Jake Shields Shooting for a Top Middleweight Contender Next (UFC 150 Video)

August 12, 2012
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Jake Shields and Ed Herman at UFC 150DENVER – Jake Shields returned to middleweight at UFC 150: Henderson vs. Edgar II on Saturday night in Denver. His first UFC fight at 185 pounds, Shields wound up successful, earning a unanimous decision victory over Ed Herman.

It was Shields’ second consecutive victory after the first back-to-back losses of his career, and put the former Strikeforce middleweight champion back on track in the Octagon.

Check out what Jake Shields had to say at the UFC 150 post-fight press conference about his middleweight return.

  • DrkDisciple

    Since joining the UFC this guy didnt look good once. Can’te even finish Short Fuse Herman and and now wants a top contender? What a joke!!!

  • b-soc

    Agreed. Short Fuse is a great fighter but far from the top. If short fuse had a decent strategy and stood up with Jake, he’d have won.

  • pooby

    The UFC finally found someone that makes Jon Fitch seem exciting. I’m sick of hearing “we still haven’t seen the real Jake Shields”. Yes we have and he absolutely sucks.

    • bajafox

      I tired of hearing that too. Will the real Jake Shields please stand up?

  • bajafox


  • RonnieV

    Keep hating! Shields may not be the most exciting fighter but he is now 17-2 over the past 7 years.

    • dathump

      he is running out of ground fighters to fight where he should be superior,(at least on paper) but really a submission specialist only having one real submission attemt in 3 rounds, and a sloopy kumora at that, not only was it not exciting, it was kinda sad. The UFC He wants a top contender, good! belfort, weidman, franklin, or even wanderlei should show us the real jake sheilds, you know they one that gets knocked out. But he will get maia or someone like that so he can hug himself to another desision. I am all for a submission grudge match, but that fight with Herman was awful, at least try to win, stop trying not to lose.

    • KBEsq

      I’m sorry this post is so long, but Shields is indefensible. You can cite to his record, but that has nothing to do with why people insult him. People insult him, like other ‘lay-and-prayers’, because they don’t take any chances. They fight to out point their opponent and get the win only.

      They don’t inspire anyone, or give any of the fans the impression that they’re even good at fighting. The way I like to put it is this: if everyone fought like Shields, Askren, Fitch, Woodley, etc., then there would be no UFC. That’s a fact.

      So, the only reason guys like Shields can even fight the way they fight, is because there are enough fighters who actually take chances, and fight to beat their opponent and inspire the fans. Shields wouldn’t have a job and make lots of money if there weren’t fighters who took chances. The UFC can afford a few lay-and-prayers as long as it’s only a few.

      And don’t tell me that’s how he fights. No, I don’t expect him to stand with someone whose better than him, but there are plenty of wrestlers out there who make it interesting. Watch what Rory McDonald, or Jon Jones, or Faber, etc., do when they take people down. I’m sure it’d be easier for them to just hold their opponent down in place and throw the occasional fake punch/elbow, but they don’t do that. They put themselves at risk to win.

      • RonnieV

        I completely agree, I’m a fan, but yes I agree he is boring. His fights in the UFC, have not been impressive, and he is not fighting with the same confidence he did against Hendo, Daley, Lawler, and other Strkeforce opponents. He does have incredible BJJ, that UFC fans have not seen yet. His boxing has never been impressive, he does have decent ground and pound (ask Hendo).

        I cited his record, because many of his 17 wins are against opponents on this website’s Top 10 Ranking lists, or were on the list.

        The Lay-n-prayers you listed should also include GSP, Maia, and Munoz. He has a split decision against Kampmann, and regardless of the so-called eye poke,he went five rounds with GSP, and was never in danger, he was “out-pointed.”

        Since he got clipped by Ellenberger, IMO he has been much more hesitant in the octagon against lesser opponents.

        • MaritalArtist

          I do admit I like shields. I actually think submission attempts and wrestling are exciting. I know he’s not as exciting as some, but he wins fights, which is the whole point. It’s not his job to peak fans’ interest, but to win. The interest part is Dana’s and Joe’s jobs.

          • KBEsq

            To RonnieV, I do agree with you that the wins are impressive no matter how they are achieved because of the level of competition he’s faced. I admit that it says something that he can hold those guys down and they can’t do anything about it (although many think he lost to Okami, Kampmann, and Akiyama.

            I really cannot agree that GSP, Maia and Munoz are lay-and-prayers. Those are fighters who have had one or two boring fights. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Shields in an interesting match.

            And to MartialArtist, it’s Dana and Joe’s job to ‘peak interest.’ That may be true, but as you can see from fighters like Fitch, Dana and Joe do that by putting lay-and-prayers on the back burner making mediocre pay and not getting title shots. It may not be Shield’s job to peak fan interest, but the reality is that if he fights boring, then no one wants to see him fight, and that affects his job.