Jeff Monson Announces He is Facing Fedor Emelianenko at M-1 Global in Russia

September 6, 2011
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Jeff Monson at Sengoku 2 in Japan

Jeff Monson at Sengoku 2 in Japan

It’s a fight that Jeff Monson has been asking to get for years, and now he’s finally got his wish.

According to the American Top Team fighter, he will be facing former Pride champion Fedor Emelianenko in M-1 Global on Nov. 12 in Russia.

Monson made the announcement via his Twitter account on Tuesday night.

“Nov 12th vs Fedor in Russia M-1 confirmed,” Monson wrote.

Monson has been rumored to face Emelianenko several times in the past, but the fight never came together. It appears as of Tuesday he’ll finally get a chance to face the Russian legend.

As for Fedor Emelianenko, the former Pride, Affliction, and Strikeforce fighter will return to action with the goal of stopping his three-fight losing streak.

At one time, Emelianenko was thought of as the premier heavyweight in the sport, but recently he’s fallen on harder times, dropping three consecutive fights before Strikeforce opted not to retain him any longer.

While Emelianenko remains under contract to Showtime, he will no longer be competing under the Zuffa umbrella, but he will continue fighting. His next bout will happen in his native Russia.

The last time Emelianenko appeared in a fight in Russia was his 2007 bout against Matt Lindland in St. Petersburg in Bodog Fights, where he won by armbar in the first round.

M-1 Global officials were not available for comment at the time of this publication to comment on how the fight between Fedor and Monson will be broadcast. will have more information on the heavyweight bout when it becomes available.

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  • Pretty safe fight. Good for rebuilding I guess. Hope this is an actual fight and Monson isn’t getting paid off to take a dive.

    Surprised they didn’t go with Ricco or some other washed up former UFC champ. M1 seems to have a hard on for those types of fights.

  • I fully expect M1 to pull the rug out from under Monson and announce Fedor will be fighting someone else and the fight with Jeff was never the plan.

  • 2000MileWall

    I would think that Fedor and his handlers would try to match him up with a fighter who would take him up a step or two,and not a match that does nothing to help him move up the rankings!
    Finally a Fedor fight in which I will be cheering Fedor to win.Not that anyone who reads this cares who I will be cheering for.

  • Mr. Bojangles

    IF this fight happens, I hope Monson destroys Fedor. I really enjoy Fedors fights, however I would like to see him at 205 to see what he can do. Hopefully losing will make that happen or retire. Also when I say destroy, I mean a really boring decision or some type choke. Monson hasnt won a fight via ko/tko in almost 6 years.

  • epyonx1

    Oh come on. Monson’s cardio & speed being what it is, this is a tune-up fight for Fedor.

  • Mario

    Jeff Monson looked horrible against Cormier.

    I see Fedor taking this one fairly easy. I would like to think he can rebuild himself, but we’ll see..

    Maybe he can fight for One FC? That would be a great stage for him to fight under.

    Either way, win or lose, people will tune in whenever he fights!

    • If the people running One FC have an ounce of business sense they will avoid Fedor and M1 like the plague.

      • wonggfan

        I agree and disagree.

        Let’s look at the former M-1 partners.

        Bodog: Went under. But it is unclear whether M-1 caused that.
        Affliction: Went under. Most likely they couldn’t afford M-1’s demands. But they were running a crazy business model anyway. Paying fighters $800k~$1.2million????? They could not afford that. Had they paid their fighters more reasonably, they would have survived. However, I don’t know if they could have attracted all the top fighters they had.
        Strikeforce: The partnership with M-1 escalated them to the top. Owners made money by selling the business to the UFC.

        So it is unclear whether M-1 caused the downfall of Affliction and Bodog.

        The thing is, having someone like Fedor on the roster instantly legitimizes the organization (at least it used it). SF was shit before Fedor came along.

  • madona

    fedor back on the winning track.

  • BigGuy

    If ever there was a tune up fight, this is it. If Fedor can’t beat Monson he should pack it up for good!

  • shak1ng

    Really ? Is this the MMA training wheels for Fedor way to fight cans Fedor.

  • wonggfan

    I like and dislike this fight.

    As a fan of Fedor, I want Fedor to make money. And he will make money fighting anyone at this point of his career.

    As a fan of MMA, I want to see him retire. In terms of legacy, Fedor should have retired right after the Arlovski fight. Then we would still be talking about him being the best p4p fighter. He is doing disservice to the sport by losing to fighters of low caliber.