Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller and Michael Bisping Set as Coaches for the ‘Ultimate Fighter’ 14

May 27, 2011
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The long running saga around who would coach the ‘Ultimate Fighter’ season 14 has been solved. New UFC middleweight Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller will fill the slot vacated by Chael Sonnen and coach opposite Michael Bisping in the latest edition of the reality show.

The report comes courtesy of UFC President Dana White in a statement given to MMA.tv. Miller’s manager Dr. Ryan Parsons also confirmed the news to MMAWeekly.com on Friday.

According to White, Mayhem and Bisping will pair off as coaches on the show, which is slated to start filming in the next few weeks, and then fight at the end of the season.

Miller was already scheduled to fight at UFC 132 in July against Aaron Simpson, but he’s now apparently been pulled from that slot to face off against Bisping. Sources close to Simpson’s camp on Friday told MMAWeekly.com that he had not been notified that Miller had been pulled from their fight, and no replacement has been offered.

Miller will come to the UFC after being away from the organization for more than 5 years, but moved over after his deal with Strikeforce ran out recently.

The always colorful Miller has been out of fight action since September 2010, so by the time he fights Bisping it will likely be more than a year since Mayhem hit the cage.

The two coaches will square off at the end of the season, but there’s been no word if it will carry with it the No. 1 contender’s spot in the middleweight division that the original fight between Bisping and Chael Sonnen was expected to produce.

Bisping will be coaching on the show for the 2nd time. The Brit and former winner of the ‘Ultimate Fighter’ coached on season 9 of the reality show opposite Dan Henderson.

The next season of the ‘Ultimate Fighter’ will feature bantamweights and featherweights for the first time ever. Filming is expected to kick off in June with the debut coming later in the summer.

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  • Wish they would have pushed production back a month and figured out a way to get Sonnen on the show.

    Bisping – Miller doesn’t do much for me and I doubt I’ll tune in.

  • ShockednAwed

    Couldn’t agree more – I’m literally shocked, more so than usual… who on earth do they think’s going to watch this outside of the Brits? Miller’s fans?!? 😀

  • michael106

    You must not be aware of people outside the IFC mayhem is a great fighter and the fight itself is going to be non stop action! For the show they oth have unique personalities and don’t take a step back makes for a good show and fight!

    • ShockednAwed

      Just because someone doesn’t like one of your underdog-favourites from the minor leagues, doesn’t mean they’re not aware of the minor-leagues, or the fights they’ve had down there…

      I’m well aware of Mayhem’s career, and have seen several of his bouts besides his UFC drubbing at the hands of GSP years ago. He’s simply not very impressive, which is even less impressive when you consider who he’s been fighting.

      The point of my comment is this: TUF, aside from launching the career of one or two brand-new stars, is supposed to set the stage for a pay-off fight between the two coaches. It’s supposed to get me interested enough to invest my time each week, and my money at the end.

      Bisping, they’ve already blown their wad on. He’s had two seasons (one in the house, one being made to look the fool as a coach) – why would anyone want to see him in there again? I wouldn’t watch Rampage in there again either – I can go to the public school ’round the corner to watch kids call eachother “Titties” and the like.

      And Miller’s a new face to most UFC fans, so why will they invest their time?

      I don’t usually question Dana and his promotional strategies, I think the man’s a genius – but it won’t surprise me if this winds up being the last season if they stick with this pairing.

  • phrankthetank

    Mayhem is actually a very entertaining dude. When people do tune in, I think they’ll be pleasantly surprised

    • His gimmick is old and tired.

      • phrankthetank

        The gimmick, yes. But he’s still fun to watch

  • bdono554

    I think this is going to be a great show an an attention whore vs an ego maniac! Roy “Kung Fu Panda” Nelson and Josh “I have more positive steroid tests than Sonnon” Barnett should be the next coaches on the next one! That would be awesome!