Jake Ellenberger to Rory MacDonald: “Prepare for Some Horizontal Television Time”

July 16, 2013
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Jake EllenbergerUFC welterweight Jake Ellenberger has recently gone after his UFC on Fox 8 opponent Rory MacDonald via Twitter.  He has referred to MacDonald as “McDummy,” called the Canadian an idiot, and asked his followers, “Which round is Rory getting melted?”

MacDonald fired back questioning Ellenberger’s chin and promising to send Ellenberger back to reality.

Ellenberger was asked about his Twitter attacks during a media conference call on Tuesday promoting the July 27 UFC on Fox 8 event.

“I haven’t said anything that wasn’t true and my message to Rory is pretty clear: start tasting some flavors of baby food and find one you like and stock up because this isn’t a Tears for Fears lookalike contest,” he said.  “All I said is for him to prepare for some horizontal television time, and I meant it.”

Confident, Ellenberger is excited for the match-up and doesn’t think the 23-year-old MacDonald has ever faced anyone like him.

“I’m going out there to perform and to win.  Rory doesn’t have a choice where this fight goes.  This fight goes where I want it to go, and I’ve shown that in past fights,” said Ellenberger.  “He has shown that he has potential, but he has not faced anybody like me.  I’m stoked to get in there.”

On Twitter, Ellenberger stated that it was a bad idea for MacDonald to accept a fight with him and he continued with that stance on the  conference call.

“I’m an evidence-based abuser,” he said.  “I didn’t make him make the stupid decision to fight me.  I’m just going to make him look stupid when I destroy him.”

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  • drkdisciple

    Rory seems to be motivated by fighters that talk trash about him. Last interview I heard with him he said he plans to lay the hurt on Ellenberger and I have no doubts he will!

    • Adam Vogt North Yarmouth

      I agree. Ellenberger is going home ugly from this one.

    • dgs

      Rory is a cocky d-bag, but one can’t deny his skill in the octagon. I don’t think it’s wise for Ellenberger to talk all of this smack, because there is a VERY good possibility that he will be in the horizontal position before the end of the fight. If that happens Ellenberger will really look dumb.

      Actually that’s the problem with any fighter who talks smack, is if they’re the ones who lose they look like idiots for all the smack talk. I have always believed when it comes to martial arts the following axiom, “walk softly and carry a big stick.”

      • shakejunt

        this seems to be a case of jake having to say these things to make himself believe it will happen. the reality is rory has already been in there with condit and nate… 3 years ago… and has only gotten better.

      • Marcus miles

        I like that saying…. never heard it before

        • dgs

          The actual quote by Teddy Roosevelt is “Speak Softly and Carry A Big Stick,” but the variation of “Walk Softly” has more meaning to me. Although in the case of Ellenberger, the original quote applies.

          The classy fighters in the sport rarely talk smack, they let their fists do the talking for them.

  • Wow I never heard Ellenberger talk some much trash. Rory is young and talented and this is a great fight. Although I would have rather seen Rory fight Martin Kampmann. Ellenberger is very underrated the guy has fought all over the world and has an impressive record if anyone can take him out it’s Ellenberger. Rorys toughest fights are pretty much Condit, Ellenberger and Nate Diaz. No offense to BJ. He was out to long and was way under sized, but he still stayed in the fight.

    • Maddawgmar

      I agree with u except for the Nate Diaz part. Diaz was way undersized and a joke at 170. I feel it’s gonna be Rory’s crisp striking v Jake’s heavy hands.

      • Indeed. Jakes wrestling is pretty good as well. I really can’t wait for this fight. I have always been a fan of Jake but when he KO’d Nate Marquardt I was really impressed.

      • Also I still hope to see Ellenberger vs Hendricks.

  • Franchise

    in other words… get ready for some lay n’ pray.

  • Asa

    Haha, jake will get destroyed! Rory is great and way to skilled for him.

  • Edpo21

    Wow lots of Rory nut huggers here. Honestly I think Jakes power will be too much for rory to hadle. 1st round tko for ellenberger.

  • Informed One

    Hmm, I’m not much of anybody’s nut hugger but I still think Rory takes this dominantly. Jacko is good but he’s not top level material like Rory, I mean Jake lost to campman for goodness sake (by KO at that). Rory is going to be too technical and JE hasn’t the chin to survive. Does he have more raw power than Rory? Probly, but he won’t get to use it. MacDonald by GNP, round 2. And lets not get started on wrestling no matter what Jake says. Ellenberger couldn’t out wrestle Diego Sanchez and MacDonald trains with GSP. No bias in me either way, good fight, but Jake is in trouble.

    • Ian Price

      His chin is fine. Jake ate a knee from Kampmann. I mean, even Mendez went down after a knee like that.

      Jake will absolutely destroy anyone and everyone in his path, and will become the WW champion in 2014. And I’m not even an Ellenberger fan! At WW, I’m more of a Condit, Hendricks, (former) Penn, and a Maia fan.

      Also, Ellenberger seems a bit undersized. He could probably get to LW if he wanted to.

      • TW

        You really think either of these guys is a more worthy contender than Hendricks? I just don’t see it. Condit gave Hendricks everything he had (which is a hell of a lot) and still lost pretty decisively. Despite Johnny’s reach disadvantage to all of these guys, I think he is the next champ. GSP better get ready for war.

        • Ian Price

          No, I still think Hendricks is better. But Ellenberger and Condit and Maia are right up there.

    • toom

      rory is gonna destroy ellenburger

  • solo

    TWO BEASTS. By far the most interesting fight on the card! Dont know whats going to happen, not a clue…


      Yup best fight on the card, should be a war even if it only go’s a few rounds. Maybe something of the night bonus in this fight!

  • lamont

    Rory is a beast and ellenberger will be a believer when bell rings,as silva found out against chris weidman.
    Ellenbergers heart is sure but rorys heart is great and his chin and skillset up on another level. Rory wins 1st rd ko

  • darrenblad

    quality comment lmao – “this aint a tears for fears look a like competition” _ ellenberger will steam thru him imo
    the link is for Rory Macdonald

  • DamianCross

    If Ellenberger wins this fight, Jack Crawford’s gonna give him a permanent spot in the FBI’s behavioral science unit.

    That one might have gone over some of your heads. Rory’s a sociopath is what I’m saying.

  • Cameron Merryman

    If that doesnt sound gay, I dunno what does….