Jake Shields Wants Another Shot at Georges St-Pierre and UFC Gold

October 10, 2013

Jake Shields at UFC 129When Jake Shields fought UFC welterweight champion and future Hall of Famer Georges St-Pierre at UFC 129 in April of 2011, he was riding a seven-year, 15-fight unbeaten streak.

On that night, in front of a record crowd of 55,000-plus at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Shields suffered an agonizing unanimous decision defeat at the hands of the French-Canadian powerhouse.

It marked Shields’ most lucrative payday and undoubtedly gained him a boatload of supporters (as he won two rounds according to judges at cageside).  With that said, spirited performance or not, it was a loss nonetheless.

After the St-Pierre loss, Shields would go on to face perennial Top 10 welterweight and human wrecking ball Jake “The Juggernaut” Ellenberger at a UFC Fight Night in September of that same year.

Shields, who lost his father and confidant, Jack, just days before the Ellenberger fight, stepped into the cage that night in Louisiana despite any emotional issues that he may have been dealing with during such a tragic point in his life.  And unfortunately for Shields, it showed, as Ellenberger knocked him out just 53 seconds into the opening round.

Since that time, Shields has managed three quality wins (and one victory over Ed Herman that was ruled a no-contest due to a failed post-fight drug test by Shields) with the most recent being a hard-fought, split-decision victory over BJJ ace Demian Maia at Wednesday’s UFC Fight Night 29 in Barueri, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

With the win, not only did Shields put himself back near the top the welterweight pecking order, he also engaged in a fight so rugged that he likened it to his classic scraps with GSP and his Strikeforce title bout with MMA legend Dan Henderson.

At the post-fight press conference inside the Ginasio Poliesportivo Jose Correa, Shields made it quite clear what he envisions for his career path going forward.

“I think it puts me really high back up,” said Shields in regards to the victory over the highly touted Brazilian.

“Demian Maia was ranked number four in the world (and was on) a four-fight win streak.  I already have wins over Carlos Condit, Robbie Lawler, top contenders.  So I want another shot at GSP,” stated the Cesar Gracie black belt matter-of-factly.

And if St-Pierre is busy, or the UFC deems Shields unworthy, that’s fine with the 34-year-old former Strikeforce middleweight champion.  As far as he’s concerned, fighting top contenders is the name of the game. After all, he’s been doing that his entire career.

“Whether I have to fight Rory MacDonald, Carlos Condit, any of the top contenders, I just want to fight people at the top right now.”

With wins over Yoshihiro Akiyama, Tyron Woodley and, now, Demian Maia, it is not out of the realm of reason for Shields to assume a title shot may lie somewhere on the horizon.  However, given the murderer’s row of 1700-pounders that currently reside in the UFC, the road back to GSP will surely be paved with plenty of blood, sweat, and tears.  If Shields ever hopes to taste the possibility of UFC gold again, the coming months could be brutal.

But then again, Jake Shields has made a career of battling in long, drawn out, intense scraps with the world’s best.

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  1. boring fight, but the win puts him pretty high up. i think a rematch with ellenberger would be appropriate to see where both guys stand.

  2. I know I’m probably the exception here, but I enjoyed the fight. Shields was awesome in the scrambles, he had good sweeps when he used them, and he completely shut down Maia’s top and bottom game. Maia really dug his own grave in this fight, he could have out struck Shields fairly easily, but he couldn’t stop himself from initiating grappling exchanges. God! Shields looks so awkward standing! Complete fish out of water! I wish jake would’ve sold out on some more guard passes, because if Maia went for the sweep jake could have scrambled and got back on top, he proved that several times. But he played it safe all night. I’m sure casual fans hated this, but this was actually what I wanted to see. It would’ve sucked to see the 2 greatest bjj artist at WW have a kickboxing match. I think most people who understand wrestling or bjj probably found this match at the very least somewhat interesting.

    • Agree good fight, love the scramble in a good technical ground fight !

