Jake Ellenberger On Deck, Diego Sanchez has Choice Words for Nick Diaz

February 13, 2012
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Diego SanchezDiego Sanchez might have changed his nickname from “Nightmare” to “Dream,” but the UFC welterweight hasn’t changed his tone about a former foe.

He’s still not high on Nick Diaz.

The two first faced each other in November of 2005 at the The Ultimate Fighter 2 Finale. Sanchez came out on top in the contest, which, like most of his losses, Diaz wasn’t happy about. The outspoken Stockton resident makes his gripes where he sees fit, and as a result has built a following over the years that supports his protests.

Sanchez, however, has words for Diaz’s fan base and their allegiance to the “209er” – shut up.

“All you little people out there that are Nick Diaz groupies: I beat him then, I’ll beat him again,” Sanchez told MMAWeekly Radio Weekend Edition. “I don’t know why you guys say this crap. ‘Oh, that was a long time ago! Nick Diaz has gotten so much better.’ You know what, man?! Everybody’s gotten better! That’s what happens!”

Sanchez isn’t blind to the fact that Diaz has become one of the world’s best 170-pound fighters on the planet. He gives him the respect any other would give for building his reputation in the years outside of the UFC’s Octagon. But once Diaz returned to the organization last year, Sanchez was less than impressed.

A fight with former UFC lightweight and welterweight champion B.J. Penn told Sanchez that Diaz, while a great fighter, on that night fought someone who has seen greater days.

In fact, according to Sanchez, he wishes he could have gotten it so easy.

“I commend Nick Diaz for everything he’s done, and he did take it to B.J., but the B.J. that fought Nick Diaz was not the B.J. that fought me,” he proclaimed. “I wish I could have fought that B.J.”

With so much animosity towards Diaz and his following, it’s easy to assume Sanchez’s attention might be drifting away from his pending UFC on Fuel TV fight with Jake Ellenberger scheduled for Feb. 15. Not so fast, said the Jackson’s MMA fighter. He still has his eyes focused on the task at hand, which is getting his chance to earn a shot at the interim UFC welterweight title.

Ellenberger is still priority No. 1.

“A big win in this fight I think (will) put me in line for a shot at (Carlos Condit). That’s what I would want,” he said. “Get that interim belt and fight ‘GSP.’

“I’m not looking ahead of Jake Ellenberger. He’s a champion.”

But in a division with an interim title, injured pay-per-view star, and deep list of up-and-coming competitors looking for a piece of the pie, it’s unrealistic that Sanchez would only have Ellenberger in mind. The public jabs at Diaz make sense for the former Ultimate Fighter winner and the position he’s in, especially given their history.

Ellenberger is first, but he’d love to get in there with Diaz one more time.

“The guy is the most negative guy in the sport, and I would love to put a whooping on him again,” he said. “I’m still (the) Diego Sanchez who can take down Nick Diaz and his ‘blanky’ legs.”

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  • therealmo

    pretty bold of him to talk trash now that he’s retired, even if he does come back he’ll probably be suspended for a year

    • jmat13

      Why not talk trash about him? Thats all Diaz does is talk and complain. Plus when you beat someone it does give some bragging rights.

      • therealmo

        why don’t you compare both of their fights with bj and see who has improved and evolved more

        • KBEsq

          First of all, styles make fights, and Sanchez has a style that is more likely to give Diaz trouble. Second, you cannot judge the ability of Penn’s opponents from one fight to the next because of his training issues. As much as Diaz fans just LOVE him so much, you cannot argue that if Penn had unlimited cardio, he either would have won that fight, or it would have been a hell of a lot closer.

          I’ll admit that Penn’s showing against Sanchez was pretty amazing, but that fight involved a different Penn in my opinion, and Penn is not a guy susceptible to fighters who fight like Sanchez. I think Sanchez would have a great chance against Diaz if they fight again.

        • MrAdidas

          They also fought in a diff weight class, genius! How in the hell do you compare a guy who is a THREAT to anyone @ LW & a joke @ WW?!? Diego was 100% right, he fought an in shape BJ Penn @ 155, while Diaz fought a very out of shape Penn @ 170 (yet Diaz still lost the 1st round to BJ). I dont even like BJ, but your “comment” is idiotic & stupid. Comparing the same fighter in 2 diff weight classes … good one moron!

