It Was All Mental, Cro Cop Didn’t Forget How to Punch or Kick (UFC 137 video)

After losing back-to-back fights,UFC president Dana White was saying that Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic was probably at the end of his career. But the former Pride open weight champion isn’t ready to hang up his gloves.

“It’s hard to talk about,” said Cro Cop on Wednesday when asked about his trouble gaining traction in the Octagon. “(It’s been) more mental than physical. I didn’t forget how to punch or how to kick, you know. I can probably kick harder and maybe punch harder than I ever did.”

He hopes to prove that on Saturday night when he squares off with Roy Nelson at UFC 137: Penn vs. Diaz at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Cro Cop spoke about his career, the fight with Nelson, and more at Wednesday’s open workouts with the media in Las Vegas.


  1. Dude, Cro Cop is delusional.

    Look, he can’t even beat a journeyman fighter in Brenden Schaub. In fact, he got KTFO. You can totally tell that his reaction time got way slower than before.

    I feel bad for the dude because he was a bad-ass back in the days. He would pretty much walk in the ring and destroy everyone. Everyone thought he would wipe up the UFC HW division within a year and challenge Fedor for an undisputed title.

    But no. He couldn’t get passed Gonzaga, who got killed by Randy and Werdum short time thereafter.

    At this point, Crocop is at a point of no return. Look how many chances he had after the Gonzaga fight! He couldn’t beat Cheick Kongo (Heath Herring beat Kongo!). He got pwned by Alistair (he has less of a chance to beat the Reem now). He got pwned by Dos Santos (understandable). And he got pwned by Frank “the Big Mouth” Mir.

    He will always be a legend in my book. But CC needs to forget fighting.

  2. Roy Nelson is a nobody. But he can still beat Crocop.

  3. lol@wronggfan calling the former world champion Frank Mir a big mouth. get a life and quit your hatin’

  4. I like both of these guys but I just can’t see CroCop winning this one. I think Roy by TKO

  5. I agree baja. CroCop is/was amazing but I think he is done for sure. It’s almost sad to watch, even if he pulls out a W in this fight it won’t be long until he gets another crack across the ol’ glass jaw to end his career. Roy Nelson 1st Rd TKO. Diaz wins 3rd round sub or Unanimous Decision. Mitrione KOs Kongo 2nd Round

  6. That’s pretty much the way I see tomorrow playing out too