Jason “Mayhem” Miller Makes Statement Following Recent Arrest for Bizarre Burglary (Updated)

August 19, 2012
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Retired UFC fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller was arrested recently under what could only be described as bizarre circumstances.

Miller allegedly broke into the Mission Hills Church in Mission Viejo, Calif., ransacking the place and spraying a fire extinguisher inside the church. Police then found him sitting naked on a couch in the church when the arrest was made.

Miller was charged with burglary and held for a medical evaluation, but has since been released on a $20,000 bail.

Though he has avoided media requests for comment since his release, Miller on Saturday took to his Facebook page to make a statement, although it did little to clarify the circumstances surrounding his recent actions.

“I know you all are probably very confused about me right now, and concerned for my well being,” wrote Miller. “I thank you for that, and please unnastand (sic) that everything is fine, and will probably make a lot more sense as time passes. Love you all.”

On Sunday, Miller opened up even more, commenting several times on Twitter, saying that what he did was something “socially unacceptable.”

“(It was) not a cry for attention, personal glory, or monetary gain,” he tweeted. “I did that in my time fighting for the UFC and have come to see I was wrong.”

Miller said little to directly explain his actions at the church, but did address those who he felt were legitimately concerned about his well being. “I am safe, with people that love me, and hope that you will join me. If I ever hurt anyone, I am sorry.”

Miller most recently fought in the UFC, but was released following a loss to CB Dollaway at UFC 146 in May after a run-in with UFC president Dana White in the backstage area.

Miller and White, just two days prior to Miller’s arrest, had a run-in on Twitter. White said that he initially thought Miller was joking with him, so he played into the exchange, but later regretted it when he realized that Miller was being serious with some explosive comments.

Stay tuned to MMAWeekly.com for more information as details regarding Miller’s arrest develop, as well as other UFC related news and updates.

  • horaceharter

    Jason Miller is a low life who doesn’t have a thing to do with MMA but embarrass it. what a waste of air this dirt bag mayhem vomit Miller is.

    • lfighterc

      if this guy thinks his life is bad now, just wait till the after life cause God don’t take lightly with people who vandalize his home

      • atmosphere

        and i hate it when leprechauns try to steal my unicorn so that they can battle dragons

        • leugim41004


      • ryanharmon

        “God don’t take lightly with people who vandalize his home”! Are you serious! What about US Citizens who defend our country in war, but they die anyways. Don’t you think god likes them? Then why does he allow them to die or become injured in the first place? God’s Divine Plan, states your plan is already written (pre-planned) and nobody can change that, not even when you pray at night. So basically clown, your life (no matter what you do while on earth) is already pre-determinted, so really, it does not matter what you do, or how you behave, ALONG AS YOU ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST AS YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR BEFORE YOU DIE.

        • trentslack

          But we all know that isn’t God’s war. In fact it is the opposite, it is a war for money and oil. If anything its satans war, and we all know its all being run by the bildgeburg group

    • macgrubber

      horace you are a horrible troll and attention whore.

  • somecokehead

    It will make sense once they release the results from the blood test. He was high, blowing off steam. Now that the dust has settled he must pay for his actions. They will make him pay the church for damages and depending on what he was on, make him attend some kind of counselling. He isn’t a bad guy, a clown? Yes but not a ‘dirt bag’.

    • horaceharter

      Mayhem is lowlife period. If you are found naked in a Church after breaking in high on drugs you deserve to die. Mayhem Miller is a loser and not worth being mentioned on a MMA site.

      • allanm

        Wow. Because he broke into a church and was found naked he should die? That’s mighty Christian of you. I am assuming you’re religious since you’re so obviously offended by his actions.

      • JDM

        You must be trolling because nobody could be that ignorant and stupid for real.

      • WhiteboyGBJJ

        @Horaceharter, With your definition, it sounds like we have a bunch of lowlife priests on our hands as well. Naked in Church???? HHHHMMMM do we see a pattern?

      • @horaceharter, Shut the f–k up you maggot keyboard warrior! You are pissing alot of people off mate.. Just stop yer whinging you idiot.