  • alhmiel

    Diaz is a low life not needed in the UFC. throw Diaz out and remove the stench of this demon.

  • jmat13

    Both Ellenberger and Sanchez are better fighters than Diaz. They have had to fight and beat better fighters.

    • RonnieV


      • therealmo

        i second that

      • MrAdidas

        Disagree – Jmat is right! how in the hell can you look at Diaz’s list of oponents & compare it to Diego’s list?!? Strikeforce Vs UFC talent … hummm. Close one … (cough cough)

  • chilepepper999

    Who cares was Sanchez thinks about anything. I’m surprised he was able to string together that many sentences without having to stop and think about it.

    • kendallclements

      Have you ever listened to Nick Diaz try and compose a sentence? Or his brother for that matter? I wouldn’t really be calling out Diego for his speaking skills without watching your boy Diaz massacre the English language…

  • Anthony

    Maybe they could blaze up together after the fight? or even before……..

  • guybezzar

    Even if it’s coming from Diego, absolutely everything he says about Nick Diaz is true. I have never seen a fighter who has done so little in the cage,be so over-hyped.

  • Mma fanatic

    1st , I care what Diego says! That’s why I clicked on the story! If you don’t care what he says , then did you just read the arrtical so you Chillipepper999 could talk sh*t? He a great fighter and a smart guy, just alittle different! Look at my screen name, I’m picking Diego to beat Ellenburger and possibly be next in line for Carlos before GSP gets back! Also Diego is in a whole different league than fake ass Diaz!

  • alhmiel

    Nick Diaz is a classless moron unworthy of being in the UFC. Diaz is a terrible example for kids to watch. must be banned forever.

    • RonnieV

      alhmiel, you have posted about 50 times regarding that no good, “mean demon” Diaz! I think you are obsessed with him bro.

    • BlackDog2009

      what the hell are you talking about? how is he classless? talk to most of his opponents, Diaz gives them respect after the fight is over, Shamrock, Daley, Penn, Condit, they can all tell you that Diaz gave them their fair handshake and respectful thanks for facing him.

      and I don’t know where you’ve been but maybe you should check out some footage of Diaz teaching kids, helping his peers to prepare for fights and watch him warm up and drill, and you’ll see how disciplined the guy really is.

  • Diaz is a little, whining c#nt!

    • RonnieV

      It’s funny that you and Sanchez bitch about Diaz whining. Have you heard one word from him since the Condit fight? Nope

  • nickpadilla

    You can’t take anything serious from a guy who claims to have invented the “yes cartwheel”.

  • Sanchez and Diaz aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer. Both have had their fighting woes. Sanchez is fighting Jake and needs to be commenting on that fight alone. Don’t call out Diaz now. Sanchez is so injury prone that even if he wins the fight against Jake, he may not be healthy enough to fight Diaz or Condit.

  • charlesirwin

    I am not a Diaz fan but how can Sanchez say that when he beat Nick back in 2005, that it isnt any different then if he were to fight now now. But then makes the statement that the BJ Penn that he fought only 2 years is lesser of a fighter than the BJ nick faught a year ago. To acknowledge that the BJ Nick faught only a year after Sanchez lost to BJ sounds pretty stupid. So basically you can decline much more in two years then you could get better in 6. Common Diego.

  • julianmoran

    Diaz owned the best B.J. Penn that ever stepped inside the octagon.

    B.J. owned the best Sanchez at his best.

    Diaz would finish Sanchez in the second at the latest.

    • KBEsq

      I won’t comment on the “best Sanchez” comment, because I think it’s too difficult to determine if that was the best Sanchez based on the fight. However, how on earth can you say that was the best Penn in the Diaz fight when Penn was completely done in the second round in his fight with Diaz!?

      When Penn fought Sanchez, it was a 5 round fight (that went into the fifth) and the first round was much more physically draining than the Penn/Diaz first round. Penn looked completely flawless in the Sanchez fight, and had cardio well into the fifth round.

