It’s Not About the Fight: Nick Diaz Returned to the UFC Because It’s What He Has To Do

July 31, 2014
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Nick Diaz UFC 129I was on a break!

At least that’s how it was in the mind of Nick Diaz when he stepped away from fighting, while the rest of us said he was retired. In his mind, he was on sabbatical.

“I didn’t ever really mean to make that statement that I’m retired. What I meant by that whole thing is you never really retire from martial arts, that just doesn’t happen,” said Diaz during a Tuesday conference call with the media.

“What I meant to say is I’m retired from climbing the ropes. I’m definitely not going to take easy fights. I’m not doing anybody any favors and I’m definitely not doing myself any favors taking a fight I’m not happy with. That’s where I stood with my whole retirement game plan,” he continued.

“I just pretty much needed some time off and you don’t really get time off in the UFC without retiring or getting hurt, and I guess I don’t break easy like some of these guys.”

Diaz didn’t want to be just another fighter, taking whatever fight fell his way as dictated by the rankings. He wanted big fights. Big in pay and big in stature.

Diaz recently signed a contract extension with the UFC that puts him back to work in the type of fight he’s wanted; not a title fight, but a super fight. Tuesday’s call was part of his call back to work to start the promotional ball rolling for his comeback fight with Anderson Silva on Jan. 31, 2015, at UFC 183.

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Diaz says the new contract is what he wanted; he has no complaints. But don’t think he’s all smiles when it comes to climbing back in the cage. It’s not fun time for him.

The Octagon isn’t Diaz’s idea of a playground.

“Would you enjoy fighting Anderson Silva?” he responded when asked if it was fun for him to finally return to the cage and get the types of fights that he’s wanted all along.

“I don’t recommend anybody to be a fighter. Fighting is not something I enjoy doing. It’s something I feel I have to do. That’s just the way it is.”

In his mind, Diaz is a martial artist, not a fighter. Fighting is his job description, not a definition of his character. He’s a martial artist in the gym, on his time. When he steps in the cage, when the clock starts ticking, that’s when he’s a fighter.

“I don’t enjoy fighting. I don’t use that word in this sport. I use that word like maybe I’m starving and food is showing up and I’m excited now. Or I’m excited to have a couple of days off,” he explained. “I don’t know, people are confused with that term when it comes to fighting. That’s how I feel about that.”

So why now? Why did Diaz return if it’s not fun for him? It’s not exciting for him?

“I can survive without fighting. The thing is, I want to do the best I can like everybody else,” he put it simply.

“I don’t want to hurt anybody. I’m a non-violent person. I don’t especially enjoy violence. I hate watching people get hurt over and over again; it’s not something I enjoy to do,” he said.

“I do what I do because I’ve got to do it.”

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  • Kipster

    Wow, this guy is a true retard. After he gets his ass beat, I bet he says “I’m done.”

    • Gary Fredericks

      That “retard” makes more money than your mom does.

      • TheCerealKiller

        But he still sounds like a retard.

        • Gary Fredericks

          ….and your post does not???

          • TheCerealKiller

            You start by attacking someones Mom. Then you personally attack others on their accomplishments in life. None of us know each other, but we do know that Nick can’t complete a proper sentence in English.

          • Seth

            Cereal, don’t argue with ppl like that 🙂 If first thing he says is attacking someone’s mom, that means he has no arguments what so ever. Why would you talk waste your time on someone like that?

            That being said, weed + getting punched/kicked/kneed to the head don’t make you smarter, Gary 😉

          • Gary Fredericks

            I’m sorry Mr Congeniality…you both derogatorily toss around the term “retard”, yet say I am being insulting??? Hahahaha…go change your tampon you puss.

          • Gary Fredericks

            Regarding Kipster’s mother and my comment about her economic status….that was “tongue in cheek” sarcasm and not intended as an insult. Thought that was obvious.

