Jake Ellenberger: ‘I Can Beat Anybody in the World’

February 14, 2012
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Jake Ellenberger UFC 126If you look at the landscape of the UFC’s welterweight division there’s Georges St-Pierre and Carlos Condit cemented at the top as champions. Below that the contenders list is strong, but no one may be more prepared for a shot at the title than UFC on Fuel TV 1 headliner Jake Ellenberger.

With five wins in a row, including his first-round knockout over former top contender Jake Shields in his last bout, Ellenberger is living up to his nickname as “The Juggernaut,” but there’s one person that’s not going tell you that.

That one person is Jake Ellenberger.

As strange as it seems that in a day and age when a ton of fighters are screaming to the heavens that they should get this opponent or they deserve a title shot, Ellenberger remains the guy who will just let the UFC decide when and if he’s ready to battle for the belt.

His statement is he knows that he can beat any 170-pound fighter on the planet. Title or no title, line them up, he’ll knock them down.

“I feel like when I’m mentally 100-percent focused and control everything that I do, as far as the intangibles outside of the cage, I can beat anybody in the world. The opponent doesn’t really matter to me,” Ellenberger told MMAWeekly Radio.

Since coming to the UFC, Ellenberger’s only loss was via split decision to current interim champ Carlos Condit in a fight he accepted on a month’s notice. But Ellenberger can’t think about Condit right now. He can’t think about Georges St-Pierre either.

He’s only got one name on his mind and that’s his UFC on Fuel TV 1 opponent, Diego Sanchez.

“I have no control whether that’s going to happen or not,” Ellenberger said about getting a shot at the title. “I feel like I can beat any welterweight in the world. I’m not looking past (Diego) at all. I haven’t thought about anything but him. I’m completely focused on Diego. The goal in the future’s definitely to be the champ, but I’ve definitely got a challenge. No looking past him at all.”

The reason why Ellenberger is so cautious about looking ahead is because he knows that Sanchez presents an interesting match-up for anybody at welterweight.

A crafty veteran of more than 15 fights in the UFC, Sanchez has never stopped improving and trains with one of the top camps in the sport at Jackson’s MMA. He’s also a fighter that doesn’t mind getting into the heads of his opponent’s with a strange intensity and anger that rises up just before facing off.

“He tries to mess with people’s heads and play games, but he does bring a tremendous pace, and at the end of the day you have to be able to match that or do something to counteract that. He comes to fight and he’s definitely a warrior and I’ve always respected that about him,” Ellenberger said about Sanchez.

“I’m prepared to finish this fight and I know I’m going to leave with my hand raised by any means necessary. Whatever it takes. If we get a finish, that’s great, but I’m expecting an absolute terror of a night.”

The end game for Ellenberger will always be about becoming UFC welterweight champion, but he knows that his win over Jake Shields won’t get him the belt. He also knows that talking about a rematch with Carlos Condit won’t get him past Diego Sanchez.

It’s all about this one night in Omaha.

“Everything I’ve done so far doesn’t matter. When we fight, everything I’ve done before that doesn’t matter,” said Ellenberger. I’ve always been sensitive to that.

“I have to do what it takes to win. Whatever happens down the road happens. I’m just focused on one fight at a time and destroying Diego Sanchez.”

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  • Lesnardo

    War Ellenberger!!

  • D-rail

    This dude has all the potential of being a champ for sure. Diego is just a snack in the road. Ellenberger first round KO, and I doubt anybody disagrees with me.

    • elguapo

      I disagree. I’ve a feeling this may just go to a decision for some reason, although a comfortable 30-27 decision to jake I might add. I think it’s just cos so many fights have disappointed recently that I’m expecting it now from all the fights I’m really excited for. That said, 1st round ko would not surprise me at all.

  • Darren2112

    I like Diego but fear a loss would put his status in jeopardy. I hope for a Diego sub, but I won’t put any $$$ on it. That being said, I will definitely be watching the fight and thanks the UFC for putting the fight on. These are the fights I like to watch the most. Contender fights. The winner of this fight is likely one fight away from a title shot. In Jake’s case, if he wins, he may as well get the next shot. Compelling sports drama. I like it!

  • Lesnardo

    Love Diego’s fighting style. As soon as I thought he was getting schooled by Paulo Thiago and Kampmann (those guys schooled Diego in the first round) Diego took the momentum in those fights and made it into his fights.

    Diego took more punishment from Kampmann than the other way around. Yet, he pushed the pace. The fight would have been boring without Diego Berserk mode.

    Diego vs Diaz would be awesome too.

  • D-rail

    This is definitely a defining bout for Diego. It will determine whether he belongs in the UFC or in MFC, or better yet, king of the cage and then Burger King.

    • Lesnardo

      Dude Jake Ellenberger is one of the rising stars in the UFC. Losing to him would not mean that Diego belongs in MFC or doesn’t belong in the UFC.

      Fighters with better skill than Diego have been cut from the UFC. But Diego is an exciting fighter. I am not saying that he is one of the best. But as an undercard to the main event Diego is perfect. Another guy is Chris Leben.

      I don’t like fighters like Clay Guida. Boring in the ring and weird outside the ring.

  • somecokehead

    now that is fu%$#@! funny!! he said … burger king!! ha ha ha