Jamie Varner Squashes Beef with Melvin Guillard, Wants Joe Lauzon Next (UFC 155 Post Video)

December 30, 2012
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Jamie Varner vs Melvin Guillard UFC 155It took Jamie Varner and Melvin Guillard a couple of tries to finally make it all the way to the Octagon and fight, but it happened at UFC 155 with Varner coming out on top.

There was some heat between the two leading up to the fight, but Varner says a lot of that has to do with them both being very emotionally charged fighters that lay it all on the line.

Check out what Jamie Varner had to say following his UFC 155 victory over Melvin Guillard…

  • Vinnie Guarniere III

    Class Act!! Happy to see Jamie back, in the UFC and Kicking Ass!!! Good Luck to Melvin too..he’ll be back.

  • Clas

    I can understan why he wants a rematch against Joe due to the last time they met: Joe was outclassed for almost 2,5 round before he got the sub, and a rematch is fair after that upset.

  • Don’t know about kicking ass

    • Vinnie Guarniere III

      Barboza fight..?