Jake Ellenberger Wants Condit But Open to Fight with Martin Kampmann

March 13, 2012
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Jake Ellenberger UFC 108
If Carlos Condit’s ultimate decision is to sit and wait for the return of UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre later this year, then that leaves a couple of top contenders awaiting match-ups of their own.

At the top of that list sits Jake Ellenberger, who is currently riding a six fight win streak, most recently defeating Diego Sanchez at UFC on Fuel TV 1 in February.

Ellenberger’s wish list starts with a rematch against Condit, who defeated him in his UFC debut, when he stepped in on a month’s notice to face the former WEC champion.

Speaking to Fuel TV’s UFC Tonight, Ellenberger thinks now is the best time for him to face Condit, and he believes he’s earned it.

“I’m ready for him. I’ve won six in a row, it’d be a great time for a rematch against Condit,” Ellenberger told the show. “It keeps me up at night, makes me want to work harder and motivates me to work harder and come back stronger. You saw what I did with a two-week notice. If I had eight or ten weeks to prepare.”

Despite Ellenberger’s best laid plans, all signs are currently pointing towards Condit sitting and waiting for St-Pierre to return later this year.

St-Pierre is currently undergoing rehab on his knee, and released a video on Monday to update his condition. Most believe that St-Pierre may be able to return ahead of his last reported scheduled, which had him back in the Octagon in late October/early November.

If Condit is not an option for Ellenberger’s next fight, another option could be fellow welterweight contender Martin Kampmann.

Kampmann pulled off a late fight submission in his bout against Thiago Alves at UFC on FX 2 from Australia earlier this month.

“Sure, why not. I feel like I can beat anyone at 170 pounds in the world and I’ll continue to prove that,” said Ellenberger.

It’s a wait and see situation for Ellenberger right now, but a No. 1 contender’s bout with Kampmann with a potential title shot on the line seems like a likely scenario for the Nebraska native.

Ellenberger’s full interview will air on UFC Tonight at 10pm ET on Fuel TV.

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  • Towers66

    Condit is going to wait for GSP. Probably a good idea considering the GSP fight will be his 25 minutes of fame. After that he will “RUN” off into the sunset.

    • phrankthetank

      I’ll take the jest about running to mean that you’re still bitter that Diaz lost. Fun facts – Diaz has gone to a decision 11 times. Condit has gone to a decision 4 times. Diaz has finished 21 opponents, condit has finished 26. Condit didn’t fall into diaz’s gameplan and instead of adjusting and trying something different Diaz decided to whine and bitch about it and “retire”. If Diaz was as complete a fighter as he claims to be he should have done something more than just try to box, but he didn’t and he got beat. Get over it.

  • trevor

    He wants Condit? I am sure he does, he was getting his ass kicked in the third round of the last fight he was in and had it gone the 5 rounds a main event should he would likely have lost. Get real! Condit is the second best guy in the division and say what you want about his boring fights but Fitch is right there too. Yes I know he lost but anyone can get one punched…ANYONE!

  • trevor

    He wants Condit? I am sure he does, he was getting his ass kicked in the third round of the last fight he was in and had it gone the 5 rounds a main event should he would likely have lost. Get real! Condit is the second best guy in the division and say what you want about his boring fights but Fitch is right there too. Yes I know he lost but anyone can get one punched…ANYONE!

    • fitefan

      yeah, I’d like to see Ellenberger in another main event and see if he can make it five rounds before we give him a title shot.
      Kampmann should be able to drag him into deep water.
      Sanchez wasn’t just likely to win that fight witn 5 rounds, but looked as if he would have finished it.

  • Towers66

    Fitch got KO’d but at least he fights like a warrior. Can you say the same about Condit? I’d rather see GSP fight Condit or Diaz fight Condit again. I don’t think Ellenberger has the gas tank to chase Condit around for five rounds. :) Cmon…..I had to say it.

