in MMA.

As much as many fans have called on the former UFC lightweight champion to retire, Pulver has other plans. It seems he has some thoughts about the way he’s conducted his career and he doesn’t want to walk away with any regrets.

Check out this exclusive one-on-one interview with Jens Pulver as he talks candidly about retirement...

  • sirreadsalot10

    I always liked Jens. I thought he did a better job coaching on TUF than BJ did. He seemed to legitimately care about the young men he was coaching. I don’t want to see him take any more punishment but wish him the best in whatever he decides to do. He has never really got his due from fans and should be remembered as one of the legends of the sport.

  • shereko

    I met Jens on a flight, he’s a helluva guy, smart, light hearted, and he deserves to go out on Lil Evils terms. What ever you do Jens just do it well. Best of luck!

  • Cptmats

    Jens was ok back when the sport was young but he never progressed with it. He should have retired years ago ! He may make a good coach or trainer be he hasn’t been much or a fighter for a long time now !