Jacob Volkmann Ready to Call Out the UFC Instead of Obama Cause He Wants Top Ten Opponents

May 26, 2012
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Five fights in the lightweight division have equaled five wins for Jacob Volkmann, but what it hasn’t produced is a slot on the main card or an opponent he really wants to face.

Never one to hold his tongue, Volkmann was adamant following his last win over former Ultimate Fighter winner Efrain Escudero that he wanted to start dipping into top ten waters.

UFC matchmaker Joe Silva didn’t agree with him and now Volkmann faces British submission specialist Paul Sass on the UFC 146 prelims on Facebook. In other words, Volkmann struck out twice for both things he was hoping for with his next bout.

“I was hoping for a top ten (opponent), I’ve won my last five in a row, I thought I would at least get a top 20 guy. Top ten would be ideal, but I guess you wish in one hand and poop in the other,” Volkmann told MMAWeekly Radio prior to his fight.

“It’s extremely frustrating. You’re not on the main card, you’re not going to get the sponsors you want, it’s hard to move up in the rankings when you’re not on the main card cause a lot of people don’t know you, they don’t see us so in the rankings you’re kind of biased. It’s frustrating.”

If there has been a knock on Volkmann thus far in his UFC career it’s that his stifling and dominant wrestling don’t necessarily produce quick fire finishes or knock down, drag out fights. The Minnesota based lightweight says that just because some internet reporter doesn’t find his style appealing doesn’t mean he’s ever going to change.

“It’s based on some turn over there on the other side of the screen putting blogs on saying I’m a boring fighter, and they don’t want to put a boring fighter on TV cause some turd over there doesn’t understand the sport. Makes me angry right now talking about it,” said Volkmann.

“I’m always going to stick to my strengths and I’m not going to go away from it unless the guy actually defends the takedown.”

Volkmann has learned watching enough other fighters change their style to appease the fans, only have the end result be losing.

When the subject is brought up, Volkmann only coughs and says “Gray Maynard, what?”.

Whether you love him or hate him, Jacob Volkmann is brutally honest and he’s never going to back down from what he does well in the cage or what he has to say about it outside the Octagon.

For his fight this weekend, Volkmann faces undefeated British fighter Paul Sass, who has ended more than a few fights with his devastating submission game. Seeing what his opponent does well, Volkmann admits that this match-up probably isn’t the barnburner that’s going to earn him a spot on the main card, but if his plan goes right, it will earn him a win.

“It might be a boring fight, I’m being honest it’s gonna be a boring fight. Unless I get a submission locked up or an opportunity for a submission, I’m not going to chance it,” Volkmann stated.

“Cause I’m going to control the pace of this fight. He’s a little bit too dangerous to create scrambles with.”

Honesty has got Volkmann in hot water before like after his win at UFC 125 when he said he’d like to fight President Barack Obama, and it earned the chiropractor a visit from the Secret Service. His outspoken comments have also cost him a couple of suspensions from his job as a youth wrestling coach in Minnesota as well.

But the fact is Volkmann won’t be silenced and if his performances in the cage don’t earn him the fights he wants, then maybe speaking his mind will.

“Maybe I should start calling out the UFC instead of Obama,” Volkmann joked.

“If I win this next fight and (Joe) Rogan interviews me, I already have planned what I want to say. Don’t worry it’s not about Obama.”

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  • No more awkward post fight interviews please. Just thank your opponent, thank the fans and say you’re ready to fight whoever they put in front of you next.

  • goleta83

    Boooooooooring I think Sass will shut him the **** up

  • bigwurm

    Sat whatever the hell you want. Sometimes things need to be said. **** Oboma, and you should get a top 10 guy..

    • While I fully agree with you that people should speak up on important matters… there’s a time, a place, a mode and a method for expressing such views and feelings. In the Octagon® during a post fight speech using a poorly thought out and atrociously delivered joke is not the way to do it.

