Jake Shields Suspended Six Months Following Positive Drug Test at UFC 150

October 12, 2012
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Jake Shields at UFC 144 press conferenceFollowing his fight and win over Ed Herman at UFC 150, Jake Shields tested positive for a banned substance and has been suspended six-months by the Colorado Office of Boxing.

Shields released the information on Friday through his management company at Authentic Sports Management.

Pursuant to health laws in the state of Colorado, the commission there is unable to release drug test results. Similar laws exist in states such as Pennsylvania and New Jersey where medical regulations and privacy laws won’t allow the athletic commissions to release information on drug related suspensions.

According to Shields’ statement he took a “prohibited substance”, although he did not give detail if it was a performance enhancing drug, or what is called a “drug of abuse” such as marijuana.

Shields admits to the mistake and hopes to bounce back when the suspension is lifted in 2013.

“Prior to my professional bout at UFC 150 in Denver, Colorado, I used a substance prohibited by Colorado Boxing Commission rules.

This was a mistake that I fully regret. I have shared this issue with my family and the UFC and I have apologized to them and now I also apologize to you, the fans. I promise this will never occur again in my fighting career.

I accept the Boxing Commission’s decision for a six-month suspension, which will expire in February. I ask that you accept my apology. I will be back fighting soon, and hope that the fans of MMA will support me until that time.”

The six month suspension running from the date of UFC 151 would put Shields eligibility to return to action after Feb 11, 2013.


    Wow i’m speechless but then again not a surprise.. he looked pretty strong against henderson also.. Who knows when he cheated but never really got caught?.. Sad to say he took the wrong route i’m just laughing because he cheated and got caught.

    • Lets see if it was weed or roads before we jump to the conclusion that he was cheating. If its the juice then I agree with you.

      • bajafox

        Yea, if it’s just weed I couldn’t care less. If it was PEDs then I agree as well

        • shakejunt

          probably was marijuana seeing as it’s only a 6 month suspension. i think that’s what nick got after he tested positive for the gomi fight.

  • KingMidas

    it might be just weed…don’t forget he is part of the scrap pack crew with nick and nate diaz who are well known to get blazed

  • Mickey

    He got a contact high from Nick Diaz

  • King_DG

    It’s gotta be weed!! Him and Nick Diaz had a bong session before the fight probably

  • justin_e

    His nipples have always looked dead wrong. Not surprised in the slightest.

  • Corey

    Doesn’t matter what drug it was, it was a BANNED substance.
    I know Americans and most MMA fans are generally RETARDED, so i’ll make this clear. If something is Illegal in the country you live and work in (Weed card or not, they’re to easy to get a hold of anyway) then it is ILLEGAL to use them.
    Nick Diaz is such a little bitch he can’t understand that and his fans (what a sad thing, he has fans) more so.
    Grow up, read a book and maybe start using the underused grey matter between your ears.

    • lowlb

      You need to take a ‘lewd dude..

    • Nobama

      na he needs to catch a swift kick to the ass. hah your the jackass, pretty much what your saying is anybody that roots for nick diaz is retarded because you don’t like him? yep i have a feeling your one of those dudes that is gonna say anything to validate why people shouldn’t like him because you don’t but your apparently to dumb to realize you can preach till your blue in the face but if nobody wants to hear it them words are falling on deaf ears.in other words nobody cares about your opinion and its not gonna change anyone else opinion so you might as well hang her on up.take that bs to youtube, but shields needs to get his hands right so he can challenge for a belt.

      • lowlb

        dude, don’t call people dumb until you learn your contractions.. you + are is you’re. so when you say ” i have a feeling your one of those dudes” you need to use the correct contraction of you+are= you’re. You stupid, stupid, idiot fuk.
        You are total moron if you’re voting for Mit and you need to go back and review elementary school english… but have a good day.

        • p3ezy

          “You are total moron”…

          • lowlb

            ok, I was a bit heated. I actually agree with nobama.. He needs to work on contractions and he’s not moron, eh (a), I need to proof read. And Shields need to work on his hands. Can’t we just have a beer and get along?

    • Jay Nokay

      Actually only the active metabolite is a banned substance, the inactive metabolite is not banned. (in weed) Nick Diaz was suspended for not filling out his fight licence application properly, he failed to state that he had a medical marijuana card, and thus knowingly falsified his application.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Spoken like one of the American retards you are referring to. I’m not a fan of Diaz or weed but your comment shows you’re pretty immature.

    • Milosc

      It used to be “illegal” to be a damned witch

      Take your head out of other people’s asses. Society has a terrible track record of obediently ‘me too’ing ridiculous crap. Make decisions based on your own thoughts and convictions

      It’s people like you who, probably ‘need’ to smoke some weed. Wake up, brother

  • lowlb

    jake is a stoner

  • stak

    “I will be back fighting soon”

    ^worst news ever

    • Anthony Lopez

      Bahaha. So true

  • insane187288

    No to hell with you shields…your a professional fighter, you know the rules. You abused them and should never be allowed in top notch fighting

  • Never would have expected this…

  • oface scrillionaire

    Got caught smoking that ceaser Gracie. Heard that **** is the bomb. Nick Diaz gave it two middle fingers up.

  • Fuser

    clearly the herb

  • TW

    I highly doubt it is steroids. Jake is extremely health conscious.

  • Passive dope smoking by training with the Diaz brothers.