Jake Shields Fight with Ed Herman At UFC 150 Overturned and Ruled No Contest

October 15, 2012
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Jake Shields‘ six-month suspension for the use of a banned substance has now also resulted in his bout with Ed Herman at UFC 150 being overturned and ruled a no-contest.

Officials from the Colorado Boxing Commission confirmed the news to MMAWeekly.com on Monday.

Shields revealed the suspension last week, stating that he had received a six-month suspension as a result of his use of a “banned substance.” The substance that Shields ingested was not revealed, and due to medical laws in Colorado, the commission is unable to disclose that information as well.

Due to the infraction and the laws upheld in the state, Shields’ fight with Herman will now be ruled a no contest.

In addition to the fight being overturned, Shields will pay a fine of $5,675 for the infraction.

Shields will be eligible to fight again and apply for a fight license after Feb. 11, 2013.

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  • I never expected this from Jake Shields. No hate here though. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets released, not based on performance but knowing Dana hates this stuff and does not want it in the sport.

    • Milosc

      To be fair, steroids are ethically embarrassing

      However, (if that is, indeed, what Sheilds was on) I don’t think cannabis is. At least, not in the same way

      Taking steroids is cheating. This is a total infraction in terms of honor, with a hint of cowardice. Recreational, or even undisclosed pharma use with no intent to ‘physically enhance’ is more of a personal issue that’s worked it’s way to the same page through stipulation. Much weaker bite, testicle wise. Gut feeling wise

      If society shepherds didn’t give a damn about a relatively harmless, non-enhancing substance, I doubt Dana White would. No more than caffeine or tobacco

      • macgrubber

        Has nothing to do with being a performance enhancing drug. A rule is a rule, if they cant follow it then GTFO idiot moron. Can most people with a normal day job smoke pot when they want? sorry bro but no they cant why should a person who fights inside a cage get special treatment? they no better than any1 else. ur dum bro.

        • Dave

          This comment made my brain hurt.

  • lowlb

    This sucks… I know the Calaveras crew smokes weed. He should have seen this coming after Nick Diaz…
    And, Dana does not hate this stuff, look at what he did for Sonnen after he failed his drug test. (failed miserably) Dana immediately gave him more fights, a title shot and then he wanted Sonnen to fight JJ. Dana hates it when fighters get caught and he can’t put together a fight.

  • diazfan209

    damn those lingering cannabinoids!!

  • Booker T

    Shields is a hypocrite. He won’t eat meat but he’ll use an illegal substance. Hope he gets kicked out of the UFC.

    • jake

      Piece of shit. Terrible backne!

    • Dave

      Explain where hypocrisy even applies here.

  • bajafox

    I wish I could have a smoke sesh with Shields and the Diaz brothers. Athletes who smoke weed should be excluded from these “banned substance” tests. Seriously, for how many years has the government ran commercials telling us that weed makes you lazy and stupid? All three of these lazy stoners have fought for titles against elite fighters. Weed can’t be two things, either it’s a drug that makes you lazy and stupid like they’ve been lying to us for the last few decades or it’s not. It’s just a fkn plant. I’m guessing he still had some CBN or CBD left in his system, that takes longer to expel from your body that THC

  • Seppo

    I guess he tried to take something that would make him less boring. Well done!

  • nortwetfan

    That suck’s for Herman even though they take away the loss…if Shields was juiced which is the reliable info I have heard…than is it fair to assume Ed would probably have beaten him had he not cheated…steroids give a huge unfair advantage…thereby banned…Ed should have one that fight, and another 30K for the win…plus a nice four fight UFC win streak…which makes his stock go up…fighters who get caught on the juice should forfeit their purse to the loser and be banned for 24 months on 1st offense…2nd offense lifetime ban…BS that the UFC doesn’t deal with this the way they should…wonder if Shields still got to keep his winners purse…Herman couldn’t tire Shields as he figured he could…stronger and better endurance than Ed thought he would have…makes sense now…