Jake Shields Returns to 170 to Finish Tyron Woodley, Wants Back in the UFC Title Mix

May 10, 2013
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Jake-Shields-UFC-129-OWHaving bounced back-and-forth between the 185-pound and 170-pound weight classes, Jake Shields returns to the welterweight division for good against Tyron Woodley at UFC 161 and expects to either knock out or submit his opponent.

“I’ll most likely stay at 170.  I’ve been back-and-forth between welterweight and middleweight,” Shields recently told video journalist Rick Lee. “I’ve actually been successful at middleweight, but these guys are so big. I have a hard time. I walk around at 190 and I’m fighting these guys, a lot of them come down from 210.  When you get in the cage and feel it, they’re just a little stronger than me, bigger frame.

“Overall, I hate cutting weight, but 170 is probably my best weight.”

Despite being fined and suspended for testing positive for a banned substance and having his decision win over Ed Herman overturned to a no contest, Shields expected a higher ranked opponent.

“I was a little surprised (at getting) Tyron Woodley,” he said. “I was hoping to fight someone in the top five, like (Jake) Ellenberger again or (Carlos) Condit or Rory MacDonald.  I was hoping to get one of those huge names, but Tyron Woodley is a respectable opponent. I think he’s ranked tenth, somewhere around there.  He’s coming off a big knockout, so he’s certainly a worthy opponent, so can’t complain about the fight.

“He’s a tough guy, great wrestler, an All-American wrestler, heavy hands,” Shields continued. “He’s a tough guy, but I think I’ve got a lot more experience and just advantages everywhere. Striking, I think I can beat him.  I think I can beat him on the ground.  I think I can tap him; better conditioning.  I feel like it’s my time.  I want to go out there and bring a lot of pressure and break him.”

Shields has won titles in EliteXC, Strikeforce, Shooto, and Gladiator Challenge, and feels this fight is important to get his name back in the mix of contenders in the UFC’s welterweight division.

“I think It’s very important for me.  I need to go out there and win the fight. But not only win, I need to finish him and try to put on an exciting fight and try to show that I am out there and try to get my name back in title contention,” he said. “I want to get my name back out there right now and have them start talking about me fighting for the title again.”

The 34-year-old didn’t give a specific prediction for the fight’s outcome, but was adamant that he will be gunning to finish Woodley.

“I don’t want to give an exact prediction, but I plan on going out there and finishing him.  I don’t want this to go the distance.  I’m not just happy with winning this fight.  I want to go out there and win by either knockout or submission.”

UFC 161 takes place on on June 15 from the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and is headlined by an interim bantamweight title bout between Renan Barao and Eddie Wineland.

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  • Wolf Ticket

    Does he really think he deserves a top-5 opponent? To me, he hasn’t won a single fight in the UFC yet. I had Kampmann winning their fight and with Akyiama it was so close I consider it a draw.

    He did not cause any damage to anyone in the UFC yet (other than eye-poking GSP), nor did he get anywhere close to submitting anyone. Last time he fought, he was tested positive for something. He is lucky he’s still with the company.

    • MMAreality

      I agree. Does he really think that he deserves to be anywhere near a title contention or even fight a top contender. Jake has a lot to do to prove himself in the UFC.

    • Maddawgmar

      I agree with most of what you said. But “eye poke”? I don’t remember an eye poke, I’ll pull my video of the fight, but as I recall, it was a punch that landed. His knuckle went in GSP’s eye. I agree that he hasn’t lived up to hype since he came over, but let be honest.

  • ned sto

    I don’t dislike Jake. He strong point is supposed to be aggressive jujitsu from a strong american wrestling base of always pushing forward. From what I’ve seen of his stand up, it is very, very bad. I saw him on MTV’s Beat the Bully, and lost the victims 5k because Jake couldn’t finish an out of shape joe shmoe on the feet. It was sad. Jake did easily handle the submission part though.
    I saw him take a helluva kick to the chin/neck area from GSP that I thought should have KO’d anyone. Jake did stagger just a bit, but looked otherwise unhurt. Impressed me. I also noticed him asking his corner if it was time to pull guard or not. He never seemed to get the green light. It was basically his only chance to beat GSP, and should have been pulling guard from RD1.
    I think Jake’s biggest problem is his camp. He’s still wrapped up with Ceasar Gracie and the Diaz brothers as far as I know. And that camp has yet to accomplish anything significant in the UFC aside from a staggering amount of lost title fights.
    Woodley and Shields should be an exciting fight. I’m counting on Jake’s JJ to prevent a boring GnP from Woodley.

  • Darin

    Shields couldn’t knock out a baby. Woodley should be complaining about having to fight someone on Shield’s level not vice versa.

    • dgs

      Absolutely agree with this. Jake is delusional, he has never once shown standup KO power in a single one of his pro MMA fights. He is a one dimensional fighter, and while he may have done well in strikeforce, fighters like Jake go no where in the UFC.

      I don’t think Jake could beat any ranked 170 lb fighter in the UFC right now. He should consider himself lucky he’s not fighting one.