      • Jake knew his job was on the line
        Maia should have, just out struck Jake
        the plumber

    • I’m not really interested in seeing fighters neutralize each other. I’d rather see two less experienced ground fighters attack more aggressively. There were a few good scrambles but for a 25 minute fight it was mostly just a stalemate. Throw in the awkward striking and it was just a boring fight. Shields happened to win because he was on top more, not for doing anything with it. I understand playing it safe against a dangerous opponent so I’m not criticizing the strategy. I just don’t think the whole “casual fans might hate it” statement applies since there wasn’t much for any level of fan to get out of it.

      • He has Maia’s back twice. When’s the last time you saw someone do that to Maia?

    • Both those guys looked like monkey humping a football in the stand up. But that’s not to say they are incompetent, but the toll on your muscles when you grapple will make anyone look like a sloppy striker. Let us remember Shields out struck GSP for two rounds.

      If he hopes to fight for a title soon he has some work to do. Cardio is main but he needs to improve, not stay level.

      • i
        If by out struck you mean out eye-poked then yes.

        • Watch the fight again. I just watched it last night from my collection. They show in a replay that is was caused be a punch where a knuckle hit the eyeball flush. Blurry vision or not he was outstruck.

      • Case in point, TJ Dillishaw. After he tried for the RNC, his striking looked way less effective, and he generally looked much slower.

        • Exactly.

    • I really liked the fight as well. It was two amazing ground guys battling it out. Shields needs to try SOMETHING to break out of his stiffer then a board standup, but I still like the guy a lot and thought they both battled hard.

  3. I would rather masterbate with a cheese grater than watch another Shields fight!

    • masturbate

      • Cheese

    • Then go masturbate with a cheese grater, no one’s stopping you. Go ahead, get going.

      • Four people and counting agree with me.

    • I rather use sand paper n broken glass shield sucks

  4. “However, given the murderer’s row of 1700-pounders that currently reside in the UFC…”

    1700 pounders! Now that weight class needs a full size arena, not an octagon. Make it happen Dana…

    • There aren’t really all that many. There’s Condit, Rory, Lawler, and Johny.! And maybe stun gun

  5. Nice fight between two high level grapplers but GSP would wreck Shields again. Congrats to Jake, I know it was a 5 round fight but GSP would not have been as tired as Maia was. Not even close.

    • I sort of agree with you, but I’d still like to a rematch.

      • I want Shields vs Dong Kim. What do you think of that?

        • That’s not a bad fight, esp. since Kim just destroyed a good up and comer. Shields would disagree, stating that it wouldn’t give him a direct title shot with a victory over Kim. He wants Condit or Hendricks or Rory. Out of all those, if love to see a Rory-Shields fight, or Kim

          • Let’s see how Rory handles Lawler. Shields talked about beating Condit and Lawler already but that was so long ago. What about Shields/Koscheck? Forget that Kos has been out and lost to Lawler, I just like the sound of it in general.

  6. I was hoping sheds would get beat and never fight in the UFC again with his marshmallow fists, there worse than bispings!!! Yawn

  7. Everyone wants fighters to be over-aggressive knockout artists. Jake isn’t that, so why do people hate on him because of it? In the famous words of Dana, “If you don’t like the fight don’t f#$^ing watch it!”

  8. I’d cut Shields

  9. Good, tactical fight … but he isn’t ready for another title shot.

  10. It’s honestly almost cry worthy what gsp has done to mma. And I love him. But I loved the gsp that fought to get to the title. Kind of where Jon Jones is heading if he’s not careful. Gsp’s fights haven’t been exciting since Matt Hughes was the one with the belt. And it’s not that I fault him. He does exactly what he’s got to do to keep the strap. I fault the system. Maybe I’m completely retarded but I’d like to see title fights (and main events) changed to a format where there has to be a winner. Keep fighting till one can’t take it. How many rounds would be wasted with him laying on top of “insert any number of challengers here” instead of going after finishes. Maybe then I’d go back to spending my hard earned money in a gsp fight. Something I haven’t done in a few years now. Let people like Maia, Shields and Fitch go do something that doesn’t evolve waisting people’s time who were trying to watch a fight.

  11. That fight sucked donkey balls

  12. Jake is not a contender again yet. He is still one fight away from GSP, whether he likes it or not. Maybe Rory or a Jake vs Jake rematch.