      Dude has the comedic chops of a block of wood. His style is drier than bread crumbs in the Sahara. His delivery (and the cricket inducing silence that came afterward) are more awkward than a boner during your first slow dance with a girl in grade school.

      See, I can be unfunny too. Biggest difference is nobody is listening to me.

    • RubeKegal

      Agreed Bigwurm

  • bigwurm

    Say not Sat.. oops

    • MuayThaiFood

      Oops….you spelled Obama wrong too.

  • shakejunt

    people seem to dislike this guy because he has an awkward way of saying that our president is just working his own agenda.

    1. obama does have his head up his ass
    2. volkmann does deserve a top guy
    3. i’d like to fight obama too

  • bjjjay

    I’d fight bush for f&%#*@g up the world.

    • RubeKegal

      bjjjay, you sir are a moron. Bush had to overcome the most catastrophic event of our lifetime and when he left office, unemployment was at 5.0% and gas was 2/3 of what it is now.(of course when gas went up under Bush’s regime, Bush was the devil according to most media outlets, yet I haven’t heard any negative press towards Obama though if he gets re-elected, we will see gas more than double in 8 years which is absurd)

      Stop listening to the left wing media and the websites like MSN who have posted recent articles such as “Obama nice to girl who spilled mustard on him”(who gives a f*ck) or “Obama praises Ali” referencing a visit with Muhammed Ali which means dog shit. I have NEVER seen a PRO-Bush article during his reign and it’s sad

      Michelle Obama was voted one People Magazine’s most beautiful women in the world…I can’t make this shit up.

      Barack Obama is trying to put a bandaid on a stab wound in terms of our deficit. 5 trillion deeper in deficit AND unemployment now stands at 8.3% under Obama as opposed to 5% under Bush.

      You need to do some research for yourself instead of blindly watching CBS or that douchenugget Bill Maher.

      With that being said, I will give credit where credit is due…Obama intensified the attacks against Osama Bin Laden even more than Bush did….but that is the ONLY thing he has done correctly. He says the rich don’t pay taxes which is assinine….the rich people carry the majority of the tax weight in this country. His “Giveaway” cell phone program is a free ticket to be a careless dick with your phone and no worries, you will get a new one…and who pays for that? Damn straight…

      I’m pissed that I voted for Obama last election and I will not make that same mistake. Romney is my choice in the upcoming election.

      • Booker T

        Right on RubeKegal!! Liberals are ruining this country.

      • bryanadams

        Well said Rubekegal! I’m still upset that u voted for Obama though…

      • MuayThaiFood

        You need to quit listening blindly to the Fox network and Fascist talking heads. Bush got us into the most catastrophic event of our lifetime you moron. His lying to the American people about the threat of Iraq and subsequent war in Iraq was a far worse catastrophe in terms of sheer numbers of dead Americans not to mention the over 100,000 innocent Iraqi men, women and children killed.

        Furthermore, unemployment at the end of the Bush Administration was over 7% not 5% and at this time it’s only 1% point higher under the Obama Administration. Also worth noting is that if you look at a graph of unemployment during the transition it was sharply rising up at the end of the Bush presidency and continued on the same trajectory from March ’09 to about November ’09 where it leveled out and has been slowly, steadily dropping.

        “Intensified attacks against Osama”? Yeah, it’s hard to attack someone if you aren’t looking for them isn’t it? Obama “intensified attacks” to the point of killing him!!

        I hope all of you voting for Romney keep drinking the kool-aid and end up strumming your harps for him for eternity on Kolob.

        Honesty has got Jacob Volkmann in hot water??!! No, talking without the brains to back it up was what got him in trouble. You’re in good company Rube.

        • RubeKegal

          Muay Thai Food, you are incredibly misinformed…Let me ask you something. Were you aware we captured Osama under the Clinton reign? Did you know we had him? AND CLINTON LET HIM GO!! However according to you Bush got us into all of this. Here is a fact for you. Every top leader of Al-Qaida has been extinguished since 9/11 and we have not had an attack on our home land since. Many of these attacks were thwarted.