          • Gary Fredericks

            You guys toss around the “retard” word and then cry about personal attacks? If that ain’t calling the kettle black…

            It is quite obvious my mom comment to Kipster was clearly NOT actually aimed as an insult to his mother. It is a sarcasm. My post was a sarcastic response to Kipster. Please get a dictionary and learn the definition of sarcasm.

            I love how you follow me around on these forums trying to correct me all of the time and keep me politically correct, Cereal…like when you consistently toss around words like “retard” and then try to grand stand against other’s comments LOL. It’s like you’re my number one fan or something.

      • Kipster

        True, because my mom is retired. That retard must make lots of money getting his ass kicked. LOL!

        • Gary Fredericks

          That “retard” has accomplished more in his life inside and outside of the cage/ring than you have or ever will. .

          • earlsimmons

            accomplished what??? Completing a couple triatholons and being a B level fighter? And money means nothing when people dot respect you. Grow up you clown.

          • Gary Fredericks

            Grow up? Clown? Guess I really know that anything I say to Got it Jackwad? (Internet name calling is so fruitful and fun isn’t it asswipe?) What about a Triathlon? You cannot even spell Triathlon with spell check enabled let alone do one and that’s not an accomplishment? Come on puny man, use your brain on this.

            Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming….

            He hasn’t accomplished much Earl, especially as much as a highly decorated keyboard warrior as yourself. Diaz just has a Strikeforce championship, HUGELY successful UFC/MMA career with wins over some huge names and the majority of this time as a top 5 contender in three weight classes and is one of the highest paid fighters the UFC has had….whether you, I, Kipster, or Cereal Killer likes him or not. I would say Nick Diaz has acomplished far more than anyone on this website, both posting and writing. There is a reason Dana White and the UFC wanted him back…he puts butts in seats, increases buy rates,

          • Gary Fredericks

            A clown? REALLY??? You wrote your substance free post just to call me a clown??? Ugh! I am so deeply hurt! LOL

            I concede to you Earl. It is clearly obvious you have accomplished so much more with your life and are clearly in a position to tell the world how much Nick Diaz has not accomplished. You sneeze at triathlons as if they are not accomplishments in and of themselves and dismiss his Strikeforce title run as well as several wins over top competition like KO’ing Robbie Lawler.

            …you are correct about money though. It means nothing to those that do not have any. I am sure Diaz is really worried about the respect thing too since it pays his bills so much better than being a huge money draw for the largest MMA company on the planet.

            Think before you type you “clown”!

  • Darin

    He doesn’t want easy fights? He’s coming off 2 losses!

    This dude is either genuinely retarded or has damaged his brain from years of drug use. He can’t seem to focus on what he’s saying and when he attempts to sound intelligent it’s just sad. With any Diaz interview I’m just waiting for him to get so frustrated he says “f*** off, bitc#” and walks away.

  • HpPavilion22

    he has catholic guilt.. good guy

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Ken Pishna, calling this a “super fight”? You have no credibility with me. I’d rather see Silva fight somebody like Mousasi.

    • TheCerealKiller

      You beat me to it. A super fight, by most fans description, is a fight between two dominant champs that have wiped out their division. At this time, I only see two fights that I woould call a “super fight”; GSP/Silva (because we all wanted it for so long) and Jones/Cain. Some pothead cry baby that has never held a UFC belt is nothing super.

      • kiss44

        Where did Cain wipe out an entire division?

        • TheCerealKiller

          The HW division is just that weak right now. Once he wipes the floor with Werdum, who’s left? Barnett, Overeem, Browne, Moicic, Nelson and Hunt. Who out of them is a threat?

          • Baller31

            Who thought dillashaw or Weidman were threats? Everyone’s a threat

          • TheCerealKiller

            Call me a liar, but I thought Dillashaw was a threat. I’m not sold on Weidman yet.

          • Seth

            I knew Weidman is a threat, but didn’t think TJ can get the job done 😀

            And yeah – HW div is pathetic, if a champ has to fight same 2 guys in his last 5 fights. Remind me please, why do we even have this talentless divisions?

          • TRT-rex


          • TheCerealKiller

            When he beats someone, I’ll agree. I would like to see him vs JDS.

