Jacare Souza: “I Was Born To Be a Champion”

May 15, 2013
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Jacare Souza StrikeforceFormer Strikeforce middleweight titleholder Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza makes his UFC debut on May 18 against Chris Camozzi in the co-main event of UFC on FX 8 and is confident that he’ll emerge victorious.

Souza (17-3-1) was originally slated to face Constantinos Philippou, but a cut incurred in training forced Philippou out of the bout.

Camozzi (19-5) was scheduled to face Cezar Ferreira, but Ferreira had to pull out of the fight due to an injury.  Camozzi was then lined up against Rafael Natal, but that fight was scratched when Philippou was forced out of the match with Souza.

Camozzi was moved up the card as Philipou’s replacement, while Natal got a new opponent in Joao Zeferino.

“I am very confident in my victory.  He was already going to fight on this same card,” said Souza in an interview with UFC.com. “He was going to fight against Rafael ‘Sapo,’ but now I’ll be fighting against Chris Camozzi.  And I am very happy to have an opponent.”

With the fight being his promotional debut and taking place in his homeland of Brazil, Souza wants to make a lasting impression.

“I think you have to sell the fight to the public.  The public is who is paying for our paychecks.  They buy the tickets to see us.  I don’t like to see boring fights and as a fight fan I understand that side,” he said. “The public has to enjoy and you have to impress, especially your opponent.  And put the pressure on as well.”

While it is his debut and his gaze hasn’t strayed from Camozzi, Souza’s ultimate focus is on getting to a title shot.

“I see myself going up step by step to the top of the division.  I wasn’t born to be in second place; I was born to be a champion.  Step by step, I want to conquer my space in the division,” said Souza.  “You can expect a motivated Jacare ready to get that victory in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu style.”

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  • This guy is a beast. I have very high expectations for him and hope him and Tim Kennedy make a big impact on the MW division.

  • Cereal Killer

    Don’t get too ahead of yourself. You beat Ed Herman. That’s it! I’m actually pulling for Chris since he is taking advantage of every opportunity the UFC is offering him.

  • urdooomb

    While I think he is a great addition to the UFC MW division, I don’t think he will ever make champion.

    he couldn’t even win the Dream GP, what makes him think he can win the UFC championship.

    The only people that I see at that weight class posing threat to A.Silva are Wiedman and top LHWs that cut down to MW (example Mousasi, Rashad, Lyoto, Shogun, Phil Davis…etc).

    • Lucas Freire

      Funny you talk like that,and even include Mousasi on the list of guys who may pose a threat when he won against Jacare on Dream Final with an upkick. I think Jacare is definitely a top contender and he could pose a threat to Anderson,he’s improving A LOT his standing,his BJJ is on Maia level(or even above) while he’s agressive and has more power. What he lacks is height and conditioning to go 5 rounds.

      • urdooomb

        upkick or front kick or side kick..Souza was/is not on Mousasi’s level. I am not saying Mousasi is the best fighter in the world, I am just saying that I am not impressed by Souza.

        Didn’t he recently lose in SF?

        • Need to Register

          Losses don’t make you a Loser. Even the best lose. Losing is a potential part of competition. Being a Loser on the other hand is a mentality. It’s a competitor who loses before they try. It’s when they blame everyone else and never once focus on improving their own flaws. Souza lost to Luke Rockhold who is a legitimate competitor. Mousasi has an impressive record, but majority his opponents aren’t very high in caliber. I do enjoy watching him, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say Souza isn’t on his level. In fact they are even at this point.

          • urdooomb

            Well, I beg to differ. Mousasi lacks big names on his record but he still more impressive names on his resume than Souza.

        • Lucas Freire

          Luke Rockhold poses much more of a threat than Gegard Mousasi. I particularly don’t like him,or his style,and I don’t buy his hype,even before this embarrassing fight against a local fighter. And yes, it was embarrassing, up to the moment of the fight people were already putting him on the fight for the title contention, putting him among Loyto, Hendo and Gustafson. After this fight I really doubt he’d manage to snatch a win against guys like Bader/Glover/Rashad/Minotouro
          And about Jacare, I don’t think he’s inferior to Mousasi, I think they are on the same level. But while Jacare is improving since that fight, Mousasi remains the same since…forever? xP

        • Pizza boy

          Please get out of here for good…you are a disgusting individual…I hate to see your comments below nearly every article…who do u think you are by saying ” I’m not impressed by Jacare”? Please for the sake of others who also hate you and for ur own sake, just don’t humiliate yourself anymore. Just leave…

  • Baller31

    I don’t see Jacare being a champion at this weight class. The only person imo that has a chance to beat Silva is Weidman (in this weight class….i think in a superfight Jones smashes Silva).

    • urdooomb

      or a top LHW that drops down to MW.

      • Jew Jitsu

        i wouldnt mind seeing hendo get him another one in with silva before he hangs them up and i also wouldnt mind seeing glover fight silva but im not sure what he drops from so that might be asking for a bit to much especially when you throw the fact in that he hasnt fought elite level competition yet and i love rampage as a fighter but i dont think he was elite level.

        • Baller31

          hendo vs silva two would be an interesting fight…Hendo actually won the first round the first fight and has improved since then…even though he’s old as hell…I am among the few, however, who don’t see Silva holding the title past July 6

  • Jew Jitsu

    dude is good but i dont see him being a perennial top 5 middleweight.