Jacare Believes He Deserves a UFC Title Shot, but Will Fight Whoever They Want, Even Lyoto Machida

February 16, 2014
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(Courtesy of Fox Sports)

Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza did everything but finish the fight with Francis Carmont at UFC Fight Night 36 on Saturday night in Brazil. He certainly did enough to maintain a foothold at the top of the 185-pound division, but did he do enough to earn a title shot?

“Absolutely, I deserve [a title shot],” said Jacare in a post-fight interview on Fox Sports 1. “But if the UFC doesn’t think so, they can put another fight for me and I’ll be happy to fight anyone.”

The UFC made no announcements, but when Jacare and Lyoto Machida were later asked at the post-fight press conference what they thought about fighting each other instead of waiting around for Chris Weidman and Vitor Belfort to take care of business, both men said that, while they wouldn’t like fighting each other, they would both do it if that’s how things aligned.

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  • lowlb

    Maybe a rematch with Mousasi or Rockhold.
    His clock is ticking so calling for a title shot is appropriate but with losses to Mousasi and Rockhold…
    This is going to get really interesting.. The top of the 185 division is getting crazy.
    NO title fight for this guy yet ( i hope) but revenge/ rematches are sweet.

    • This is Jacares first time going to decision since the contreversial loss to Rockhold who only has one win in the UFC against Costa who is ranked #10. (No disrespect to Costa, I am a big fan of his) And fighting Mousasi who is coming off a loss is certainly a bad idea. The good part is that the division is stacked again. Nothing but interesting fights.

      • ty270

        He should fight either Machida or Bisping if he beats Tim Kennedy

      • deepgrim

        what did you think of his performance? i was slighty disappointed, tho carmount was tough. felt that souza had gassed by the 3rd round and was just able to keep the back control to see the last round through. felt that carmount was starting to take command of the stand up during the second too, defo feel like a title shot wouldnt be warranted after that anyhow

        • Souza has been destroying guys. Carmount is a very tough up and coming MW. One more fight couldn’t hurt. I remember the days of guys having 6 or 7 win streaks then getting title shots.

  • brad king

    Im not sure how Jacaera feels he deserves title shot after that performance. He never wished to engage at all. Rd 1 and 3 he locked a leg triangle and just went for a ride.The only thing he proved is GSP is a better fighter than a coach.

    • brad king

      by the way Jacarea vs Machida would be reminescant of Mir vs JDS. I think Machida would pick him apart easily