James Thompson Outlast Bobby Lashley at Super Fight League 3

James Thompson vs Bobby Lashley at Super Fight LeagueIn the main event at Super Fight League 3 in New Delhi, India, James “The Colossus” Thompson won a unanimous decision over former Strikeforce fighter Bobby Lashley in front of more than 10,000 fans. It was Thompson’s second fight in the SFL after destroying Bob Sapp in the inaugural show.

Despite Lashley’s meteoric rise to fame since his introduction into the world of MMA, the success that he has had against upper-level competition has been short of extraordinary. There was a certain level of back and forth in this match, but in the end, Lashley was exhausted and visibly beaten when the scorecards were read.

The striking and grappling in the match moved at the approximate speed of smell, with both fighters running out of steam near the end of the second round.

All three judges scored the fight 29-28 for Thompson, who seems to have found a home at the top of SFL cards. The win was Thompson’s third in four fights, which included a no contest, while Lashley ended a two-fight winning streak with the loss.

In other results:

Trevor Prangley did exactly what he was expected to do against little known Baga Agaev, handing Agaev a brutal knockout loss in the third round.  Agaev was clearly taken out of his comfort zone. Prangley landed shots at will with little in the way of resistance from his inexperienced foe.

Joanne Calderwood and Lena Ovchynnikova came to fight, and so they did for the length of their scheduled bout. Calderwood took a well-earned decision by overwhelming Ovchynnikova with a volley of takedowns and pinpoint strikes.  Ovchynnikova had her moments, but at the final bell, there was no question who had won the fight.

The second fastest fight of the night saw Kultar Gill take a mere 51 seconds to bring Chatmongkhom Simma to the edge of unconsciousness and force a quick stoppage. Simma appeared to be out on his feet momentarily, woken up by another crisp punch, then put into a haze again with the follow up; a truly impressive win by an obviously determined Gill.

By John Laughlin, courtesy of MMAWeekly.com content partner FightBulletin.net
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  1. After destroying bob sapp? The dude tapped to a double leg

  2. BAhahahaha!!! Lashly is such a bum!

  3. Seems obvious to me…….
    Lashley vs Sapp!!!!!

  4. Speed of smell….lol.

  5. Maybe Sapp vs Lashley in an arm wrestling contest more interesting then watching them fight!!!

  6. How about Lashley back to the WWE and out of MMA? He’s unexciting to watch and simply does not have the skills necessary at the pro level. Not everyone can be a pro fighter….or pro hockey player, basketball player, or pro anything else! Pro’s are supposed to be the top of the heap of their sport. He’s already fought and tapped Sapp to punches a few years ago, and based of Sapp tapping to double leg takedowns, one can gather he has not improved his skill set since 2009 either. The ONLY reason he gets fights at this level is his name built in NCAA wrestling and more so the WWE/ECW. People get on Alitair Overoids about his chemical assistance for body bulking. Anyone notice Lashley wrestled at 135# as a freshman in college and finished his senior year at 160#. He fights a 100# heavier nowadays. Lashley is also like 36 yrs old. He is past his window of professional MMA improvement and relevance.