“It’s Just a Matter of Time” Until Alistair Overeem Fights for the UFC Heavyweight Title

January 29, 2013
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Alistair OvereemThe last year of Alistair Overeem‘s career has been under the spotlight, but not for the reasons he would have liked.

Following a blistering Octagon debut that saw the former Strikeforce champion demolish Brock Lesnar to close out 2011, he was poised for a title fight against then titleholder Junior dos Santos at UFC 146.

Unfortunately, a pre-fight drug test revealed Overeem had an elevated ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone, and instead of fighting for the championship, he spent the next nine months on the sidelines waiting for a de facto suspension to be lifted so he could answer questions about competing again instead of drug test results.

Overeem now finds himself right back where he started in his UFC career, just one win away from a title shot, with a familiar face staring back at him from across the cage. He is set to fight fellow former Strikeforce competitor Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva.

Admittedly, Overeem is excited to get back to business and that business is knocking out the best of the best in the heavyweight division.

“Very happy, very pleased to be back,” Overeem told MMAWeekly.com on a recent UFC media conference call. “It’s just a matter of time in my sense. We still have one more mountain to climb, that’s Bigfoot. But to be honest, I do not see any problem and then yes it’s going to be an exciting day.”

The exciting day is when Overeem finally gets to fight again and then, if all goes well, he will next compete against new UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez later this year.

With the prospect of a title shot looming overhead, Overeem knows there are expectations to come away with a victory, and do so in devastating fashion. It’s nothing that Overeem hasn’t faced before.

After spending much of his career as a light heavyweight, cutting massive amounts of weight to get down to 205 pounds, he then had to re-establish himself as a heavyweight fighter. Overeem managed to get over that hill, and then climbed an even bigger obstacle when he became a K-1 Grand Prix champion, becoming the world’s most elite kickboxer and joining fellow Dutch legends like Ernesto Hoost, Remy Bonjasky and Semmy Schilt.

Now with the UFC heavyweight title within arm’s reach, Overeem doesn’t mind the inevitable title shot talk that comes along with this fight. He’s been there before, and he hopes to be there again after Saturday night.

“There’s always pressure,” said Overeem. “There’s always tension; I like that. That is my fuel, but every fight it’s a change, you just need to get the job done.

“I just believe even if the title will be a few fights away, I’m always focused on my next battle. Winning the next fight is the most important thing.”

With a win, Overeem won’t celebrate yet because that just means he’s got an even bigger mountain to climb. That mountain has a name and that name is Cain Velasquez.

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  • EminemsFather


    • Oswald Cobblepott

      Just a matter of time before he tests positive! Then gets outclassed by the Champ!

      • kingkongbundy

        What would happen if the UFC allows roids and gets rid of the 265 weight limit.

        Will we see a roid gorilla at 300lbs?

  • Fish

    I hope Bigfoot give him a lesson. This guy is very arrogant.

    • kingkongbundy

      Reem hasn’t said anything that is arrogant. But it’s just the way he comes off as a known roid user.

      Except for the very few dumb kids on youtube, everyone suspected (and rightfully so) Reem’s roid use.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Dana bribes NSAC.

  • AJ

    WAR OVEREEM!!!!!!!!!!

  • dan

    While JDS may have had better hands and power than Overeem, Overeem has better all-around striking. If Cain cant get this to the mat fast, I can see Overeem landing stiff knees and kicks to Cain to soften him up.

    • Joey

      Its crazy people still underestimate Cain’s striking.
      Everyone thought JDS would out box Cain and look what that lead to.

      Not to mention Overeem has a suspect chin considering he got knocked out by Chuck Liddell, Shogun Rua twice and Sergei Kharitonov.

      I just don’t see him beating Cain.

      • kingkongbundy

        No one underestimate’s Cain’s striking bro. But his striking is what it is. He relies on the threat of a takedown to strike against elite strikers. He is NOT going to just have a standup war with Reem.

        I don’t see Reem beating Cain for the same reasons you’ve cited. His record is not the best. For some reason, I can’t get past his PRIDE performances. He showed weak heart in those fights.

      • There is no shame at all getting KO’d by the legends of Chuck Liddell and Shogun Rua. That was at 205 anyway. And were tough fights. I’m just curious to see if The Reem can avoid Cains takedowns like he did with Lesnar. That fight will be the ultimate hw fight if those two meet up.

    • JDS does not have Overeem’s power.

      • Joey

        And JDS never tested positive for banned substances…..

        Just curious, how would you know whoh has more punching power? Considering JDS has 9 career stoppages due to punches in his 17 fights and Overeem has 8 career stoppages due to punches in 48 fights I would say that statement is a little unfounded.

        • Because I watch his fights.
          Overeem’s record is irrelevant. Obviously he is a different fighter now then he was when he started fighting at age 19.
          In his last 10 fights (including the Crocop fight) Overeem is 10-0 with 9 finishes, all in the first round.

        • Overeem ends fights using kicks and knees. JDS only uses his incredible boxing to end fights. And I am a big fan of both of these guys. But Overeem also has submission wins on his record as well.

        • Tyler

          Reem never tested positive for banned substances he had an elevated t:e ratio, which doesn’t mean steroids

    • gnodeb

      We don’t know speed difference. I may be very wrong, but JDS and Cain look much faster…

  • bmc92

    id say cain is so confident after the dos santos hes gonna be a hard man to beat! saying that overeem is also very confident in his abilities will be a good fight if alistar beats bigfoot. wish they wud throw big country in the title mix soon i think he has tones of potential might evn get to be champ soon if he keeps getting better and his fights are great to watch.

    • kingkongbundy

      We get it.. you are a troll.

      You need to learn how to write young homie.

      You also need to improve your MMA knowledge. The best way to improve is probably to go watch more fights, esp. the old ones. Go start with PRIDE, a start of the modern MMA. Early UFCs are not good examples of modern MMA.

      I would suggest you watch all of the PRIDE events, all of the post-PRIDE UFC events, and all of the important historical UFC fights.

      • Anthony Lopez

        There is absolutely nothing that he said that was trolling. Your entire comment, however was nothing but. Watching the history of MMA has nothing to do with what heavyweights at current time are contenders. Here’s a little guide for you: the more you think you’re coming off as MMA-saavy, the more you sound like an idiot who’s just ragging on people because he has nothing better to do

      • bmc92

        cool story bro!!

    • Anthony Lopez

      While I do agree this will be a title match with two extremely confident fighters if Overeem gets past Bigfoot, I’d have to disagree on Big Country being in the mix. His performances have been too up and down and, while he has had a couple of big ko’s in his last couple fights, it’s been against nowhere near top ten opposition. That being said, I agree that if he got serious and improved his game and most importantly his gameplans and strategies, he could eventually fight for the title, much to Dana’s chagrin.

  • bumbum

    I think cain’s cardio would win him the bout, HW overeem lost his and doesn’t have more than 2 good rounds in him

  • pogodog

    Overeem will destroy Brown Pride.

  • Mark McDowall

    Overeem may be a great fighter. But lets be real…ANY athlete that lets a doctor inject them without knowing whats in it is either an idiot or a liar. With their being such an eye on PED’s in sports these days the athletes should be even more cautious!

    I think no matter what Reem does this will always be hanging over his head. I think the smartest thing he can do is continue with the self imposed drug testing to prove the doubters wrong. Him saying “I don’t HAVE to do it anymore for the AC, so screw it” really didn’t do much for his image.

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Reem has a puncher’s chance.

  • Alistair Overeem

    I’m Overrated!!!