  • triangle choke

    I guess my only question is why would you wish death on a person for doing what he did. What he did was really bad but “death”. Really?
    I bet no one that attends that church even wished death on him. More love and less hate is what this world needs now more than ever

    • horaceharter

      any lunatic that breaks into a church a house of God under drugs and alcohol and is naked deserves to die. Mayhem is waste of a person and a wasted life much like his meaningless MMA failed career.

      • @horaceharter, pffffftttt what have you done in your life?

  • @ horaceharter I think we know who the LOWLIFE is on this comment page!! You cant put it in words I would love to see you say it to his face and watch you get the #$%# kicked out of you. @ horaceharter is probably one of those who has a perfect life doesnt do anything wrong believes in imaginary figures like GOD, SANTA CLAUS, EASTER BUNNY and knows nothing about what people go thru at low points. MAYHEM we still believe in you….

    • adam1848

      Agreed. Not gonna waste my time responding to people like him, but still leaves me wondering…why are the least intelligent people usually the most vocal?

    • horaceharter

      Your innate comment speaks volumes of your ignorance. I do live a pretty perfect life and believe in God and make Christmas and Easter fun. Mayhem is a scum bag and deserves nothing but rancor and scorn and shame. Mayhem is a blight on society.

      • pooby

        Your misuse of the word “innate” speaks volumes of your intention to appear intelligent despite a clear lack of intelligence.

        If you’re not a troll, you are an unbelievable hypocrite.

    • horaceharter

      Mayhem is at the end of a nothing life booted out of the UFC and laughed at. Now humiliated in his nakedness and personal stupidity and probably headed to jail. A rope or some lead would be appropriate for mayhem. He has no fans.

  • samflchr

    He’s always been wild but he made a mistake but he didn’t hurt anybody so don’t wish him dead that’s pretty messed up

  • triangle choke

    You better pray to the man upstairs that none of your dirty skeletons get out of the bag or we will be commenting on your ignorant ass.

    • horaceharter

      Seriously how dumb are you?? Mayhem is trash.

  • horaceharter

    Mayhem “the naked moron disgrace” Miller cost Strikeforce it’s CBS contract. Humiliated himself against Bisbing after making an ass of himself for weeks on the Ultimate fighter. Looked so bad he got thrown off the UFC circuit for good and now humiliates the UFC-and Dana and himself with a naked drug induced escapade and break-in of a church. Shame and disgrace on this low life piece of crap Mayhem.

  • browill70

    Though I consider Mayhem Miller a little wacky, Miller found nude in a church and damaging property is a serious cry for help. You can definitely see it in his last performences in the Octagon. Hopefully he gets the mental help he needs.

    • horaceharter

      These desperate drug induced cries for help usually do not end well. Mayhem might be in his final days on earth.

      • 10thplanetftw

        Who are you to judge him? You’re pissing me off. You are apparently religious, but you can wish death upon someone? Someone you don’t actually even know? I hope when you hit rock bottom, that no one helps you, and when you cry for help, nobody is there. You sir, are a disgrace. Tough guy sitting behind the internet, nothing new.

        • horaceharter

          little baby girl upset? are you mad wimpy? Go have a nice cry and a bottle of warm milk. mayhem is a disgrace a naked drug addict who should be put to sleep. Watch this maniac implode soon. Poof gone.

          • Richurd Cheese

            Jesus said to “turn the other cheek”, and “he who is without sin cast the first stone…”
            How can you judge Miller? Or hurl baseless insults at people anonymously over the internet?
            If you were really so concerned with the honor and teachings of God and Jesus, you wouldn’t be so mean. Jesus had a line for people like you though, “Forgive them lord for they know not what they do.”
            Maybe you should try Islam, its a much more violent and angry religion, plus its really easy to understand. I see how much trouble you are having with basic Christian concepts, just trying to help. You might want to try Zoroastrianism as well, although that will require a lot of reading and thinking…
            Good luck,
            Richurd Cheese

  • Travalator

    As a Christian my first reaction was the state of his well being and prayed for him, there wasn’t any concern for the building. The Lord doesn’t care about buildings as people are the church, not a building. We are worth more to the Lord than any material thing.

