Jacob Volkmann isn’t Changing Who He is for Anybody, Even President Obama

January 10, 2012
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Since making the move to 155 pounds, Minnesota’s own Jacob Volkmann has been a perfect 5-0, but the attention on him lately hasn’t come as much from fighting as it has from politics.

The outspoken Volkmann made it on the national spotlight after he commented that he’d like to fight President Barack Obama after a win in early 2011, and he’s continued to voice his opinions against the Democrat ever since.

His latest was after a win at UFC 141 over Efrain Escudero when Volkmann made a joke when speaking with UFC commentator Joe Rogan, and the result was much the same after his original comments about the president.

Volkmann was suspended from his job as a wrestling coach at White Bear Lake high school for a second time after his comments at UFC 141. According to the UFC lightweight, he will once again fight to get his job back because unfortunately the facts surrounding the situation were incorrect and he plans on rectifying the matter.

“Yeah, it kind of irritated me cause the whole thing, a person had called in and complained about what I said, but the thing is the HR lady (at the school) she got her info from Yahoo and Fox 9, which is not even close to correct. They twisted it around to make the story a little better. I never said that Obama needed a glassectomy, I said call me so he can schedule a glassectomy. I never said it was for him. You can take out of the interview what you want, but that’s not what I said,” Volkmann told MMAWeekly.com on Tuesday.

“Plus they said I wanted to rip his arm off, and I never said that. I said I wanted to rip it, it’s a technical term for when you roll hard and you try to submit them. Like a technical term for ‘ripping’ an armbar or a Kimura, cause if they’re resisting, you have to rip it. You can’t rip someone’s arm off, that’s impossible.”

Volkmann isn’t apologizing for what he said because at UFC 141 he was just trying to be funny, and his political overtones are the way he wants to use his time in interviews. He says that the standard go to material for most fighters that thank sponsors or teammates is old news.

He’s going to use his time to say something meaningful and get some attention.

“The thing is, you only have what 30 seconds out there on the mic? It’s like a speech, like an article, you have to make it interesting so people want to follow up with you and that’s what I’m trying to do. No one wants to hear who your sponsors are, no one wants to hear thank you’s to your sponsors or your family or your coach cause you’re already thanking those guys. They want to hear something. They want to hear you talk trash, they want to hear you call out your next opponent, in my case, I don’t know if they want to hear politics, I’m going to give them that,” Volkmann stated.

“Whether it makes them hate me or like me, at least they know me.”

Volkmann isn’t giving up on his job at White Bear Lake High either. He plans on fighting for his coaching position because he likes what he does, and really the statements he made were done as a fighter, not as a coach of the wrestling team.

“I’m going to fight to keep it because I like the kids; I like coaching. I’m trying to give back to the wrestling community. If they don’t like it, too bad,” Volkmann said. “They can’t kick me out for coaching for saying what I want in a different job that’s not even related to the school. I don’t know why they’re having such a hard problem with that fact.”

While coaching may be his secondary job, Volkmann’s primary goal remains to get to the top of the UFC’s lightweight division and the attention he’s getting right now is a lot of things, but it’s not bad.

He’s not convinced, however, that the UFC will give him a top level opponent because he’s not willing to throw flying knees or crazy haymakers to get the crowd on his side.

“I obviously want a top level guy, but the chances of getting one of those aren’t very good right now because they don’t like my style, so they’re not going to give me one of those guys and beat one of them and make them look bad because they don’t like my style, which is fine, I’m working on it. But I’m not going to be a guy that’s going to switch everything like Gray Maynard did and try to stay standing with somebody that beats me up on the feet,” said Volkmann.

“I’m going to make a technical fight; I’m not going to be a foolish fighter out there.”

Volkmann has every intention of continuing his evolution as a fighter, training his stand-up and striking on a regular basis, but he knows his roots are in his wrestling and no amount of fan support or bashing is going to make him change it.

“I’m going to stay who I am just because that’s what people want to see,” said Volkmann.

“Just cause some turd out there across the screen wants to see a knockout or some blood cause he doesn’t understand a technical fight. I’m not going to change for him.”

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  • Prodigy815

    Him and Dennis Hallman need to be banned from post-fight interviews haha.

    • RonnieV

      Why? There are hundreds of athletes & celebrities that voice their political & religious views. Freedom of Speech at it’s best!