      • MrAdidas

        B/C it was 2 diff weight classes – I’d fight the BJ Penn @ WW & not be too worried. But to fight BJ @ LW = NO Thanks!

        For you idiot out there – No, I wouldn’t literally fight BJ @ WW. Just tryin to prove a point!

  • guybezzar

    If you’ve watched B.J. for any length of time, you know that was a way past his prime Penn against Diaz. You could literally see him age as the fight went on.I’m not a Diaz hater,i’ve always liked watching him fight, but he’s wildly over-rated. Diego/Jake? Jake dec.

    • Triggerman99

      It’s funny that everyone wants to claim that BJ was “past his prime” when Diaz beat him. I bet during the first round, everyone was saying “Hooray! Look what happens when Diaz has to fight a top guy like BJ! Yea BJ!” Then Diaz beats the living christ out of him, and suddenly BJ was over-the-hill for that fight. It’s hilarious to me!!

      Sanchez fought the same BJ that Diaz did and got clobbered. That doesn’t mean Nick could beat Diego now. It’s all about match-ups. With that said, I still think Diaz would crush him if they fought now.

      • TandmWarElephant

        I have never really been a Penn fan for some reason however, There was a clear difference in determination and will between the BJ who fought Sanchez and the Bj who fought Diaz. There is absolutely no way you can deny that. The Bj at lightweight is a Bj that is training and doing everything right… the Bj at welterweight is the lazy Bj who goes off of his skill alone basically that is no secret that he hates training and cutting weight. The majority of Bj’s losses are at welterweight because he isn’t a welterweight fighter. Now am i saying Sanchez can beat Diaz? no however, there is a definite difference in the Penn’s that showed up each night.
        In my opinion Edgar demotivated Penn because he hasn’t been the same since those two fights.

        • Triggerman99

          We’re talking about the same BJ who KO’d Hughes in the 1st round and then fought Jon Fitch to a draw one fight before getting handled by Diaz. Sorry, but BJ didn’t get slaughtered by Diaz because he wasn’t the same fighter he used to be. He lost because Diaz wasn’t the same fighter he used to be.

          • MrAdidas

            UGHHH NO!!! R u using Matt Hughes as an example of BJ not beiung out of his prime b/c he KO’d Hughes?!? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHA – okay junior time for bed! BYW: BJ did NOT draw Vs Fitch … he actually lost that fight, yet his name got him a DRAW! So yes BJ KO’d a washed up bum in Hughes & he “lost” to Fitch, but ended up with a draw. What is BJ’s record at LW? compare that to his WW record, then come on here comment. B/C once you see the night & day difference, you wont “need” to make yourself look like an idiot, like you did in your above post!

            Bragging about BJ KOing Hughes & a draw with Fitch as examples that BJ is not “washed up” or that he’s the same fighter @ 55 as he is @ 70! BAHAHAHAHA

  • Towers66

    The reason Diego said these things about Diaz is to hype himself. That’s that. Diego is nobody anymore, he is way past his prime and has a vaj on his forehead courtesy of BJ. Lamp Ann will win this fight for sure. By unanimous decision probably. Diego would not fare well against Diaz. Diaz’s striking is far superior, he would submit Diego fast if he was put on his back. What could the Yes man bring to the table….besides hype.? YES! YES! YES! Diego better start getting some energy from the lightning storms cuz Martin is going to bring it.

  • Towers66

    Lamp Ann= kampmann … Fricken auto correct.

    • Triggerman99

      You should correct it again, because he’s fighting Ellenberger, not Kampmann. LOL!

      • MrAdidas

        LOl – what an idiot! Too bad auto correct couldn’t fix “ST00PID”. WTF? Kampmann … he’s not even figthing on this card, so how in the hell does he get the 2 names mixed up?!?

  • Towers66

    The writers for Mmaweekly are so bias, I’d be willing to bet Damon Martin is a huge Carlos condit fan. Ive saved all the Diaz related articles and it is pretty clear. Diego is not high on Diaz? Really? Nice.

  • Towers66

    I mean ellenberger, I always mess up his name with kampmanns. I got fighter name dyslexia or sumthin. Lol. I was picturing ellenberger in my head the whole time. I even watched his highlights before the post. Hahaha. My bad.

