Jay Hieron Gets the Call to Face Jake Ellenberger at UFC 151

August 8, 2012
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Jay Hieron at Strikeforce 16
Josh Koscheck’s misfortune has become Jay Hieron‘s gain.

The former IFL and Bellator welterweight has signed to return to the UFC, and will step in and face Jake Ellenberger at UFC 151.

A veteran of more than 25 fights, Jay Hieron has always been considered one of the toughest fighters in the welterweight division and now returns to the UFC after nearly 7 years away from the promotion.

Hieron had two fights in the UFC prior to a long career in several other promotions, most notably a long stretch in the IFL as well as going through the Bellator welterweight tournament before losing to champion Ben Askren in 2011.

Overall however, Hieron has amassed an extremely impressive 11-1 record over his last twelve fights.

Sources close to the fight confirmed to MMAWeekly.com that Hieron has verbally accepted the bout at UFC 151 taking place on Sept 1 in Las Vegas. MMAJunkie.com first reported the new fight.

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  • smill0313

    Wow, props to Heiron for taking such a dangerous fight on short notice. With that being said, this should be an easy win for Ellenberger.

  • jpgagne

    What? Jay Hieron? The entire UFC welterweight roster must be injured or scheduled for fight that I am not aware of, because signing Jay Hieron to face Jake Ellenberger is as a non sense as signing Luke Rockhold to face Anderson Silva (as Silva requested for his next title defence)!

    • pooby

      That’s right. He also wants to fight Nick Diaz, a WELTERWEIGHT that LOST his last fight. And GSP, a WELTERWEIGHT that has been injured for like ten years now.

      But he’s not interested in Weidman, Weidman is a “joke”.

      Anyway, interesting to see Hieron back in the UFC. I expect he’ll lose.

      • RonnieV

        Heiron is a proven fighter that has been training with the best (Team Couture) for nearly a decade. I would rank him a notch above Chris Lytle,he won’t be a contender, but more of a gatekeeper.

  • atmosphere

    Hieron’s talented and has beaten Ellenberger in the IFL way back when. however, Ellenberger has looked like a man possessed in more recent years

  • johnnylopes

    Jay Hieron is actually pretty good, hes no 10 ona scale of 10 but hes prob a solid 6-7 which is enough for a fighters chance to win… Ellenberger will be a slight favorite in my book, Hieron will fight like a possesed man


    Ellenbergers guna pound the dog crap out of jay! lol watch fools 1rd 4 sure dont bet on it

  • maddawgmar

    If Ellenberger doesn’t put him away early, he will lose. Plus I feel since Hieron has a victory over Ellenberger, Jake will try put a stamp on this fight. This could be dangerous, if it doesn’t happen he will gas out and Hieron will own. Good fight though.

  • adam1848

    I feel like this is very disrespectful to Ellenberger. He is looking to prove himself as a top contender, and this fight is a lose-lose for him. The only thing he has to gain is the KO of the night bonus that he is practically guaranteed. Hieron has been looking good against C level opponents, and now he is being thrown in against one of the best welters in the world. I am not one to count people out because anything can happen in a fight, but I’d say the odds should be about 6-1 for Jake. R1 KO.


      couldn’t agree more adam, jays bait in this one

  • bonkerstheclownmcpickle

    Will Hieron ever get a crack at Nick Diaz? Diaz ducked the man and it’s just shameful that Nick got away with it.

    Ellenberger = Tough break for Hieron. 90% chance Jay’s going to sleep. The good news for Hieron is that the UFC tends to show some love for guys that step in on short notice even if they lose. Mike Pyle is a good example. Now if Jay actually wins, the future looks very bright for him!