    • fitefan

      Yeah, Hallman blew me away with his post fight comment.
      *long pause*
      “Jesus come back soon, we’re barely holding on”
      I was like wtf? That came out of nowhere. Somebody check this guy into a suicide clinic, he sounds like a man that’s losing hope.

  • fitefan

    I not sure if this guy’s elevator stops on all floors.
    We are all entitled to our opinion, but post fight commentary in the octagon is not an appropriate platform to spew juvinile political disrespect.
    It may get him some attention, but it’s not helping his cause. At best he could have pointed out something specific that Obama claimed, but failed to deliver on. The blame game is an impossible debate.
    Ridiculing the President in such a manner only discredits himself from haveing any clearly thought out, educated opinion with any hint of legitimacy. He’s no John Stewart.

    As for insisting that his wrestling style of winning by not losing is boring to fans, and therefore the reason he won’t get a top opponent can only parially be true. I can’t even remember the whole fight, not sure if it went three rounds or not, but clearly didn’t leave a lasting impression on me. So is most likely a display of a lack of skills to finish an opponent. Which impresses noone but himself, and Woodley.

    • RonnieV

      How many hundreds of athletes & celebrities said worse things about Bush & Palin? He got his few seconds to say what he wanted, I see nothing wrong with this. We have to listen to political bashing commercials non-stop until the November election. ANY American should feel free to voice their opinion……… EXCEPT on MMA chatboards..lol

      As far as the wrestling, I agree with you, and hopefully so does the UFC. They might be hesitant to book the lay & pray wrestlers. Woodley didn’t win any UFC fans with that last performance. I applaud Maynard for playing Edgar’s game, even though I think Volkmann is under estimating Gray’s striking.

      • fitefan

        Yeah, politcal mudslinging is never ending. And many bad things have been said about Obama and Bush. I’m not denying his right to bad mouth the President. But Volkmann didn’t even say anything bad about Obama. He stupidly fumbled the execution of a dumb joke that had no point.
        He’d a been better off giving Obama the finger on TV and saying he ruined the country instead of awkwardly failing to set up his own ‘haha’ moment with Rogan.

        Yeah, Gray has decent striking. He caught Edgar twice after all. Maynard failed to switch to wrestling when Frankie was hurt, and impose some more damage with ground and pound. He is the bigger guy too.

  • I’m with Volkmann on this, he doesnt deserve to lose his job over a dumb joke he made outside of the workplace. But his excuses are pretty pathetic lol. “I didnt say the glassectomy was for him! I didnt mean rip his arm off!” lol Come on, man.

    • fitefan

      School boards are tricky, I don’t think he should lose his job over a joke like that, but if it has someone all worked up, they will find a reason to get rid of him unrelated to the joke.

      And he did say it was for President Obama. He told Rogan to ask him what a ‘glassectomy’ was. And Volkman replied it was for Obama to see with his head up his rear end. Now he’s backpeddling in this interview to try and save his job. If your gonna fire some shots, have the balls to stick to your guns.

  • Volkman is a quirky guy with something to say and I like that. It beats almost every other fighter who is too afraid to say something edgy.

    • fitefan

      I know what you mean. I get tired of all the hugging before they guy gets in the octagon too, and the inevitable ‘thank you(s)’ that go out to everyone afterward.
      Forest always had something honest to say about his performance.
      Barnett is a funny guy.
      Sonnen, no telling what that guy is gonna say.
      Diaz can barely talk. ” that’s my hook,..that’s my hook”

  • RonnieV

    Speaking of which, I’m surprised that MMAWeekly has not written anything about BJ Penn’s recent tirade on Diaz. He was pissed Diaz shoulder nudged him in between rounds, and the almost push during weigh-in. Still bitter two months after getting his ass kicked.

  • The double standard is sickening! All day long liberal pinheads can talk trash about conservative values, beliefs and republicans with those views. But anytime a real conservative (yes most American are in fact blue collar conservatives) American voices his dis-taste for the “Annointed One”, aka Mr. Socialism-lets-give-everyone-a-cut-of-your-money, pinheads and morons want to crucify him and fire him from his job. Unbelievable. I can’t believe I’m living in America anymore.

