Jake Shields Not Letting Visions of Title Shots Fog His Vision (UFC 150 Video)

August 8, 2012
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Jake Shields is a former Strikeforce champion at 185 pounds. He defeated current light heavyweight contender Dan Henderson, an MMA pioneer, for the honor.

He made the move to welterweight when he made the jump to the UFC, but now he’s back at middleweight to face Ed Herman at UFC 150.

While many pundits and fans are automatically throwing his name into the hat to challenge current UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva, Jake Shields knows that, while he’s been successful in the weight class, he’s got to deal with the task at hand before visions of title shots fog his vision.

Check out what Jake Shields had to say at the UFC 150 open workouts in Denver…

  • smill0313

    Who is throwing his name into the hat to challenge Silva? Seriously, who? He needs effing binoculars to see a title shot, in any weight class.

    • WarriorScholar


  • RonnieV

    Shields lost a decision to GSP (in which Shields inflicted more damage), and got knocked out two weeks after his dad died by Ellenberger, give him a break. He still has a dominating win over Dan Henderson, and a close win over the #1 contender Martin Kampmann.

    • Lesnardo

      Martin Kampmann will NEVER be champion.

      That Hendo win doesn’t mean shit. Hendo gassed out. Jake miraculously survived the first round.

    • dathump

      And he will always have that “Hendo Win” to tell his grand kids about. Unless he re invents himself as a fighter, the word is out, Go for the knock out, any striker with good submission and takedown defence will go for the KO, they wont be afraid of his stand up. One dimentional fighters don’t cut it anymore.

  • smill0313

    I didnt say anything about him, I just wanted to know who thinks he deserves a title shot. I totally understand why he lost to Ellenberger. Doesnt change the fact that he isint anywhere near being the #1 contendor at either class.

    • Lesnardo

      From my understanding Jake SHOULD BE weak against hard punchers. Chris Weidman would put him to sleep.

      Jake Shields sucks.