          • TRT-rex

            No one wants to fight him. JDS pulled out. He is a huge threat and future champ.

          • Baller31

            Cains a great fighter, but he’s been rocked/dropped several times, so any heavyweight has a chance, even if it’s slim

      • Baller31

        Really, can you have a ‘super fight’ when silva just got his ass whooped twice??

  • macarrech

    Well, he got a fight programmed, so its time to star talking out of his ass.

  • put me in the sauna coach

    I’ve always enjoyed Diaz….yes he says some crazy stuff, but that’s what makes him different. That’s why I love MMA in general…so many different personalities. Not to mention the guy is never in a boring fight, he’s not a point fighter, he wants to knock the guy out or submit him. You’ll never see him laying on top of a guy looking to squeak out a decision, and his trash talking during the fight is hilarious. I don’t think he can beat Silva but I’m definitely interested in watching the fight regardless.

  • uncle

    I can see Nick in the cast of The Extendables 17, this movie will go
    straight to dvd.

  • kiss44

    He returned because of the money. If you don’t believe that then you are a f—ing moron!

  • kiss44

    First off, Diaz doesn’t deserve this fight. Anderson is still a top guy, and Diaz is a bust out. Secondly, I bet he “retires” again after he gets destroyed in this fight. If (when) he loses this fight, he won’t be offered any big fights again, because it’ll be his third loss in a row. Seems like Dana has set him up for major defeat on this one.

  • Scooby

    The junkie needs more money to buy drugs and mess his head up some more so we can’t understand what he says. Man, that dude should apply for a grant and finish primary school.

    • Baller31

      You realize marijuana is legal in some states now, and smoking weed sure as hell doesn’t make you a junkie. Get a life

      • TheCerealKiller

        Marijuana is illegal according to the federal government. Last I checked, they are the last word.

        • TRT-rex

          Stop with that. I’ve been through this with you before. If that’s your only argument you lost. If they were worried about weed the states wouldn’t go against the Feds in the first place.

          • TheCerealKiller

            I just follow the rule, whether I agree or not. If my boss told me not to drink vodka anymore or I would loss my job, I would never drink vodka. Just like making rape van jokes while representing the UFC.

          • TRT-rex

            Rape van jokes are not a legit comparison to weed. And if I had a boss tell me not to drink vodka, I’d say f*ck prohibition. Shit ended before my dad was born

          • Seth

            Rape van jokes are violation to UFC rules, which you HAVE to follow when you work for UFC.

            Same goes for every company. You have certain rules, you have to follow or they will fire you. And those jokes violates them same way as smoking weed.

            So…yeah, Cereal was right when he compared those two.

          • Frankie

            And if your boss tells you to get on your knees???

          • TheCerealKiller

            Then I would get another job.

        • bajafox

          The Federal government owns a patent on weed for medical purposes but is listed as a schedule one narcotic with no medical value. Since you’re a loyal servant of your furor, which one do you agree with?

          • earlsimmons

            medical purposes is the key word their bro. Government isnt selling to scumbags like diaz. Your such a joke.

          • bajafox

            “there” not “their” “bro”
            “You’re” the joke and a product of our awful public education.

        • Baller31

          Then you need to read the constitution, if you’re able. The states decide if it’s legal or not. If you criticize someone for smoking weed, are you also against drinking alcohol? Should we go back to prohibition? Or do you think that drinking alcohol, another DRUG, is somehow healthier or more acceptable than weed????

          • Youre retarded

            If you read the constitution youd understand
            Federal > State
            Go back to 10th grade American History and try again.

          • Baller31

            Let those of us with a college degree have a discussion, and stop showing your ignorance. States’ powers are equally important, not lesser, and one of the main purposes of the constitution is to protect the individual states’ powers.

  • Matte

    Did any of you haters read what he actually said?

    Sound reasonable to me. He says he don’t like fighting and view MMA as a sport. He said he needed some time of, who’s to say he didn’t deserve that?

