Jake Shields Credits Georges St-Pierre, Makes No Excuses for UFC 129 Loss

May 1, 2011
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Following his loss to UFC champion Georges St-Pierre on Saturday night, Jake Shields says that there were a lot of “could have, should have” moments, but gives full credit to St-Pierre for a strong performance at UFC 129.

UFC president Dana White knows that because the fight went to a decision, there will be detractors, primarily, there will be St-Pierre detractors. But he defended his champion, saying that he’s just fighting “the best guys in the world,” like Shields, and they’re not all going to be exciting finishes.

  • wonggfan

    Jake Shields is happy with that loss. It’s like Brett Rogers being content with his Fedor fight: “I was in there with the best fighter and didn’t look that bad!”

    I can’t wait until Shields gets tested against Josh Koscheck or Jon Fitch. Until he beats those guys, I am not going to say that he is #2 in the world.

    • nicofaruchi

      Wife and I ar Shields fans. But I totally agree!! I was thinking in my head last night about how he would do against Kos or Fitch….I dont know man….The pace both those dudes fight at is insane!!

      • Whiskeypress

        Well if he fights Kos, then it will be dirty fighter against dirty fighter. Last night I said…hey..he just open hand poked GSP…they would not show it in the replay of course….they would have had a riot on their hands. The others watching with me didn’t see it but I did…and now I got the proof…probably won’t take long for the UFC to take the vid down though. Here is the link

      • wonggfan

        Jake is bigger than those guys though, especially KOS. And even with his awkward stand-up, he poses danger because of his takedown abilities.

        Like I said, Jake is happy with that loss.

  • streetfightertoo

    @whiskey watched your vid and its a good try but wrong eye. Go back and watch after a right is landed he winces and immediately wipes his left eye looking for the ref to give him time.

  • armendo420

    the corner of shields glove is what went into his eye!