  • paulsr

    Sanchez should should really get over himself! What has he done recently? Nothing but talk too much! Sanchez and Sonnen, they could talk each other into a submission. One would have lose weight or the other gain weight.

  • paulsr

    Diaz did win the strikeforce belt!
    The time he knocked out Robby Lawler was great almost as great as when Hendo NAILED Bisping..out cold!!!!

  • paulsr

    Some fighters believe too much of their own hype! Couture never hyped himself, he had class! Some fighters could learn from Couture! He knew how to be champion!

  • BlackDog2009

    What the hell is this? Out of nowhere comes Diego the ‘neverwas’ to make headlines with Nick Diaz’ name?

    Get this straight all of you, Diego edged out a decision back then, he barely got the victory and even using his wrestling, he was not able to put Diaz away, or dominate him.

    Diego the Dream… I thought he was all about being positive now, but it looks to he’s back to his old self, and dying with ‘envy’ at how Nick Diaz has surpassed him in just about everything in MMA.

    • Triggerman99

      Correct. He’s just trying to get in on some of Diaz’s thunder.
      Unless I’m mistaken, I haven’t really heard anybody screaming for Diaz to go back and avenge his loss to Diego. Why is Diego even bringing the idea up at all? Diego’s just working himself up because Diaz is the big name right now and Sanchez is not.
      I don’t care if they ever fight again; frankly, haven’t even thought about it until I saw this article. But if they did, Diego would get worked over. I don’t see how he could win that fight at this point.

      • macgrubber

        How many more times are u gonna post about how good diaz is? and wtf is this
        “We’re talking about the same BJ who KO’d Hughes in the 1st round and then fought Jon Fitch to a draw ”

        KO hughes is that suppose to be impressive? Hughes has looked horrible past couple of years and is not known for his standup and fighting fitch to a draw. Again is that suppose to be impressive? Sanchez would win ez.

        • Triggerman99

          How many more times? I’ll do one more just for you!
          Fighting Fitch to a draw is impressive for BJ. Fitch’s only loss in the UFC at that point was to GSP. Not to mention he was ranked #2 in the world. So yes, it was impressive, and yes, Diaz did spank BJ in BJ’s very next fight. I know everyone wants to make excuses for BJ all the time, but there was no excuse. he got handled by Diaz. Like it or not.

          Sanchez would win over Diaz easy? Not likely. Regardless, I didn’t say anything about how great Diaz is, I just said he’s a big name right now and Diego is trying to get on board.

          • RonnieV

            Good job Triggerman99! I’m right there with you brother. MMAWeeekly recently posted a video of GSP (and Chuck Liddel) watching the Diaz-Condit fight cageside. GSP made an observation that I’ve stated on here a dozen times, and that is that Diaz always starts slow. Which is the only reason BJ looked impressive in the first round against Nick. He landed 10 more punches than Diaz, but the haters will tell you that Diaz got “out-classed.” Diaz went on to break a compustrike record in the next two rounds. But the haters will say he only won, because Penn gassed. People typically do gas when they get punched in the face 200 times.

  • D-rail

    Another “Almost” trying to jump on the DIAZ HATE TRAIN’. Once Ellenberger gets through w/this messy spunk (THE WET DREAM), Sanchez will spiral down to KING OF THE CAGE, where he will retire all bloated w/titties, wondering why he was never given a rematch. The BJ excuse is just sad.

  • tell diego “bad dream” sanchez to go fight kampmann again he loses to strikers wit good td defense and he has never truley impressed me except he is tuff as nails and has great cardio but still not a fan especially cuz he cant admitt he lost to kampmann

  • D-rail

    Yep, excuses Diego. I suppose the Paul Daley that beat the Sh….T out of Kampmann,was not the Daley that Diaz fought either right? Diego wouldn’t of lasted 5 seconds in that fight, and YES, Kampmann did beat u.

  • twospeed99

    Diego “My Face is a Nightmare” can you spell “irrelevant”, probably not seeing you misspelled every other word in your tweet. Do you not know of spell check !!!! What a turd