It’s Just Business, So Yeah, Donald Cerrone Will Punch His Friend in the Face (UFC 150 Video)

August 7, 2012
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Nate Diaz and Donald Cerrone at UFC 141Donald Cerrone is preparing to step into the ring with longtime friend and former training partner Melvin Guillard, ready to kick his legs off and punch him in the face.

It seems counter intuitive to want to punch your friend in the face before a crowd of thousands, but not so much for Cerrone. And that’s just what he’ll do with Guillard at UFC 150 on Saturday night in Denver.

“I’d fight anybody, it’s a business to me,” Cerrone told’s Conner Cordova in an exclusive one-on-one interview.

“I don’t get personal, only with Leonard,” he said, referring to his best friend, whom he shares a ranch with in New Mexico.

But with Guillard, Cerrone has shown nothing but respect, appreciative that his friend would step up for the fight so that “the Cowboy” has a fight on his home turf in Denver.

Now, he wasn’t so kind to former WEC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis.

Check out the interview below (warning: strong language)…

  • tmaisons

    I knew I liked these guys for a reason. They realize it’s their job and they can be friends afterwards. None of this Kos/Fitch, GSP/Rory, or Cain/Cormier bs where they won’t fight each other. They fight for a living and am willing to do whatever it takes to do their job, be the best, and give their fans what they want to see. I’m an even bigger fan of each of these guys now.

  • MMAGod

    It is their job to fight whomever the UFC puts in front of them. Friendships, my a$$!