    And you guys rant about him needing money, well there is probably some truth in that. You guys don’t try and get good deals, negotiate your salaries etc? It is common sense.

    He says he want to excel in what he do best, anything wrong with that?

    His ambition to get as big fights as he can is no secret either. And he got a big name with lots of followers. He’s a polarizing fighter and always entertaining. Got a never quit attitude and thrash talks for real unlike so many other fighters.

    Diaz vs Silva is a fight I really look forward to.

    • Seth

      Nothing wrong with that.

      But there is something wrong with you, if you go on national TV and say you never paid taxes in your life.

      Or when you cry after losing a fight.

      Or when you b**tch after losing a fight.

      Or demanding your opponent to give you his belt, because you think he was 0.5lb overweight.

      Or with begging for a title shot, which you don’t deserve in the first place.

      Or being proud of the fact you got title shot, becuase you whined about it.

      Or when you try to OVERnegotiate, to get more money than you are worth in this sport.

      List goes on and on, with more reason why people hate Nicky Diaz. It’s not about what he says now, because not many people give a F, about this stoned kid, who lives in his own world.

  • bajafox

    What is up with all of the junkie, thug and satan comments? Nick will pocket well over a million before you losers move out of your parents house

    • dgs

      That’s because most people are extremely judgmental of others. It’s easy for people to make fun of Nick because he speaks his mind with no restraint, and when someone does that, they open themselves up to insults.

      Nick is one of the most exciting fighters I’ve ever seen in the sport, I have NEVER seen the man in a boring fight, win or lose. I’m happy he held out for a contract that works for him. I can’t wait to see his fight with Silva!

      • bajafox

        The guy smokes pot and is put in the same category as pill popping soccer moms and coke snorting lawyers. Truly eye opening how retarded people are. He smokes weed and wins triathlons in his spare time and is labeled a junkie. Mind boggling to say the least. One more reason I rarely post or visit mmaweekly and why I unfollowed mmaweekly on Twitter. It’s full of retards

        • earlsimmons

          you liberals crack me up. Rules are rules broseph. Doesnt matter how many triathlons he wins. UFC says he cant smoke pot so he does and then crys and complains about money and wanting title fights. People dont like him because 1) he thinks he is better than everyone nd can break the rules and 2) He is wanting more money and title fights like a fighter who is acutally GOOD. He isnt soooooo what is there to like about him? I know kids in highschool more mature and educated than this guy.

          • Adam Vogt North Yarmouth

            No one is saying Diaz shouldn’t have been suspended for breaking the rules. The point is that people shouldn’t judge him as a person or his character because he smokes pot, which is considerably less harmful than the beers many of these haters are chugging while they find reasons to insult other people, like calling him uneducated or retarded. The kid grew up in substandard circumstances and isn’t well educated…that’s his fault?? Instead of flipping burgers and being miserable or selling drugs like many individuals who have been dealt a rough hand, Nick works his ass off and has devoted his life to becoming a world class athlete and used martial arts to help himself and his brother avoid ending up two more dead or incarcerated kids from Stockton. I couldn’t care less how inarticulate he is or if he smokes pot when he’s not in the gym, he has worked hard to make something of himself and that should be respected. Plus he went five rounds with Condit and almost won that fight, and put up a decent performance against the best WW in history, and you are trying to say he isn’t good? Maybe he doesn’t deserve the money he’s asking for (like many other fighters) and maybe he doesn’t deserve the title fights he’s clamoring for (like many other fighters) but to say he isn’t a good fighter completely invalidates your opinion, at least to me.


    Hey Scooby (winner) when is the last time you made over 500.000 grand for a fight????

  • Corey Hutton

    I was i legally retarded like a Diaz, then i could believe flat out lies like they were the truth.

  • Anthony Lopez

    Lol I just enjoy the words that come out of Nick Diaz’ mouth

  • Seth

    It’s what he has to do…because he HAS to get money for weed and stuff.

  • MuayThaiFood

    ” didn’t mean to say I was retired, I meant to say I’m a retard”

  • jt

    I love Nick Diaz but he is truly the most retarded man to ever be in a sport!