      • Lucas Freire

        I find it amusing how much material there is on the internet about Shields training Muay Thai and Boxing,and how he sucks standing. lol


    what happen to him, he was soo good prior to 2009 finished 7 opponents in a row, now he sucks !!!

  • bajafox

    He never should have taken that fight after his dad passed away. It seems like ever since, h’es been going down hill fast. A loss to Tyron would crush his hopes of ever getting a shot at the 170 belt. At 34 years old this could be his last chance

  • King_DG

    this guy is a cheat and he’s a boring fighter! Cut him already!

  • MMAreality

    I think that he has proved what most of the strikeforce fighters have shown. That the UFC is a or more likely two levels up from the competition that they were facing. I don’t see Jake Shields doing much in the UFC.

    • Joey

      ALL Strikeforce fighters? That’s a pretty blanket statement.

      Cormier beat a former UFC title holder, Tyron Woodley knocked his opponent out in around 30 seconds, Jordan Mein was the first to ever knock out UFC Alum Dan Miller, Bobby Green beat Jacob Volkmann, (although still in Strikeforce) Tarec Saffedine beat Nate Marquardt, Pat Healy choked out a borderline top 10 LHW in Jim Miller, Bigfoot has won him self into a HW title shot, Fabricio Werdum is 2-0 since coming back to the UFC….

      Need I keep going on?

      • Giovanni

        LOL Cormier barely made it through Mir. If Frank Mir would’ve kept kicking Cormier who by the way look like the Michellin mascot Mir would’ve won the fight. Cormier is a p-ussy who wanted to have nothing on the ground with Mir. Mein’s win over Miller was a fluke when you consider he lost to Brown. Bobby who? Exactly! Tarec who? Exactly, he beat a washed out Marquardt who’s not so great anymore. Pat Healy hasn’t really impressed, Bigfoot got lucky when Travis messed up his kneww and after being manhandled by Overeem and he will get his ass handed to him when Cain dismantles him yet again soon. And as far as Werdum, he’s never impressed anybody in the UFC before or now. He’s always been on the win, lose, win lose road and the next time he fights you better watch him closely because he will lose to prove my point. Strikefarce’s fighters are like 3 steps behind compared to the level of competition the UFC has to offer. Just look at Melendez all excuses after he lost…LOL, same with the Diaz bros. and other dumbass strikefarce’s rejects and forsaken.

        So please, don’t go on with your none sense, because none of the SF fighters have really proven themselves yet.

        • trianglechoker

          Your so called point is nonsense(note the spelling of nonsense)
          Pat Healy is very impressive and Bigfoot KOd Overheem in case u missed it.
          you call yourself an MMA fan and you say Tarek who?
          Mein is going to be a top 3 ww inside of 4 more fights….and Mir choked like he always does when ge cant take someone down.

        • ChuangTzu14

          Strikeforce fighters have demonstrate they are every bit as good as UFC.

          Melendez’s fight with Henderson was very close.

          Healy’s win over Miller was solid. Nate Diaz who fought for UFC title to Josh Thomson. Etc….

          Even when they win you can’t give them a break. Ahole UFC nuthugger is what you are.

      • MMAreality

        MOST read the comment it never stated ALL.

    • Alex Anderson

      lol no no no no, there are some very good fighters from strikeforce. What has been proven is that Strikeforce was a legit level of competition, but also that the UFC was still the best when you compare the average quality of champion to champion. Melendez for instance was extremely close to Henderson (basically a draw in my mind).

  • JakeSucks

    Jake sucks. For as long as he’s been doing mma and muay thai, his stand up is probably the worse in the UFC. Damian Maya is a perfect example for a Jiu Jitsu guy with improved striking. Jake, unfortunately, just sucks. After a few punches from Woodley, Jake is going to switch back to his boring lay and pray strategy, but Woodley is a top level wrestler that Jake isn’t going to be able to get down. Woodley via devastating knockout.

    • Gary Fredericks

      Yeah I know. You are soooo much better than Shields and proving that you have much bigger balls than his by posting anonymously on the internet while hiding behind a fake name.

      Please go die.

      • Agent119

        But he’s right.

      • tringlechoker

        there is nothing wrong with that post… he is 100 percent right about jake…the guys stand up is literally the worst in the UFC. it’s not a matter of being a keyboard tough guy, this is a forum and we talk about fighters. It is embarrassing to watch Jake Shields try and throw hands with anybody, his stand up is atrocious. It’s like he doesn’t even train stand up.

        • Jesus man

          This isn’t a forum.

  • Randi

    Shields is the better fighter, and should win!

  • stevemcz11

    Shields vs Maia would be epic! Shields wants to put you on your back and submit you or pull guard and submit you. Maia would be a very interesting match up for him!

  • Mike mckinney

    Of course he’s staying at 170lbs. He’s doing what everyone who wants a chance of being a champion does, avoiding Anderson silva. Everyone who can avoids 185lbs.
    Just wait and watch how many guys join 185lbs when Anderson retires.