    • fitefan

      bleh, Diaz is a counter puncher. He steped into range of Condit and did nothing. Condit took half a step back. Rinse repeat until Condit is against the cage, lateral movement and reset in the center, is not ‘running’. Its refusing to stay trapped against the fence, and Diaz’s inability to take a perfect opportunity to knock Condit out as he ducked forward moving to the side. All Diaz wants to do is counter strike, or trap you against the cage.
      Condit attacked and made contact in the center of the cage. Diaz had most of his initiating strikes in the center avoided. The kid can take a hit for sure, but has a very limited and predictible game plan.
      Similar to Rampage, he just wants to box. He was biching to Condit about the spinning back hands, goading him into a straight up boxing contest.
      but this is MMA, and he lost the bout.
      Condit did not run.
      Diaz lost the fight, but could have and should have beat Condit. It was Diaz’s fight to win or lose, and he lost it.
      I like Condit, but he got lucky he didn’t catch a knee or shin to the head when he escaped the fence. Condit is lucky he fought a boxer that night, and not a mixed martial artist.

  • pooby

    I don’t think Condit deserves the “runner” label just yet. He ran from Diaz, but he’s usually an agressive fighter who finishes his opponents.

  • maddawgmar

    Towers your an idiot, all but two of Condit’s wins have come by sub or KO/TKO. The only two were Ellenberger and Diaz that he won by decision. Fitch has only ten stoppages with thirteen decisions. You call Condit a runner because he counter punched during one fight. He is the premier finisher in the organization. I can’t think of any one else who has the percentage of stoppages as him. 92%. Your an idiot. Enough said.

    • phrankthetank

      Agreed. Towers is just sad that Diaz got beat and is having a hard time dealing with it. I think he needs a shoulder to cry on.

    • tsszaltax

      If you’re going to call someone an idiot, at least have the decency to fix your errors. Its, Towers, you’re an idiot….not your. Call me grammar police all you want, but if you’re going to bash someone, especially if its a cut down of ones intelligence, make sure your own english is correct. And dont say it was a typo, you did it twice.

      • MrAdidas

        BAHAHAHA – I was so going to correct him for “your”. You’re an idiot = you are an idiot.

      • elguapo

        Oh the grammar police, my favourite. Ok tsszaltax, you should have said “it’s Towers, you’re an idiot…not your” rather than “its Towers etc etc”. Now you clearly know what he meant, so respond to his comment rather than grading his English.

        • fitefan

          Point, Set, Match

          Live by the sword, die by the sword.


          nice work elquapo

        • maddawgmar

          Thank you. I hate people who try to correct other peoples grammar. Whether talking, or typing it’s annoying. This is an MMA forum, not an essay. Generally, people who try to show the size of their brains, have small a penis.

  • natpaukar7

    I understand that it is unfair that GSP is out for this long to still consider him but I have to throw him into the mix…I believe that everyone is going to play hot potato with the belt until GSP gets it back…not a single one of the aforementioned fighters…IMO…could handle anything GSP has to offer…from striking stand point or certainly not take downs…

    keeping his seat warm

    • MrAdidas

      I concur 100% with your assessment! They ALL lose to GSP. A severe knee injury like GSP’s WILL be a turning point in his career, whether it’s for the better or for the worst, time will tell.

      I do not think GSP will be “better” than before. Rather than being “100%”, he may only be able to reach 95%, which is still incredible, considering. GSP @ 80% is better than ANY WW at 100%.

  • Towers66

    Those are some harsh words fellas. I guess I won’t voice my opinion on the matter anymore. Sorry to have annoyed you phrankthetank and maddawg. Nobody can read the sarcastic undertones in my comments when it comes to Condit. I am a Diaz fan and I am aware that Condit is a good fighter. I don’t need a shoulder to cry on just a forum to vent on. The MMAWEEKLY forum just might be a little too uptight for my style of sh*t talking and saying whats on my mind.

    • phrankthetank

      You’re not the 1st one to make the running comment. It just drives me crazy that a guy who has finished damn near everyone employs a different strategy in one fight and gets called a runner. I don’t intend to tell anyone that they can’t express their opinion, but if you’re going to talk shit, you have to be able to take it.

    • maddawgmar

      I’m sorry if I offended your sensitive ego. But to say it wasn’t a loss or that Condit ran, is ludicrous. I love Frank Mir, but I don’t make the excuse that the only reason he lost to Lesnar is because Lesnar layed on him. It was a loss.

      As for the English teacher, I’m sorry that everyone on the internet doesn’t write an essay or thesis. Speed typing and short hand is the way I type. So here’s to ya! STFU.

  • Towers66