    • fitefan

      I’m not sure of the percentage breakdown of Repubs vs Dems. But I see no evidence of an overwhelming majority of repubs as you suggest.
      And there are just as many anti Dem jokes as their are anti repub jokes. You are just more tuned in to hear the ones that offend you, but fail to remember how many you heard that you supported.
      Similair to buying a baby blue buick regal. You never saw one until you bought one, and then you see them everywhere, wondering how did I miss all these ugly baby blue buick regals out there? Simple. You became sensitive to their existence after you purchased yours.
      You are more sensitive, and perhaps looking for an opportunity to go on a verbal rampage, to anti repub comments, so you think you hear them more often. But in fact your obvious passion blinds you a bit, and you fail to register just how many actual anti dem comments you hear.
      Like right now, you just made an anti dem comment. The first negative political comment on this thread was by you, a repub. And I would expect just statistically, if you are surrounded by “blue collar conservatives” to the extent you think it is a fair representation of “most Americans” then I’m sure you have heard a great deal many more anti dem comments than you have heard anti repub ones.
      Schools are notoriously ‘demecratically sympathetic’. This is the real world, not a Utopia. He should know such comments wouldn’t sit well with those with the power take his job away. Trying to ‘buck’ the system for his right to tastelessly and disrespecfully expresss his political views that offend his colleagues will end the same exact way in a dominately conservative atmosphere. Fired. Republicans are still people, they abuse their power similairly as the people that call themselves Demecrats.

      Say something to your friends that is derogatory to the republican “Annointed One”. You know, the idiot with the 100 word vocabulary, aka Mr. Capitalism-lets-give-ourselves-a-cut-of-everyone-elses-money. And see if their reaction is more noble and less base than a desire to see you crucified and run out of the country. 100 bucks you get labeled as unpatriotic too.

      Red and Blue extremists are both equally hypocrites. And both equally wrong for the seat of power in this country. Neither consider the views and values of the other. Each just wishes to impose absolute authority of their own singular radical belief system over the other.

  • sb

    How spicy do you want your Chang’s sauce?

    BTW I’m with michael”sergeant”schultzee.
    You know if John Kennedy was alive today he wouldn’t even recognize the Democratic party. He’d probably think the Republican party was more familiar. This is a George Soros conspiracy. But I digress.

    I was actually rooting for Volkman to deliver a zinger but flop! He needs a joke writer and some practise in front of the mirror. Oh oh and maybe a hat that has a squirt gun that shoots Rogan right in the face during the interview. That, would be some funny ****.

    • fitefan

      He needs to practice in front of the mirror everday after training for about an hour. And definately needs a joke writer. Watching him fail with that joke was like watching a guy miss a dunk in the NBA.
      Squirt gun! ahahahah. That would be funny. Rogan’s face would be priceless. But it would get him kicked right out of the UFC.

  • maddawgmar

    We are in a politically byist America. It is okay to sling slurs and trash talk “narrow minded” republicans. But joke about a democrat, and ppls buttholes tighten up. It’s like the time Sonnen made a comment about the guard position, sayin something like, “I don’t lay on my back with a man between my legs, I’m a republican.”. The outpoor he got cuz of that was huge. Volkmann has his right to say what he wants and where he wants. In this particular subject I agree. I would fight Obama too, guy has done nothing but ruin this country even more than it already was.

    Now the influx of comment begins.

    • fitefan

      Sonnen is an entertaining guy. That comment is funny. But offensive to gay people, and demecrats alike. It can only be expected to recieve outrage. Ofcourse, that was his intention. It is quite clever, and I appreciate it for that. But their are just as many bad instances of gay repubs as their are demecrats. And it only takes one, to discredit the joke and cause indignation.
      In the end it just reflects poorly on Sonnen, and taints any validity any future political opinions he may express.
      ….. hahahah, He said ‘taint’. ‘:-P

  • MikeMc1983

    It’s the bias our society has.
    If your rich, you’re not supposed to make fun of poor people.
    If your skinny, your not suppose to make fun of fat people.
    If your white, your not suppose to make fun of minorities.

    It’s how we are as a society. Republicans have been made out to represent the elite. Since a lot of the elite are most often apart of that party.
    It’s unsaid societal rules. The poor are aloud to insult the rich. It just seems so much meaner went the rich trash the poor.

    I disagree with the guy who said our countries majority is made up of blue collar conservatives. That may have been true right up until conservative became synonymous with republican. The “middle class” was built in spite of the republican efforts. (since unions are credited with creating the class)
    Reguardless of how extreme both sides get (republican/democrat) most people in America end up in the center. The center, and middle class, are not the same thing.
    At the end of the day people like stuff being taken care of for them. They just don’t like paying for it. It’s quite easy to decide what you’d like “America” to say, and then write up poll questions to support the answers you’d like.