  • MikeMcK83

    Medical Marijuana is said to be “legal” by the state of California, but the feds have came in and gone after business associated with it. So tell those guys its “legal.”
    Second, there are a lot of laws on the books that do not get enforced. I think most would be stunned by how many laws there actually are at all levels of government.

    On another note, I too think Diaz comes off as a total idiot. The fact that he “Speaks his mind” is not the problem. Its the retarded crap that mind comes up with that gives people a negative opinion. He’s not even smart enough to know to shut up

    Also, why does him earning good money have anything to do with anything? There are tons of bad people that have, and make tons of money. Much more than even Diaz. The fact that he is gaining wealth doesn’t have anything to do with his character, or intelligence.In fact there are many that make a lot of money because they’re bad people.

    One more thing. I said this elsewhere but I will repeat it again.
    The phrase “Super Fight” is getting really loosely used. The only way Nick Diaz is ever in a super fight is if hes wearing tights and a cape.

  • yea…

    For everyone saying hes not the brightest (or some variation), mma isnt about how well you did on tests or with grammar. For everyone continuously knocking his smoking marijuana, hes still one of the best strikers and grappling practicioners out there, hes been that way for years, and if you havent noticed, it takes some awareness when fighting, which he has alot of. His smoking says nothing about his ability to fight, nor does it have any bearing. MMA isnt an IQ contest nor an anti drug rally. Comments like that are just ignorant, and i highly doubt any of you who said it would say anything about those to his face. The man is a fighter, and hes great at it. He doesnt have to be the best to get respect for his ability.

    • Mike mckinney

      The drugs do slightly have to do with the fighting if for no other reason than the fighters are drug tested. Fighters fail and have fights ruled no contest, and get suspended. So drugs do have something to do with the sport.
      Him being an idiot really only matters when he chooses to communicate, not when he’s fighting. So when he decides to speak people knock him because he comes off as having a single IQ point higher than a baboon.
      I don’t see why any of that would be irrelevant.

      • yea…

        Your points on testing and his hilariously structured statements are indeed acknowledged and understood. Where i feel its ignorant is toward his ability itself. Yes, fighters get drug tested, however the discussion of marijuana being a performance enhancing substance is definately still up for grabs. I get where people are coming from with it being a substance, however itsk far from performance enhancing. Him being able to do what he does at the caliber he does it at, i feel, is more of a testament to his natural talent of combat. In terms of how he talks, yes, nick is…one of a kind. The difference is the talent vs the character. There are hot heads and delusionals in every sport, but there are some that are just so talented you sometimes have to forget about what they say to appreciate how they fight. Nick is one of them. I get what youre saying, i still feel its not enough to degrade his talent.

        • MikeMcK83

          I don’t “degrade” his talent because of weed, or that he seems like an idiot. I however have never thought he was very good. Not at the level others seem to want to put him at anyway. I’d probably put him as the most over rated guy in mma. Talent wise he’s probably 10th-20th, and probably closer to the far end of that. Obviously others have him rated higher. I believe if it wasn’t for the fact that he’s chosen to mostly do striking, and was on free tv, he wouldn’t have near the fan base he does.

          That’s why he wants these “big fights.” It’s understandable if he loses to Gsp, or Silva. He’ll get more fights. Let him lose to whoever is 15th and he’ll be shown the door.

  • dandogood

    Nick Satan Diaz is a broken mixed up misguided kid. Clueless on life and how to behave in life as a respected man. sad in a way.

  • dandogood

    who advises Nick Diaz in career and life decisions??? Mike Tyson?

  • TwiangleChoke

    Yeah, nothing inspires fans like a guy who says he’s only doing it for the money.

  • Jason Priest

    Love Nick Diaz. Great fighter and an interesting dude. The UFC becomes more exciting with guys like him on the roster. The fight with Anderson will be one of the most exciting fights in recent history. I think Nick can pull this off if puts pressure on AS. He does give up a size and speed advantage tho. Great fight either way.