Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller Arrested, Found Naked, Allegedly Burglarizing a Church

August 13, 2012
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Just a couple days after having a meltdown during a Twitter exchange with UFC president Dana White, Jason “Mayhem” Miller is back in the news.

Miller was arrested on Monday in Orange County, Calif., after allegedly breaking into a church and spraying a fire extinguisher inside the building. TMZ.com broke the story, also reporting that police found Miller sitting naked on a couch in the Mission Hills Church in Mission Viejo.

MMAWeekly.com verified Miller’s arrest with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. He was in custody as of Monday afternoon, undergoing a medical and mental needs evaluation. Miller has been charged with burglary. His bail was set at $20,000.

Miller’s next court appearance is set for Aug. 15.

Miller has always been one of the more colorful personalities in mixed martial arts and is the former host of MTV’s Bully Beatdown reality show.

His latest run through the UFC ended when Miller was axed after a backstage run-in with White following Miller’s loss to CB Dollaway at UFC 146 in May.

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  • manriquesoto

    cocaine is one hell of a drug..

    • somecokehead

      lmfao… I wish I was here at 5:25 to say that! What a monkey! Sounds like something a crack head from tha h00d would do. O.C. must have some nice churches though!

  • shakejunt


  • WTF??? Weirdest headline to a story I’ve heard in a long time.

  • Drug test please.

    • adam1848

      “Cocaine is a hell of a drug.”

      but so is alcohol.

  • smill0313

    PCP is a helluva drug.

    Also, what did he steal to get charged with burglary? He broke into a church and was found sitting naked inside after spraying a fire extinguisher. I see breaking and entering plus vandalism, but not burglary.

    • yellowmonkey

      It is a common misconception to confuse robbery and burglary. Dictionary burglary and you will see this is a direct example of it.

      • smill0313

        True, although B & E still fits the bill better. I asked because I have seen a huge trend where police will trump up initial charges (that later get dropped for various reasons) just to make the bond higher and possibly keep a person in jail longer (not just celebrities, more so people who cant afford a good enough lawyer to do something about it). Seriousy, $20 grand bail for breaking into a church and setting off a fire extinguisher? Granted its only $2 grand out of pocket, but WTH?

      • Lesnardo

        actually, burglary is a legal term. you will find the common definition but not the technical one. Breaking into a dwelling with an intent to commit a felony therein.

        It is irrelevant that the intended crime ends up not occuring.

        Not sure what reason other than doing something illegal in the church one would have in breaking into the church and sitting there naked after spraying fire extinguishers.

  • b-soc

    He stole the virtue of the church!

  • streetfightertoo

    hes also looking at mayhem charges

  • Saw elsewhere that the arrest report had his occupation listed as “comedian.” lol

  • He was just trying to make the d–k loving priests dreams come true.

  • pooby

    Bath salts.

  • adriana

    I just feel really badly for that couch! Its the real loser in all of this. Imagine the horror…

  • tomkevill

    how is it burglarizing if he was found there? as far as the law goes doent you atleast have to leave the place you stole from before its considered bulglarizing lol.

    • mrsister

      Burglary is illegal entry, not theft. It’s defined at as such. We always hear it as the same because it usually is.

      This sounds harmless. A fire extinguisher? Really?

      This could be nothing more than publicly. He’s out of work now.

      Dana is a dick for the things he said about him. The guy took a beating in the Bisping fight. Imagine having someone tell the world that it was embarrassing to watch you get your ass kicked. Isn’t the ass kicking embarrassing enough? Being told this by a guy who doesn’t fight himself but made millions off those who do. Shame on you Dana. No excuse for this.

      • macgrubber

        So its dana fault that mayhem cant fight? Mayhem is a grown man. If he gets upset about what other men say about him that makes him more look like a 16 yr old girl in highschool. I for one couldnt care less about what other people say about me cuz most are just jelly.

        • smill0313

          STFU grub. Plenty of Dana’s little tool bags have had horrible fights and he hasnt said one damn word about how embarassing it was. Although I like DW, he can be a king douche (like you) and he said that about Miller just to get an extra jab in and turn the screws a little more. OK, Bro?

          • macgrubber

            What are you so mad about bro? I dont think ive said anything bad about you so you must be jelly. Like i said i dont care be jelly all you want.

        • mrsister

          If you put your heart and soul into something and someone says it’s embarrassing, you get offended. You do if you have a heartbeat.

          Jelly? Now that’s truly embarrassing. For anyone, that’s embarrassing.

          • macgrubber

            But he looked horrible during that fight so i highly doubt he put his heart and soul into that fight. And if he did put everything he had into the fight and still looked that like then he wasnt meant to fight. DW was just telling the truth what was he suppose to say “Good job mayhem you looked great better luck next time”? I could have given him a beating and prob got him out within 1 rd.

      • smill0313

        It was recenty brought to my intention that Burglary is illegal entry with intention to commit a crime, such as theft. This seems like a simple B & E, with MAYBE vandalism for the fire extinguisher, if the cops want to be dicks about it (they do).

        • Lesnardo

          it’s intent to commit a felony at common law but some states may have extended the definition to cover misdemeanors as well.

          Dude, tempering with fire extinguishers is a crime.

          It’s not cop’s wanting to be dicks. It’s the law. How would you feel if Mayhem broke into your house and sprayed your living room with a fire extinguisher and sat on your couch naked?

          I think you are just hugging Mayhem’s nuts a little too hard. Let him go dude. He is no longer with the UFC.

  • Mario


    I always knew this guy was a loser. The UFC was right to exile him.


    mushroom tea

  • adriana

    mrsister- go online and have a look at the damage he caused. That is not some stupid prank- that is a serious mess. Imagine if someone broke into your home and did that. Would you still consider it to be “harmless”?

    • mrsister

      I didn’t know there was pictures. They spoke of ripped up books and broken CDs and a fire extinguisher – just sounds more silly than serious.

      With the Twitter stuff and the timing of this, I have to think he wanted to get arrested, whether he’s going thru some psychosis and is looking for help or if it’s just an angle to create buzz and revitalize a career. I just think he wanted to be arrested for whatever reason. Writing comedian on the arrest papers shows someone lucid which leads me to the latter conclusion.

      Just my opinion.

      • Lesnardo

        He is such a sh8tty fighter that even if he does something more crazy I doubt people would care.

        Mayhem Miller is a C-level fighter.

  • smill0313

    This seems more like a cry for help than anything. Damn Mayhem, you could have just come to my house. We could have burned one down and talked it over.

    • MMAGod

      That sounds like a great solution to his problems…

  • BlackDog2009

    Mayhem needs help for sure. He wasn’t sounding right since before his fight with the Dolloway guy and he fought pretty aweful. He needs a watchful eye. Hope he gets better and that he realizes that losing fights isn’t the end of the world. It’s a competition sport, take your losses and come back better. Don’t let the Dana Whites, media hounds and internet scumbags of the world keep you down. And sorround yourself with people that care about you dude.

    • Lesnardo

      Blackdog2009. I can’t make out what you are trying to say. Are you black, uneducated, or young?

  • joeshine

    Mayhem miller is a piece of crap and should be put to sleep. what a low life scum bag. get rid of this human waste miller.

  • joeshine

    Mayhem miller is a piece of crap and should be put to sleep. what a low life scum bag. get rid of this human waste miller.