It’s Official: Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz at UFC 137 on Oct 29 in Las Vegas

June 1, 2011
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Everyone wanted it and now it’s happening.

Georges St-Pierre will face Nick Diaz in a UFC welterweight title fight at UFC 137 on October 29 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

UFC President Dana White made the announcement via his Twitter account on Wednesday. first reported the bout between St-Pierre vs. Diaz as being a work in progress, and that an announcement was forthcoming about the proposed fight.

While the actually announcement took a few more days, now it’s official.

Last weekend, UFC President Dana White stated that there were still a few roadblocks in the way of creating the super fights between the UFC and Strikeforce. It appears now at least one of those roadblocks was cleared, and St-Pierre will indeed face Diaz in the Octagon.

St-Pierre has virtually cleared out every other top night in the welterweight division, but one name still remained and Nick Diaz was that person.

Diaz has reeled off 10 wins in a row and most recently knocked out former UFC welterweight Paul Daley in Strikeforce.

Diaz will now move back over to the UFC where he called the Octagon his home for 9 fights, except this time he’ll be challenging for the welterweight title against one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the sport.

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  • rampage01

    diaz wants it, he got it.
    I don’t wanna see him whine and cry like a baby when gsp gonna decision him for 5 rds.

  • Unador

    I think there is a huge difference between Diaz and GSP. Quite frankly, regardless of Diaz’s recent accomplishments in Strikforce, he still isn’t in the same league as GSP. I am not impressed with his performances. Certainly not impressed with his “team” after I witnessed what bad coaching and strategy can do to an excellent competitor in the Shields/GSP fight.
    This will be another W for GSP. I expect it to be another mauling like the GSP/Hardy fight. Let’s hope for Diaz’s sake it isn’t.

    • Tone

      LMAO @ Unador saying GSP mauled Hardy. He laid on him for 5 rounds. Hardy didn’t even look like he got in a fight afterward. Put the pipe down or look up the definition of mauling in the dictionary. Laying on someone for 25 minutes doesn’t constiute mauling by any stretch. If it did all of our gfs and wives would walk around looking like they were the victims of abuse.

      • collideoverme

        Now Fitch, he got mauled. That was the last great GSP fight.

      • Cptmats

        Dude ! GSP MAULED Hardy !

        • collideoverme

          No, not really. He took him down, laid on him, and barely even punched Hardy. He made two pretty good submission attempts and that was it. It was a lay and pray, not a mauling.

      • Unador

        I say he was mauled. You imply there needs to be perhaps some blood and maybe a violent finish to warrant the use of the word “maul” or an injury.
        I said ‘mauled’ like the hardy/gsp fight. I did not imply or state ‘mauled’ like a bear tearing into a deer carcass.
        But I’ll reword it.
        GSP will beat Diaz the same way he beat Hardy. Superior skills, and more importantly, a superior strategy. An easy victory.

  • bajafox

    GSP has a glass chin, it’ll only take one good hit on the spot and we’ll have a new Champ

    • rampage01

      either ur an idiot or ur from the cesar gracie camp.

    • Cptmats

      Do you sniff glue ? GSP has a great chin and there has never been anything to suggest other wise……….unless your talking about Serra, in which case Serra has great power to begin with and Serra never touched his chin anyway, he caught him in the same place the drops just about any fighter, behind or above the ear ! Like the one Daley dropped Diaz with. George has taken lots of good shot on the chin without so much as blinking !

  • Tone

    GSP will probably win this but by UD pretty easily with pointfighting. He’ll run and leg kick or take Diaz down and control him for 5 rounds. He’s not going to actually try to fight Nick and try to finish him because if he did he’d lose and he knows it.

  • Business as usual.

  • collideoverme

    I posted this on another thread, but I hope, and it should be, for both belts. That’s the only way it could be done right. Nick asked for this, his belt should go up as well.

    • Cptmats

      Since they are remaining sepperate orgs he should have to vacate it to fight in the ufc like shields did !

    • afk

      Diaz will vacate his Strikeforce title and move over to the UFC roster just like Jake Shields.

      Business as usual.

  • camthemusicman

    i just want to see an exciting fight and not five,rounds of square dancing or humping.jst sayin lol

  • mma24069


  • judo johnson

    Diaz will win, GSP will get crushed by the 209

  • GSP no tiene chances Nick diaz es el mejor