  • wiiliamstanley

    Just call him a simple dumb ass. WTF is all this hatred for lol. Rampage did way worse, putting lives in danger driving on sidewalks in shit. Poeple are cool with that. But Meyhem does something completely stupid…….. like the dumbest shit one can do and people come out of the woodworks calling themselves Christains and wishing death on this dude. Think about what your saying. He is just a dumb ass dude from South OC. This place is full of them.

    • Mario

      I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again

      Mayhem is a loser. The MMA world is better off without him. He was not a guy I enjoyed watching both in the ring, and outside of it. (Especially) outside of it 😛

      • horaceharter

        good post you see Mayhem as the trash he is. I agree 100%. So glad Mayhem was booted from Strikeforce and the UFC. Just a addict loser alcoholic.

    • markronin

      He’s more than a dumbass, he’s mentally ill and needs treatment.

      The fighting business isn’t exactly the home of the honorable and virtuous, the opposite, it’s the home of the criminal and morally depraved. Dana White, along with so many others, celebrates Mike Tyson, wears a shirt with his ugly mug on it, a convicted rapist, psychopath, black militant and former violent criminal who initially got into boxing so he could mug people better.

      So what does this teach us? As long as someone is athletically talented, and especially if they belong to a protected group, their character defects and criminal record don’t matter to the masses.

  • Lesnardo

    I want to see Miller vs Bonnar, the battle of two losers. At least Bonna sucked Dana’s d*ck to get that commentator gig.

  • markronin

    Miller is obviously mentally ill and needs serious treatment. He strikes me as being Bipolar along with ADHD and probably other mental illnesses.

    At times I have seen him have normal moments where he is calm and cogent, so medication should help him reach a more normative and productive state.

    • Lesnardo

      That will not make him a better fighter. He can make a good bouncer or security guard.

  • triangle choke

    Ohh, I get it now. “horaceharter” must have been one of the bullies on the show that got his ass kicked. Apparently he now just runs his mouth hiding behind his keyboard. Anyone want to guess which bully he was??

  • peteteraspulsky

    Can there be any question that Jason is NOT trying his level best to keep it together?! Sure- sometimes the best isn’t good enough, but can any of us do better than “the best we can do” at any given time? I’m pretty sure that what we are seeing is him kinda crashing & burning but this has to be IN SPITE of his wishing it were otherwise for him.
    Horaceharter- you speak of your belief in God (and presumably His teachings, etc.), yet it is clearly the case that your comments here are among the most brutal. You talk about how you feel Jason deserves to die for his acts. What would Jesus say about your lack of other-feeling? And your wish to evoke the death penalty for Jason? Dude- that is seriously harsh. That HAS TO BE short of the Christian ideal. And if YOU — an apparently a committed Christian — can’t find the resolve within yourself to embrace the Christian ideal- who will? Ask your Church Minister, Priest, etc., how they view your antipathy towards Mr. Miller, and see what they say. Heck- maybe I’m the one off base here … it just seems the death-penalty, etc., is WAY off the mark.
    I’m wishing you the best Jason … hang in there and hope you are feeling better.

  • silent_nick

    Horace is clearly Mayhem himself just f##ing with us.

  • oswaldcobblepott

    His after life should be glorious, since god, the easter bunny, and santa clause are about as real unicorns.

    • Richurd Cheese

      Dont forget Thor and the Kraken.

  • joeshine

    Mayhem Miller is garbage and should be put to sleep like a dog. Any scumball that breaks into a church and is naked is not deserving to live. Eliminate this scum forever.

    • BLAH

      this is so stupid. if he broke into a grocery store, nobody would care, but since it was a church-a church worshipping a horrible and most likely non existent god- people throw a hissy fit…

  • somecokehead

    15 minutes over.

  • Towers66

    Half of you are supposed to hate him. All of you have to talk about him. One FC is going to bring him out of retirement. And ALL of us will be watching. Hype is priceless…good fighters are a dime a dozen…great characters are few and far. I’m excited to see his return. Bring on the troll turds.