    Truth is. We want everything taken care of, and taken care of well. We don’t want to pay for it, or at least pay a lot. Republicans argue that’s proof that “we” don’t want big government. (since they say government can’t do it well)
    Democrats claim its proof that we want big government, and we need to take care of everything. (it’s only going to cost a few more percentage points of our paychecks right? Lol)

    The craziest thing in our country politically is how many people vote against their own needs, and interest. The fact that poor people will vote against candidates trying to help poor people just seems like further proof that they really need help.

    It’s sad, if the people in this country voted with their heart we’d never have an extreme right winger in office. If people only voted with their brain, we’d never have an extreme left winger in office. But instead, we have just enough of each, to screw up everything.

    • fitefan

      Brilliantly said Mike. Brilliant.

      In response to your last two points…
      The problem with a democracy, a mob rules, a majority wins. Is that it enables the ‘persuasive’ to rise to power as opposed to the ‘proper’.
      The majority are avg, or below avg. That is the very definition of avg. So are more easily confused, coerced, and persuaded by the above average and elite, that cleverly engage in truth twisting and outright lies.

      People tend to believe what they want to believe, so when anyone they respect, or appears to be more knowlegable speaks it, they cling to it like doctrine. They fail to think it out for themselves, or cannot. And thus become manipulated to act against their own interests. Often never realizing it, and refusing to listen to it be explained to them.

      People are also short sighted and greedy. So theoritically a candidate can promise to loosen immigration laws, and pass more minority/immigration benifit laws/rights, those people will have a tendency to vote for that candidate specifically for that purpose. For themselves, without regards to the whole picture, or an understanding that much of what is promised is nigh impossible.

      Same can be said about campaigning to lower taxes. The majority don’t get their taxes lowered. Our checks are still missing 25% to 40%. The majority don’t qualify for ‘tax credits’. But it sounds good, and the majority fall for it.

      Democracy has become the weapon that was wrested from ‘the people’ and turned and used against them (us).

  • PunkDude

    “aka Mr. Socialism-lets-give-everyone-a-cut-of-your-money”
    “This is a George Soros conspiracy”

    Jeez, you guys sure are working hard to get your Fox News Talking Points into this discussion!

    First off, I could care less about “jokes” or disagreements about the President.

    Second, when I watch MMA I don’t want to hear the fighters political or for that matter, religioius views.
    They can do this outside the ring/cage.

    Lastly, when criticizing the Pres, please use actual facts rather than Republican talking points.

    • fitefan

      Exactly. Regardless of one’s right to express their political opinion anywhere and in any manner they desire, I’m not interested in it at the end of a MMA match. No more than I want to hear a political candidate start telling me GSP is the #1 p4p fighter in the world during a campaign speach.

      I want to hear what the fighter has to say about the fight I just watched. If I gave to chits about any opinion outside of the ring, I’d look it up on the net. Where I can get more than 30 seconds of it.

      And yeah, he didn’t even criticise the Pres, he just tried to insult him. wtffail.

      • RonnieV

        Freedom of speech fellas! Remember the “Bush hates Black People” rant by Kanye. Entertainers & athletes do this all the time. Give them a mic, and the world is their oyster. Now lets end the political banter (Obama Sucks). Anyone that brings up politics on MMA boards is on the wrong website (Obama sucks). Now lets get back to MMA (Obama sucks), and end this nonesense! You all don’t want to hear my political opinions (Obama sucks), and I definitely don’t want to hear yours (Obama sucks). You should all get back to talking smack about the Diaz brothers, Sonnen, Shields & Melendez, and I will continue to defend them. We don’t want politics on here (Obama sucks)…lol

  • tobaccoman

    How about no more in cage after fight interviews? Whereas you dont want to hear political views I dont want to hear illiterate fighters struggling with 2 syllable words (diaz brothers).

  • pauly12

    This guy would make a great politician, the way he wants to twist the meaning of his statements. So you want Obama to schedule a glassectomy, but you aren’t saying he needs one? And why would he schedule one if he doesn’t need one? You sound just like Bill Clinton, Volkmann. I’m not so much offended by what he said but his denial insults our intelligence. If you believe it enough to say it in front of the world then don’t back out when the heat starts coming down.

  • axman