          Saying Bush lied to the American people about Iraq is about as ignorant as saying Republicans blew up the towers in a conspiracy. You should go have a picnic with Michael Moore.

          Your unemployment numbers are skewed. The actual numbers went from 5.7 to 7.8 under Bush after further review…Under Obama it went from 7.8 to 10.0 from January to October 2009. It is now down to 8.1, but many people have stopped filing for unemployment which shouldn’t make the % go down, those people should still be included, but those people simply don’t qualify for unemployment anymore. According to the US Bureau of Labor statistics, the REAL number would be over 12% if those people were included.

          Terrorist attacks under Clinton:

          1)Feb 26 1993 World Trade Center Basement bombing
          2) April 19th 1995 Oklahoma City Car Bomb
          3)Aug 7 1998 US Embassy in Nairobi killing 224 people
          4)Oct 12 2000 the USS Cole

          Since 9/11 and BUSH’S DECISION FOR WAR ON TERROR, WE HAVE NOT HAD AN ATTACK SINCE 9/11, but Bush was a bad guy right?

          • MuayThaiFood

            That’s funny, my numbers are skewed? I never claimed them to be my numbers. They are actually from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Here’s a link to graph posted on a right leaning website.

            Turn it upside down and visualize it as the trajectory of a stalled aircraft. When Bush hands it over to Obama it is on a trajectory to make a large crater. Just like a stalled aircraft you don’t take over and pull out of a trajectory like that immediately. That should be apparent to even someone like yourself unless you are completely brainwashed.

            I agree with you on one point. Saying the Republicans blew up the towers is ignorant. The fact that Bush lied to the American people though is just that….fact. There was never proof of wmd’s and Bush assured the public that there was. He’s the Commander in Chief. Who do you think is more responsible than him? Are you really that ignorant to think you can blame a decision to go to war on some low ranking lackey?? You’re a fool. Rather than me picnicking with Michael Moore, why don’t you and Rush Limbaugh go do some viagra together and bump peters.

    • bryanadams

      Yeah, until bush came around the world was all rainbows and ****jobs huh. **** Obama! He tripled Bush’s deficit, failed to get us out of the middle east, and if he’s re-elected he’s gonna cram a shitty health care system down our throats!

      ps- most of our current problems can be tied to Carter and Clinton, ie- the deregulation if banks and mortgage companies. You remember how high all those dems were when slick willy “made it possible for every american to own a home.” Now we’re seeing the price of all that communist utopia bull ****!

      • RubeKegal

        bryan that is actually a phenomenal point. Clinton revised the Community Reinvestment Act policy in the early 90’s which made getting a mortgage as easy as buying a can of soda. All the foreclosures that are hitting the market now can be directly linked to Clinton’s mishandlings.

  • maddawgmar

    Frankly until his fights garner some exciting fights, the he will rise slowly. If he just finished a fight in an impressive fashion he will get his wish.

  • Booker T

    Obama ain’t my mama. Worst president since Carter. Vote that idiot out!

    • bryanadams


  • Mario

    Thank you Sass!


  • This isn’t a political forum and most of you are simply repeating what a so called news channel tells you to say.
    Volkmann is a douche, Sass kicked his arrogant ass and it has made my night! Let’s see… Sass wins about 10 fights by triangle so Volkmann goes to the ground with him. Does he even have a Coach?
    Now… if Hardy loses and dos Santos wins I will be stoked!
    I simply can’t stand big mouth morons and it isn’t just fighters, it’s all over the world, including fight forums where people rush to post their political views.

    • MuayThaiFood

      I agree with everything you said Georgesperry, and for the record I didn’t start the whole political debate. I just get pissed when I hear human punching bags spouting off all their worldly wisdom on here. Bottom line is Volkmann IS a douche and I’m pretty sure Obama, with a little training, could submit him with ease. 🙂
      War Bama!!